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Sreth "Bones" Kikik

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Real Name:  Sreth Kikik

A.K.A: “Bones”

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Tognath


Physical Description


Age: 19

Height: 5'11

Weight: 218 lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Black

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Traveler clothes, Exoskeleton.

Weapon: Worn down Slugthrower Rifle, Slugthrower pistol, Vibroknife. 

Common Inventory: Rebreather apparatus(Chest) and mask, Eye covers, Communication system (Implant), Ammo Belt,  a slightly faded blue scarf embroidered with a golden mynock


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force Sensitive

Alignment: Neutral Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai

Current Faction Rank: Initiate




Force Side: Light

Trained by:  Sun-Dragon

Trained who: N/a

Known Skills: 



Firearms Maintenance: Skilled

Marksmanship: Skilled

Hand-to-hand Combat: Skilled

Vehicle Piloting: Novice

          Speederbikes: Skilled

Engineering: Skilled


Jensaarai Taught Skills:

Force Sense: Beginner

Arosymladd: Beginner




Sreth was born in a relatively good position on Coruscant. He and his sister were not poor, but not necessarily rich. Their parents worked as maintenance employees and made sure they had their basics provided. 


Sreth and his sister, Muv, were inseparable, partially because of being eggmates that grafted together, and also because they had similar interests. The two would often engage in activities that bordered on illegal, but never anything truly illicit. Sometimes it would be racing their parents speeder bikes, sometimes it was going into the underground just to watch and study the people there, sometimes it was fixing speeder bikes at the nearby garage to help their folks with the bills, and sometimes it would be breaking into a building to steal back stolen property to return to the rightful owners.


Even when their parents died due to a ‘mechanical error’, the two carried on. They used what funds they got from their dead parents to run a little repair shop. Still, the two wanted a more exciting life. Muv in particular wanted to get into bounty hunting. Eventually she found a report of a criminal she had seen before, and convinced her brother that they could get a big reward and get into the bounty hunting guild on the planet. The two could be the “Muscle and Bones” of the law, with her being the active “Muscle” and him being the supportive “Bones”.


However, their plan went badly. When they ambushed the target outside a casino, the target managed to injure Sreth and fatally wounded Muv before dying. Sreth wept as he held his dying sister in his arms in the dirty street. Her last words would continue to haunt him in his dreams. 


What was worse, the bounty was not for dead or alive, and so Sreth received no payment. Sreth tried to run his repair shop as best as he could, but without his sister, it proved to be impossible. Eventually he had to sell it and moved off world to Ord Mantell, thinking he could find work there. However, the best he could do was odd jobs, and eventually was forced to do work for the local crime syndicate. His species' natural immunity to pain made him an ideal enforcer. 


Then the worst occurred. While bullying a shopkeeper into giving the funds he owed, Sreth threatened the shopkeeper’s child. However, this didn’t have the effect he hoped for and the shopkeeper attacked Sreth. The attack startled him and he accidentally fired his slugthrower. In the pursuing brawl, Sreth killed the shopkeeper as well.


Having the blood of the innocent on his hands, Sreth wept. He remembered how he and his sister were going to be a force for good. Her last words to him was to do something good with his life. And he was failing her. 


Overcome with guilt, Sreth turned himself into the local authorities. However, while in prison, Sreth had a visitor who asked him why he killed the people, and why he was doing what he was doing. What started as just brief answers turned into a full blown confession of his entire life. The being revealed that they were a member of a group called the Jensaarai, and if he wanted redemption and a chance to regain his honor, he could come with them. 


Sreth agreed. The next day he was released  (a well placed bribe and some expert convincing ‘erased’ his crime) and taken away by the stranger. Sreth understood that his new life was going to be hard. He had to relearn much of his life. And he had a debt to pay back to the galaxy. But now, he would have a guiding hand. 

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