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Real Name: Hayley Fieldgrey

A.K.A: Fieldgrey, Darth Awenydd

Homeworld: Nar Shadda

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 19 Standard Years

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 110

Hair: Chestnut Brown

Eyes: Fiery Orange, Feline

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Black Tunic and Cloak

Weapon: Lightsaber: focused through a crimson crystal, with silver lightning. Razor-whip, 2 meters in length, made of darkmetal.


 Shapash: Superbia: Falx-Whip of Pride

  • The sword known as Shapash appears as though made from shifting, flowing blood, a razor thin sword of curious design of interwoven fibers. A skittering spider. A Falx of crimson with a handle of starless midnight. It whispers of sanguine pride. Ever-thirsting for war. Doubtless cast in the Maw by the hand of Sheog the Mad, attuned to the heartbeat of the revel.  


Common Inventory: Survival Kit


Objects Recovered in the Coruscant Campaign


Book of the Shapers



Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User 

Alignment: Dark

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Sith Lord: Sith Hunter: House Sanguine




Force Side: Darkside

Trained by: Sheog the Mad

Trained who: None

Known Skills: House of the Sanguine, Force Flash, Assassin Technique, Force Leap


  • Building Trauma: You cut yourself, drawing a wound upon yourself, utilizing the pain and spilled lifeblood to fuel and strengthen your own attacks through your connection to the Dark Side.


  • My Disease Becomes Yours: Drawing from a wound, you imbue your own blood with disease, an element, or dark energy, and attack your enemy with it in a caustic spray of potential damage which is carried through the physical droplets of blood. 


  • Bitter Mirror: You wound yourself with your cursed weapon, and the attempted attack radiates through the Force becoming a potential physical attack against your enemy, which can be blocked or redirected if needed. 


  • Bloodlust: You are drawn to spilled blood of your enemy, and if consumed, can be used to divine some weakness through hematomancy and to add to your next attack.


Of the Seven Deadly Sins, Fieldgrey channels Wrath and Pride the clearest. 


Background: Unclear. Raised from earliest memory by Sheog, former Master of the Krath


Ship: Stealth Optimized RZ-2 A-wing interceptor


S-19 Astromech: Mynyddog: Black and Crimson 


Character Art: Credit  Heri Irawan










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