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Name: Terra

Physical Description

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 110
  • Hair: Blonde, kept in a long plait down her back
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Sex: Female
  • Facial Features: A light dusting of freckles
  • Teeth: Sharpened Darkmetal


  • Clothing and Armor: Black and Crimson Beskar'gam, in the Deathwatch style, made from darkmetal forged by Ason Antilles. Mounted on her back, is  a NJP-433 Personal Jet Pack, and instead of the typical missile, there is an ingrained combat analysis package. Black Leather Kama, fireproof and shrapnel-proof, all covered in a black duster. 
    • Underarmor of syntheweave, environmentally sealed. 
    • Helmet: Buy’ce of modern Mandalorian design, T-visor a muted crimson. 
      • Combat analysis upink: Advanced HUD and spectral analysis, as well as 360 degree vision. Links directly to the Hades Combat AI.  The helmet is lined with a circlet of copper to indicate her rank as Mandalore
    • Pattern of Crimson stripling on the armored plating. 


  • All weaponry is uplinked with tracking to the HUD and through the Hades Combat AI
  • Vibrospear clipped to jet-pack
  • Double Vibro-Tomahawks
  • Two FWG-5 Flechette Launchers in hip holsters: 12-Round extended magazine design, reloaded from ammo-pouches. 
    •  1-to-1 stack ratio of rotating thermite-inlaid explosive rounds and sharpened armor-piercing rounds
  • Two Sd-77 Sonic Pistols in holsters on the back of her belt. 
  • Slugthrowing Assault Rifle: (This is based off the Galil Ace and is equipped with armor-piercing rounds. Each magazine holds 25 rounds, based on the 7.62X51mm NATO round.)
  • ZX Wrist-Mounted Flame Projector on wristguard


  • 2 C-22 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 1 Thermal Detonator 
  • 1 EMP Grenade

Faction Information

  • Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-FU.
  • Alignment: Chaos
  • Current Faction Affiliation: Unknown
  • Current Rank: Legendary NFU


Background: Raised on Aaeton by her father who worked for Tenloss. She worked briefly for Tenloss herself before joining Black Sun. When she returned to Coruscant after following Darth Dominous on a "fool-hearty" crusade, she came out over a Sith blockade. Terra fought hard against one Sith in particular, which would in the end doom her; Ason Antilles. She lost the duel and was turned into his own personal weapon and puppet. She went on to attack several BS agents in which she and her master were victorious, but in the process Terra was wounded heavily. At the Sith Temple on Coruscant, her master healed her of her wounds and modified her heavily to make her a more efficient weapon for his uses. Once that body had died, after a year of struggle, it was replaced by a new, younger body, with darker hair, and purer intentions.


Leading the attack on Mandalore for Black Sun, she secured herself a position leading clan Greyjoy, of the Deathwatch, who found her to be a resilient fighter, and one who would suit their needs in battle. Failed in the crusades against the galaxy. 


Lightsaber Training: With Lord Ar-Pharazon prior and after the Scorpion raids. Trained originally on the blade of Scorp Jedi Knight, before the death of Kitt Fitt and the claiming of his lightsaber.


Ship Registration

  • Name: HADES
  • Class: Military Reconnaissance
  • Model: Highly Modified Basilisk War Droid 
  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors: Era of the Mandalorian Wars
  • Length: 12 meters



  • Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons (2; forward mounted under the arms)
  • Taim & Bak H9 dual Ion Cannons (1; forward, mounted beneath the nose)
  • Projectile launchers (5 (1 on each of the arms, 1 beneath nose)
    • Trihexalon Missile Set
    • Flechette Torpedo Set
  • 5 concussion missiles each (1 launcher inlaid per wing)
  • 6 Discord missiles (1 launcher inlaid beneath the nose)
  • 2 Scatter-Wave Weapon Attachments; Shoulder hard-points: Anti-Personal Shrapnel Shells 

Sensors: Dedicated Energy Receptor (DER), high-grade military scanners.

Engines: X-37 Vandals

Armor: Beskar'gam

Hyperdrive: Class One

Shielding: Novaldex shields upgraded to High Standards: 130 SBD

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Voice Recognition Security System, locking bulkheads.

Appearance: Jet black with Red filigree. Two wings jut forth from its hull menacingly.

Modifications: Sublight drive enhanced to give faster speed for quick landings. Advanced power system and core installed. HUD interaction interface and slaving core. Sensor Masking Device as well as a missile and weapon interface that feeds to Blackwraith's HUD, for real-time control and weapon-guidance. This device allows for a deadman-switch for the ships missiles, to detonate upon command, all at once, in a bittersweet cacophony of violent death. 

HADES COMBAT AI: Mindlinked to Terra via her AVATAR uplink installed by AVATAR KAIN. The Hades AI is a corrupted battlemaster AI from the Mandalorian Wars with delusions of the god-touched and system corruption due to the absorption of all other battlemaster AIs. It has multiple ingrained personalities. Is able to process combat and dictate probable outcomes as well as weapon projection lines and falloff streaming to the HUD of Terra’s buy’ce. 


Terra’s Tactical NPCs 



Chyphosis Her’kerik: Chiss Male


  • Clan: Blackmorne
  • Equipment: Scattergun, T-21 LRR, Fragmentation Grenade x 2
  • Armor: Besakar’gam painted black and white, T-visor when illuminated is white, Jetpack


Shasa’far Bor’Kull: Chiss Female


  • Clan: Blackmorne
  • Equipment: HH-15 Projectile Launcher, RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Armor: Besakar’gam painted black and white, T-visor when illuminated is white, Jetpack


Hans Bre’tsar: Human Male


  • Clan: Blackmorne
  • Equipment: TL-50 Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle, RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Fragmentation Grenade x 2
  • Armor: Besakar’gam painted black and white, T-visor when illuminated is white, Jetpack


Sheol Wes’theran: Twi’lek Female


  • Clan: Blackmorne
  • Equipment: Dual R-65 Heavy Blaster Pistols, VibroHawk x 2
  • Armor: Besakar’gam painted black and white, T-visor when illuminated is white, Jetpack


Anders Lok’a’rokin: Human Male


  • Clan: Blackmorne
  • Equipment: LJ-50 Concussion Rifle, EL-87 Sonic Pistol
  • Armor: Besakar’gam painted black and white, T-visor when illuminated is white, Jetpack


To the Death...

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