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Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Kyrie Eleison

A.K.A: Kyrie

Homeworld: Nar Shadda

Species: Anzat Half-breed


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 24

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115

Hair: Onyx-Black

Eyes: Violet

Sex: Female



Clothing or Armor: Black robes and a blackened belt with a dark green buckle. Flexible plaststeel armor, modeled in the fashion of Jedi Knights in the Clone Wars. Black-bound gloves

Weapons: Polearm-Lightsaber (exorcist). Vibro-sword, three fixed-blade blackened stilettos (with six-inch blades), a Sd-77 sonic pistol (in an blackened leather holster on her belt), Exorcist's lightsaber, and a blackened longbow. E-11. Stormtrooper armor in the fashion of an ARC Trooper, pauldron and kama of forest green. Symbol of the Empire on the chestpiece in forest green.

Common Inventory: Clothing, weapon, several credits, a pair of binoculars, comlink, a days rations, and a quiver of arrows.


The Blade of Song: Exorcist's Lightsaber

A Polearm-handled blade, fit perfectly for Vom tag, or la poste di falcone, Kyrie's preferred stylization of lightsaber fighting. The blade has been attuned the her presence, and carries with it the purity of the Exorcist, and through it, Kyrie can channel: Exorcize, Consecration and Cleanse. The handle is a meter and a half in length, usable for grappling. Blade is silvered-orange. Handle is made of Synvalven Briar embedded with cortosis. 


Blue-Drip Poison:


Harvested from the secretions of the Blue-Drip fungia, found on a small grove of trees in Tython's far north. It will not kill a victim outright, but instead will sap their strength and slowly eat away at the musculature around the area of ingection or ingestion.Harvested Here:


The Rosary of Il-Andon Rorek:


This is essentially a piece of jewelry that acts as a connection point between Kyrie's mind and the Holocron's Keeper, Il-Andon Rorek, through which he can impart wisdom and knowledge. It also opens Kyrie's mind to the spiritual realm. This will not be used to give a tactical advantage in a PC vs. PC fight. It is simply a training implement. It is formed in jet-black crystal, with the cross of blood-red, inscribed in the ancient language Latin in gold filigree and is cold to the touch.


Faction Information [!factn]


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: The Jedi Order, The Imperial Knights

Current Faction Rank: Jedi Master


History: [!hstry]


Force Side: Light

Trained by: Xae-Lin Ardel, Roene Giverah

Trained who:

Known Skills:


Senses of the Dark: Able to sense the inherent evil of the Dark Side


Stains of the Past: Kyrie is able to sense the spirits and at times communicate with those who were never able to leave their places of death and join the harmony of the force.


Soul of Ysgithyrwyn Mwynfawr: A consumed Krayt, once the conquest of the Sith Lord, Darth Nyrys, taken and consumed by the Sin Eater Kyrie Eleison after the battle of Corellia. 


Predation of the Krayt: With the Sin Eater’s consumption of the Dragon Soul of Ysgithyrwyn Mwynfawr, the Krayt Dragon of Darth Nyrys, Kyrie’s natural predator’s intuition has been enhanced. As Krayt Dragons are drawn naturally to areas strong in the Force, Kyrie is drawn to darkness like a flitmoth to flame. In essence she is able to hunt Darkside users with a combination of: her natural Anzati hunter’s senses, the Sin Eater’s righteous revulsion of the dark side, and that of a Krayt’s intuition. In practicality, this power does not have much direct duel-side practicality, other than an excuse for aggressive tactics and a flair on the natural “Force Intuition”. Outside of duels, it would allow her to better hunt her “prey”; those which use the dark side. It can also be used as an excuse to find other PCs for a duel.


Exorcist's Fire: Purifying flame of the light, meant to destroy the user's connection to the darkside. Carried through physical touch for the most potency, although a more physical manifestation of burning fire can be projected across distance. Injurous to users of the dark side


Crucitorn: a Jedi technique for transcending physical pain beyond normal thresholds or decreasing. Crucitorn had two possible ways (speculative possibilities) of affecting a Force-user's target. Through means of mental infiltration, a Jedi could focus on another's sensation or interpretation of pain, enhancing it to seem as if an injury was more painful than it really was or alleviate the amount of pain produced.


Mastery of the Powers of the Exorcist.


Background: Born into the rugged, crime-infested backstreets of a world decomposing, Kyrie lived in squalor for most of her life, working as a duelist and mechanic to earn credits for a trip off-world. At the age of thirteen, her family was slaughtered by an unidentified Sith Lord, who then kidnapped, abused, tortured, and used her. These events caused both physical and emotional scars, and since the physical scars were earned by torture with the Sith Arts, they cannot be easily healed. After a week in the Sith's keeping, he sold her to the Hutts, who, finding the scars on her body unsuitable for their pleasure, sent her to the gladiatorial dueling rings of Nar Shadda. During her duels, she felt the touch of the living force, guiding her actions, honing the movements of her blade, giving her victory. She pledged herself to uphold moral law, and took a hard line upon that stance, even as a slave. After nineteen long years on Nar Shadda, Kyrie finally bought passage offworld.


Ship Registration [!ship]


Name: Sanctis Cogitatione

Class: Light Freighter

Model: HWK-290

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation


Length: 29 meters


Armaments: none

Armor: Hardened

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Alarm system and auto-locking mechanism.


Appearance: Silver and Green

Modifications: None


*The Songs of Battle and Love*


These songs are sung in battle by Kyrie, although never truly take physical form, only heard through the Force, in the form of a haunting, ghostly, whisper... Crawling around the enemy within the veil of the Force. The form of song is how Kyrie connects to The Living Force


The Dance of the FyreBorne


A lightsaber stylization, relying heavily on both strength and speed, but also upon Exorcist's fire. The blade falls from above, twisting, wreathed in flame. The strikes are swift and fluid, like bolts of heavenly fire.


  • ...The Lay of Serenity...
    Avenging and bright fall the swift sword of hope,
    On him who the brave sons of love betrayed!
    For every eye she hath wakened to the bind of the rope,
    A drop from his heart shall soon weep on her blade!
    By the smoke cloud that hung over a lover's dark dwelling,
    When her sweet body lay sleeping in battle tore
    By the billows of war, which so often, high swelling,
    Have wafted our love Serenity to love's white shore.
    We swear to revenge them! no joy shall be tasted,
    The harp shall be silent, the maiden unwed,
    Our calls shall be mute and our fields shall lie wasted,
    Until vengeance is wrought on the murderer's head!
    Yes, patriarch! How sweet are Serenity's recollections,
    How sweet are the tears that from persecution fall;
    How sweet are our friendships, our hopes, our affections,
    Revenge on a tyrant is sweetest of all!
    *Based on the poems of Thomas Moore



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Admiral: Al-Afdal Dyrrhachium, Maréchal of the Order of Captains


Leader: Kyrie Eleison, Grandmaster of the Imperial Knights and its Orders 


Imperial Knight Expeditionary Force: Enyo

Precision Strike Carrier Group 

Task Force Experience: Green (1xp)


Strike-Class Cruiser: Erebus Prime

Captain: Imperial Knight Argo Montferrand, Tucopolier of the Order of Captains, Former Jedi Ace, Trained by Atho Ben-Drassa

Second-in-Command: Gonzo Lockjaw, Gonfanonier of the Order of Captains, Purified Sith Recruit from the battle of Gala

Crew: Mainly Cardian recruits to the Order, buffered by Kuatian and Corscanti refugees. 

Fighter Complement: Z-95 Headhunters 

Bomber Compliment: Y-Wings


Supporting Ships: 


Lancer-Class Frigate: Almaric 

Captain: Melisende Bar-Koron

Second-in-Command: Hodierna Bar-Koron

  • Twin Sisters, both of the Gonfanonier rank of the Order of Captains

Crew: Mainly Rylothian natives, buffered by Cardian recruits


IPV-2C Corvette: Navarre

Captain: Aslous Armack, Castellan of the Order of Captains

Second-in-Command: Psalter Fomat, Prior of the Order of Captains

Crew: Refugees from Haruun Kal


IPV-2C Corvette: Melitene

Captain: Morphia Iovetta, Castellan of the Order of Captains

Second-in-Command: Azaz-del-Vasto, Infirmarer of the Order of Medicine

Crew: Refugees from Coruscant


IPV-2C Corvette: Adelaide 

Captain: Nablus Conkessa, Castellan of the Order of Captains

Second-in-Command: Afriak Ban-Harab, Exorcist 

Crew: Cardian Recruits 


IPV-2C Corvette: Tripoli

Captain: Thoros Cadmare, Castellan of the Order of Captains and Exorcist

Second-in-Command: Vladislaus de Craon, Bailli of the Order of Medicine

Crew: Recruits from Oovo IV




The Cruiser and Frigate starships of Task Force Enyo were built on Kuat in response to continued Sith incursions into Imperial Territory under Exodus, before the fall of the Empire and the dissolution of the Imperial fleets. Without Imperial oversight, the weapons fell into pirate hands before they were recovered in a skirmish over Oovo IV. Once recovered by security forces, the hulls were ransomed by the treasury of the Imperial Knights without the knowledge of the Rebel Alliance. 


Having fallen into the hands of a revanchist military order, the first of the starships to be recommissioned was the Strike-Class Cruiser Embegrasso, which was renamed into Erebus Prime and eased into carrier action under its Captain Argo Montferrand, as his first action as a newly minted Turcopolier of the Order of Captains. As his second, he named the former Sith Apprentice Gonzo Lockjaw, a Barabel that Grandmaster Kyrie Eleison purified personally on the battlefield of Gala. 


The Lancer-Class Frigate Andraste had been badly damaged in the battle between the Oovo IV security forces and the routed pirates and was sold to the Imperial Knights at scrap value and was put into drydock over Ryloth where it took several months to retrofit and repair, where it was crewed by Rylothian resistance fighters and placed under the command of the twin Twi’lek sisters Melisende and Hodierna Bar-Koron, both newly ranked as Gonfanonier for the Order of Captains. 


The four IPV-2C Corvettes of Task Force Enyo were commissioned with tithes and donations from burgess families in the Core Worlds and other Imperial Holdings. Their captains and crew were selected based on the donations raised for them, with the majority arising amongst the refugee populace. 


Task Force Enyo first saw action against pirates around Nar Shaadaa, moving in stealth against several gemstone pirate gangs which consisted of strike fighters and freighters which were mopped up with relative ease, with only the Melitene having to reroute from war patrol for drydock to repair damage to her sunlight engines. Now, under direct command of the Grandmaster, Task Force Enyo was rationed and resupplied for departure for the invasion of Fondor by the Imperial Knight Expeditionary Force. 


Imperial Knight Expeditionary Force: Task Force Phobos

Light Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire

Task Force Experience: Green (1xp)


Star Galleon-Class Frigate: Clermonte

Captain: Abressa Tudebode, Connétable of the Order of Captains 

Second-in-Command: Manuel Boutoumites, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Captains

Crew: Former Imperial Navy


Vengeance-Class Frigate: Chartres

Captain: Adhemer Hautville, Connétable of the Order of Captains 

Second-in-Command: Curthose-de-Gauder, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Captains

Crew: Former Imperial Navy


Interceptor-Class Frigate: Francorum

Captain: Pelecanum Tatikios, Connétable of the Order of Captains 

Second-in-Command: Kilij Arslan, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Captains

Crew: Former Imperial Navy


Consular-Class Frigate: Tancred

Captain: Eskişehir Yibenah, Connétable of the Order of Captains 

Second-in-Command: Sarmin Sharazir, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Captains

Crew: Former Imperial Navy


Sphyrna-Class Corvette: Guiscard

Captain: Doukara Chios, Laypirate and Conrois Commander of the Hastalion Eschiell

Second-in-Command: Kerbogha Siyan, Laypirate

Crew: Former Pirates of the Hastalion League 


Sphyrna-Class Corvette: Dorylaeum

Captain: Dreyfrak Chios, Laypirate

Second-in-Command: Alpedrai Knocazi, Laypirate

Crew: Former Pirates of the Hastalion League


Paladin-Class Corvette: Yağısıyan

Captain: Hainut Mercurius, Laypirate

Second-in-Command: Demetrius Confrerai, Laypirate

Crew: Former Pirates of the Hastalion League


Free Virgilla-Class Corvette: Alexandretta

Captain: Ridwan Harran, Laypirate

Second-in-Command: Soqmahn Orotoque, Laypirate

Crew: Former Pirates of the Hastalion League




The Hastalion League had been a thorn in the side of the Imperials in the Bilbringi system for nearly the entire existence of the short-lived Empire under Empress Raven, but had never done enough consistent damage to warrant a full response beyond the occasional skirmish with the routine patrols of the 114th Fleet. Shortly after the fall of the Empire, the pirates attempted to disrupt Sith supply lines from Bilbringi with a cohort of eleven corvettes, but were countered handily by the Sith’s 72nd Hellraisers and the remaining four corvettes limped into hyperspace  to make good their retreat. 


Unfortunately for the pirate-captains of the Hastalion League, their arrival at Nar Shaddaa brought them face-to-face with their old enemies, the Empire in Exile. With their Corvettes too badly damaged to fight the entire Imperial Fleet, the captions of the Alexandretta, Yağısıyan, and the sister ships Dorylaeum and Guiscard surrendered to the Imperial Knight Yaldar Coredrella, who invited them to join in the secret fleet of the Order, which they gladly accepted. With the irony of fate, the redeemed pirates would be paired with the remnants of the 114th Imperial Fleet, their old adversaries of the Bilbringi system. The pirate-lords were given the title of Laypirate, marking them as redeemed soldiers. 


The former 114th Imperial Navy of Bilbringi, had been reduced to a paltry four frigates during the disastrous first battle of Kuat and had been drydocked and purchased from Imperial warlords by the Knight’s treasury. Unified with their former enemies, a fast comradery developed between the former Imperials and the Hastalion League, creating a unified task force which was focused on bomber interception and defensive action. 


Imperial Knight Expeditionary Force: Task Force Deimos

Destroyer Group: Turbolasers 

Task Force Experience: Green (1xp)


Nova-Class Cruiser: Ascalon

Captain: Symeon Philomelium, Maître-Escuier of the Order of Medicine

Second-in-Command: Ma’arrat al-Durman, Frère-Sergeant of the Order of Medicine

Crew: Hapan Recruits


Nova-Class Cruiser: Edessa

Captain: Embriaco Jaffa, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Knights and Exorcist

Second-in-Command: Chanson de Geste, Frère-Chevalier of the Order of Knights and Exorcist

Crew: Hapan Recruits




After the establishment of the Empire, the captains of the Ascalon and the Edessa, Symeon and Embriaco, began to seek the teaching of the Exorcists and took up the cause under the leadership of Al-Afdal Dyrrhachium, another Hapan noble-in-exile. All three had become cynical with the leadership of the Hapes Cluster, and saw the influence of the Dark Side in every movement of the enemy, and established a resistance within the Hapes Cluster based out of Gallinore. Despite their courage and fighting spirit, they were unable to stop the corruption of their system, and were forced to flee with what weapons and crew they could gather. With a purely Hapan crew and leadership, the two Nova-Class cruisers were set apart within the Imperial Fleet without much usage beyond routine patrol of supply lines in the Outer Rim. 


With the fall of the Empire, the firebrand Hapan Noblemen were taken in by the Imperial Knights and the Ascalon and the Edessa were retrofit for active duty. Their combat readiness was tested during the retreat from Oovo IV, where they engaged pirates which were working in tandem with Sith forces to attack the refugees. Drydocked for repairs and marked as total losses on the ledgers, both ships and crews were transferred in secret to the Imperial Knight Expeditionary Forces with a firepower designation. 



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