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Colonel Mythos Fenrir Von Howlster


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Real Name: Mythos Von Howlster

A.K.A: Mythos Fenrir

Homeworld: Uvena Prime

Species: Shistavanen


Physical Description

Age: 35

Height: 2.2 Meters

Weight: 170 Kilograms

Skin Color: Grey

Fur Color: Dark Brown with Grey and White Patches

Eyes: Hazel

Sex: Male



Clothing or Armor: Leather Duster with Duraplate Shoulder Paudrons and Forearm Guards, Durasteel Clawed Gauntlets, Leather Hide Vest, Leather Pants with Duraplated Shinguards, Duraplate Helmet mimicking his own visage.

Weapon: Jagged Vibro Scimitar, Black Powder Scatter Rifle, Twin Hold Out Pistols, assortment of grenades including Ion, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenades.

Common Inventory: Cred sticks, Weapons, Ammo, Armor


Faction Information

Non Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Lawful

Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Current Faction Rank: Colonel



Personality: Mythos, like many of his species, is a recluse with a long held disdain for many species, most notably Humans. However, he differs in that he does care for the less fortunate and those the Galaxy has deemed poor and unworthy, no matter the species.


Scars: Beneath his fur holds three notable scars. One is located beneath his right eye from the bite of a Cathar. A second is located across his throat from a human that leaves his voice raspy and low. And the third is across his back where his fur does not grow after the heated blade of a lightsaber once drew its tip across his form. Has a prosthetic arm due to Darth Nyrys. Now has one ear and part of his scalp missing thanks to Darth Inmortos.


Distinctive Features/Markings: Scars, Three Red Warpaint Clawstripes over his left eye made from a mixture of blood and soil.


Known Skills: Swordsmanship, Hunting, Splicing, Weaponry Smithing, Gunsmithing, Sniping, Hereditary Skills.


Background: Like many of his ilk, Mythos was born into a pack of siblings with a singular Alpha that fathered them all. Born as a runt, not much was expected of him, including survival. But as he aged, he grew larger than all of his siblings, and so did what was expected of him. When he reached the age of maturity, he was taught in the ways of hunting and of his people, expected to eventually take the place of Alpha just as his Father. Only this wasn't meant to be.


Mythos found himself captivated by the stars, and eventually ventured out among them, venturing further than most dared to. Among the stars, he found life to be as harsh as it was mundane. His appearance was horrific to those who first laid eyes upon the young Shistavanen, while those whom knew of his species played upon both his weaknesses and his strengths, usually hiring him to play the part of brute, an enforcer for the more seedy types who wanted little resistance both from those who owed them and the naive, yet towering, Mythos. A simple glance of him and most paid without word.


It wasn't until his first arrest that Mythos began to piece together the puzzle that had began to become his life. He spent the next few years in the Imperial Prison at Cardia where he decided to change his path in life, spending a few years traveling the Outer and Unknown Regions as a protectorate of sorts, aiding those who needed it without thought of coin or reward. It was during his travels that he met Janus Von Howlster, a member of the Alliance Marshals.


Janus wasn't your typical Alliance Marshal, many times known to go off the rails if the situation called for it despite his Superiors advisments. Like Mythos, he held a sore spot for the weak and abandoned, the two quickly becoming friends during a joint effort of defending a small tribe being singled out by a rising syndicate under the guise of a local conglomerate using Bounty Hunters to wipe out the indigenous species. Seeing an opportunity to help his friend Janus, Mythos went undercover and infiltrated the small corporation. After a few months, Mythos was able to help Janus take them down, but not before being found out and captured, ending with the first of many scars as his throat was slit when the Alliance Marshal’s task force raided the Corporate Headquarters to save Mythos.


After that, Mythos joined the Alliance Marshals officially and became one of their members, becoming Janus’ partner in the process. The next few years were tough but fulfilling years as he rose through the ranks, his sheet filled with many notorious criminals, almost as much as his hospital records which included many injuries.


But he took pride in his job and loved it. But just a few years ago, Janus was killed during one of the numerous Sith attacks on Coruscant which left a permanent bad taste in Mythos’ mouth as well as the scar across his back. When the formation of CoreSec came about, Mythos declined their offer and went about his own way in Janus. He has been noted to help the Galactic Alliance hunt down criminals, but for the most part, he simply stays to himself and travels the Galaxy helping stave off what injustice he can in the memory of Janus.


But now whispers of Coruscant's ultimate demise has reached his ears and he contemplates returning to the Core Worlds. Whether he does or not, only time will tell and his fate becomes decided.


Ship Registration

Name: Von Howlster’s Reach

Class: Shuttle/Light Freighter

Model: Herald Class Shuttle

Manufacturer: Star Forge

Length: 28 Meters

Armaments: Heavy Laser Cannons(2), Point Defense Laser Cannons(2)

Armor: Standard(Upgraded)

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Battle Droid

Appearance: Silver with Three Crimson Stripes across the Hull of the Cockpit

Modifications: Standard armor has been refitted with Military Grade, Sublight Engines have been modified to reach speeds of 1200 km/h, Hyperdrive has been upgraded to Class 6, Ship's computer mainframe has been upgraded with A.I. to exclude need of secondary crew member, and Cargo Hold has been modified to house two energy cells and one universal energy cell as well as a military grade bacta tank and cloning center



Rebel Fleet Task Forces


Precision Striker Carrier Group: Fighter Command


Callsign: MoonCall




Experience: Green (0XP)




Alliance Class Star Destroyer 25/25 - MoonCall


Captain: Colonel Mythos Von Howlster and/or Lieutenant Rai-Lin Solarus


Tours of Duty


N/A - N/A




Project MoonCall, the Alliance Class Star Destroyer developed at Nar Shadaa in response to the Sith Empire's ISD II.




Destroyer Group (Turbolasers): Focus Fire


Callsign: Starshatter


Two Cruisers


Experience: Green (1XP)




Enforcer Class Picket Cruiser9/9 - Heaven's Sythe


Enforcer Class Picket Cruiser9/9 - Hell's Harp


Captains: Captain Greegus Ralph and Captain Leo Nitus


Tours of Duty


Battle of Corellia - It was part of the recent Battle of Corellia during the Sith's latest defeat.




Originally a Patrol Force for the Outer Rim and one for the Core worlds as of late, these two Enforcer Class Picket Cruisers have stood against the encroaching Sith War Machine in the Core Worlds for quite sometime now.




Interdiction Cadre: Interdiction Field


Callsign: Inferno


One Interdiction Cruiser, Three Frigates


Experience: Green(1XP)




Immobilizer 418 Cruiser 9/9 - Hopelessness


Assault Class Frigate Mark II3/3 - Deterrent


Victory-II Class Frigate3/3 - Gabriel


Victory-II Class Frigate3/3 - Enrique


Captains: Captain Dol-Re, Captain Sean O'Conner, Captain Veil Shea, Captain Taylor Mystic


Tours of Duty


Chandrila - It was part of the recent liberation of Chandrila from the Mandalorians.




Part of the recent Liberation of Chandrila during the Mandalorian Campaign, It's been brought together as a means to lock the Sith's retreat from battle.

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Scars of Mon Cal.
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Commanding Officers


Sergeant Major Lee-Roy Jibbs


Enlisted Name: Lee-Roy Jibbs

Aliases: Lee or Lee-Roy

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Miraluka

Age: 28

Height: 6'5

Weight: 250lbs

Hair: Black

Skin: Black

Eyes: N/A

Sex: Male

Alignment: Lawful

Faction Rank: Sergeant Major

Battalion: SaberCat


Major Hanz Vickensythe


Enlisted Name: Hanz Vickensythe

Aliases: Hanz or Tanz

Homeworld: Panatha

Species: Epicathix

Age: 25

Height: 5'6

Weight: 150lbs

Hair: Black

Skin: Bronze

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male

Alignment: Lawful

Faction Rank: Major

Battalion: ThunderShmyr


Major Van Helios


Enlisted Name: Van Helios

Aliases: Leo

Homeworld: Cathar

Species: Cathar

Age: 26

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200lbs

Fur: Golden

Skin: N/A

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male

Alignment: lawful

Faction Rank: Major

Battalion: Shadowbrand


Sergeant Major Timothy Halo


Enlisted Name: Timothy Halo

Aliases: Timmy

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human

Age: 32

Height: 5'10

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Skin: White

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male

Alignment: Lawful

Faction Rank: Sergeant Major

Battalion: Brimstone


Sergeant Major Christopher Korne


Enlisted Name: Christopher Korne

Aliases: Fangs

Homeworld: Anzat

Species: Anzati

Age: 332

Height: 6'0

Weight: 185lbs

Hair: Black

Skin: Grey

Eyes: Red

Sex: Male

Alignment: Lawful

Faction Rank: Sergeant Major

Battalion: Basilisk

Edited by Mythos
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