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Naitan Draska

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Real Name: Naitan Draska

A.K.A: Specialist Draska, Leash

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 23

Height: 6'1

Weight: 285 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Deep blue

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Initially, Imperial army carapace armor, but once he gets reassigned, powered dominator class stormtrooper armor, When on leave or on base, civilian attire, PT clothes, or dress uniform as appropriate.

Weapon: E-11D blaster rifle, EC-17 hold-out blaster with flashlight, two fragmentation grenades, combat knife, cortosis alloy breaching tool

Common Inventory: Military grade comm link with encryption, credits, toolkit, diagnostic and personal datapads, holocapture of the girl back home


Faction Information


Non-Force User

Alignment: Lawful utilitarian

Current Faction Affiliation: Loyalist Empire

Current Faction Rank: Veteran (Using new character creation rules)




Force Side: Above my pay grade.

Trained by: Imperial drill sergeants

Trained who: No one yet

Known Skills: Combat training, droid handling/maintenance, mechanical skills, unintentional smoulder, piloting, drop training, unarmed combat


Background: Born and raised on Coruscant, the myriad battles and terrorist acts on the planet drove Naitan to enlist in the Imperial Army. He tested well enough to qualify for higher education bonuses, allowing him to study droid design, handling, and repair on a professional level. When Kain implemented its master plan and shut down all comm traffic, it was Naitan who cracked the final layer of code to reveal the rogue AI's location. Due to his service record and the recent attention this act garnered, he has been selected to take part in a new modernization push of the stormtrooper corps.


Ship Registration

None at the moment, the imperial military largely provides any transport he needs, and for everything else there's registered transport.










Anti-Personnel Defenses:





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