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Aleria Thorne

Aleria Thorne

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Patient Identity: 


Legal Name:  Aleria Thorne

Known Aliases: Allie

Homeworld: Borleias

Species:  Human


Physical Description [[ PRE-OP ]]





[Round/Square face] 

[Chest-length Auburn hair]

[Moderately thick, straight eyebrows]   

[Green, almond-shaped, eyes]

[Button nose]   

[Moderately thick freckles around the bridge of the nose and the middle of the cheeks that recede to the edge of the hairline and jawline.]

[Moderately thick lips with no discernible cupid’s bow.]


Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 179 lbs

Body Build/Type: Mesomorph

Gender: Female


Physical Description [[ POST-OP ]]


[Right half of Patient's face restored using a suite of simplistic cybernetics and surgical steel plating]

[Patient's missing right eye replaced by a standard 20/20 mechanical eye]

[Additional functions to the cybernetic suite/eye/limbs forgone due to lack of resources, but slots and expansions allow for future modifications if requested]

[Patient's hair growth on the damaged parts of cranium: ceased]

[Additional follicles grafted to patient's cranium to recreate original length/color]

[Patient's right arm, all seven right-side true ribs, 2 false ribs, and a portion of the Patient's right hip bone were all replaced with surgical steel/ steel plated cybernetics]

[Cybernetics linked to specific regions of the brain to simulate natural movement]

[Jawline and other parts of the Patient's face and body are relatively undamaged]


Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Body Build/Type: Mesomorph

Gender: Female





  • Pale green Jedi tunic with dark emerald accents
  • Russet colored Jedi pants
  • Dark brown-black leather boots
  • Black knee socks
  • Brown-black leather belt with pouches and loops for saber hilts



  • Twin lightsabers with brilliant pale lavender blades and curved steel hilts



- Worn leather bag:

  • Credit Chit (500)
  • Jedi-Issued Comm Device
  • Ration Packs (5)
  • Datapad


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Knight




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Tomani Garrus (NPC), Kro'Roene Givrah (Former PC/Knight)

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: (Base Knight-level Understanding)

  • [Basic] Shii-cho, [Focused] Niman Lightsaber forms (Shii-cho - single saber, Niman - Dual Sabers)
  • Speed
  • Jump
  • Push/Pull
  • Telekinesis
  • Sensory
  • Force Sight
  • Telepathy
  • Meditation
  • Healing

used as a basic guide:







Aleria was born to a couple of refugees on the planet of Borleias. She was loved dearly and cared for to the best of her parent's abilities. But, before long, they realized they couldn't afford to give their daughter the care they wished. Aleria's father lost his job and had forgone eating to allow Aleria one more day of comfort. Her mother, seeing the pains that her father was going through, kept looking for options to ease their financial woes. 


Their answer came in the form of a small expedition made to the planet. A group of Jedi came to visit the refugee camps on the outskirts of the city. And a kind togruta by the name of Tomani found that Aleria had force potential. Aleria's parents took one hard look at their choices and offered Aleria to Tomani in order to provide her a better life; a life away from the terrible roulette that poverty placed on her life. 


Aleria spent the next seven years under the care of the Jedi Order on the planet of Coruscant. By the age of nine, the little girl had started getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. Including, but not limited to, escaping the temple and getting lost for four years. Coruscant is a big planet. And, although her initial plan was to sneak away to the local park, Aleria was quickly trundled along the street amongst a wave of panicking citizens. A terrorist attack that occurred a few blocks away sent a surge of people down the heavy durasteel walkways which swept the young Jedi hopeful into a crazed riot of emotion and carried her further away from the Jedi temple than she'd ever gone before. At first, the new development was exciting. The prospect of exploring Coruscant by herself was tantalizing. But that feeling was quickly quashed when she realized she had nowhere to go. She didn't know where home was and she was hopelessly at odds with how to contact the Order. 


After encountering a few seedier individuals, Aleria stumbled upon a restored halfway house. And, as custom with childish naivete, Aleria wandered inside with no preamble whatsoever. It was smelly, it was dirty, and it was downright chaotic when compared to the life she was used to. However, in this den of desperation and recovery, she met two pleasant middle-aged aliens. One was a forty-two-year-old Kel-Dor named Felix and the other was a forty-year-old purple twi'lek named Adora. Both of them were flabbergasted by the nine-year-old that stumbled into their building. But decided to look after her to the best of their ability. In the meantime, Felix did what he could to get in touch with the Order to see if he could get her back to them as quickly as possible. But, due to ongoing conflict, contacting the Jedi proved to be a bit more daunting than originally anticipated. This lead Adora and Felix to taking up the child's care for the next four years until they could finally establish ties with the Jedi and return Aleria to their care. 


The Jedi involved were a little skeptical about the bonds that the now thirteen-year-old had developed for Adora and Felix, but Tomani vouched for Aleria and offered to take her as a padawan learner and claim responsibility for her tutelage. The Jedi knew of Tomani's history with Aleria and felt this was a wise choice. However, they would keep an eye on Aleria as she grew in order to keep her from drifting away from the light. The next six years passed by in a blur of training and education. Until, one week before her twentieth birthday, Tomani and Aleria were walking the streets of Coruscant when Hespiridum crashed into the planet's surface. 


Terror and destruction rained on for the minutes that proceeded the initial collision, but Aleria's mind was steady. She needed to make sure as many people got off the planet as possible. But two points of thought bored into the center of her brain and her heart. Felix and Adora were still in the halfway house. What if they didn't make it out? 


She fled as fast as her feet could carry her to where she remembered they were. When she got there, the building was on fire. Aliens were streaming out but she saw nothing of Felix or Adora. Aleria ripped through the building to find them, attempting to search as thoroughly as possible. But she needn't have exerted herself. Adora and Felix were busying themselves evacuating the house just as she arrived. Both of them looked worse for wear, but her heart soared when she saw them. She passed along the urgency of their escape and helped the rest of the aliens in the house to the durasteel walkway outside. 


Just as they were finishing up and about to make their way to the Jedi evac ships, the halfway house came crashing to the ground, centered on Adora and Felix. Steel in her eyes, Aleria used the adrenaline surging through her to manipulate the force around the rubble, keeping it from falling on the closest thing she had to parents. Adora and Felix thanked her and made it out okay. But, just as the adrenaline had come, when it left, Aleria's energy cut out and the mass of rubble fell on her, ripping her right arm off and ravaging the right half of her body from the waist up. 


Adora and Felix, horrified and aghast, gathered Aleria's body as best they could and got it to the evac ships. There, Aleria's body was put under extensive observation and care by the best there was to offer which wasn't a lot considering the hastiness of the evacuation. 


When the ships got to Borleias Aleria was stable but troubled. She'd lost her dominant arm and her dominant eye. She was also mildly delirious and dizzy given the extent of the damage. It took days before enough of her body was solid enough to move around. But it seemed like her youthful exuberance was tarnished. Felix and Adora stayed with her until it was time to set up a new homestead. They offered her a place to stay if she wished but didn't push when she didn't respond. 


It was in the evac camp that she met Roene and Arleigh ((used with permission from Tim)). Roene, having lost connection to the force and his left arm, was familiar with loss. Arleigh, Roene's former Padawan, was one of the medical professionals responsible for Aleria's bacta treatments. Roene offered, even after her accident, to train her in the ways of the force. Aleria asked why. And, moreover, she asked how considering the Cerean had no connection to the force. His warm smile burned away the ice that corroded her injured heart and re-ignited the lively fire deep inside her. It took little convincing to get her to agree to the training. Thus Roene finished what training she had and helped her adapt to a world without the use of her limb, setting her on the path to becoming more ambidextrous. His regimen included a healthy level of physical non-force training and philosophy, but it helped to flesh out Aleria's training, considering that a lot of her training to date had been from the - albeit restricted - comfort that a Jedi facility provides. 


Eventually, Aleria was fitted with cybernetics to replace her arm and her eye. It felt rather odd to have alien connections to her brain and the mechanical hand would take some getting used to. But a big part of her didn't care. She was determined to live. She was determined to see her life through to the end, for better or worse. To protect who she could protect; to live as much as she could.

Edited by Aleria Thorne


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