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  1. The Sacred Sites Plant: Ithor Deep in Ithor’s forests stands a massive tree that is completely unique to the galaxy. While the species has never been fully identified and is simply called “MotherRoot”, scientists speculate it is related to Lumas Trees, judging by the fact it is bioluminescent every five years. Standing over 80 meters tall, it is a sight to behold. The MotherRoot is incredibly sacred to the Ithorians. But instead of foreboding anyone from touching the tree, the Ithorians allow a small cult dedicated to the Motherjungle and the MotherRoot to care for the tree. Their tasks seem inane to many outsiders, but with a religious ferver the cult does everything in their power to care for the tree, building only the necessary housings to sustain themselves. Life at the MotherRoot is extremely rigid and focused. At the top of the tree the branches open up and stretch outwards as if holding some kind of orb. At the center of this is a column of lichen that only glows every five years. If a person can secure permission from the Ithorian government, a difficult task to say the least, they are able to take a specialized shuttle to the site and partake in one of the rituals performed inside the tree. The cult gather around the massive column of lichen to pray, dance, and worship the Motherjungle. During this time, practitioners of the Elements of the Force are able to perform their own meditations near the glowing lichen. The meditation can be so powerful that people who are focused enough can feel every single lifeform on Ithor, as well as hear every single thought that is occurring on the planet. If one is not properly trained, the process can be harmful. Fire: Mustafar Between two long stretches of obsidian mountain ranges, the Fire Shrine sits before a crack that supposedly leads all the way to Mustafar’s molten core. The heat that comes from this crack is enough to melt Mandalorian Iron to its basic components. Reports show that rare metals and minerals are within the crack itself, at temperatures too dangerous to traverse. This geological feature has led the native Mustafarians to consider the area as a sacred prayer site, and the shrine only adds to that belief. Between the shrine and the crack are two massive statues made of a solid Phrik alloy. The statues resemble cloaked Northern Mustafarian figures, each holding a bowl of fire that never extinguishes. Every so often, the Mustafarians report that the crack is widening slightly, and the rightmost statue is beginning to fall into the crack. If nothing is done, the statue will fall in a few more years. The shrine itself is made of mostly obsidian, stone, and a few rare metals. Standing at about 50 meters high, the entire tower-like structure is mostly solid. The two smoothed, carved entrances at the base of the shrine, covered in old writings, go in a few meters and make an abrupt turn to show a view of a rising flow of hot magma. This magma works its way up a specially carved tunnel that funnels the magma out the front of the shrine, creating a never-ending lavafall that oozes to the crack. If a being entered these tunnels without proper protection, they risk being immolated instantly during one of Mustafar’s magma surges. At the top of the shrine is a flat platform with a pillared archway facing away from the crack. At the center of a platform is a fire pit that burns with no signs of any fuel. This platform area, layered with a metal that burns to the touch due to the heat, is a sort of meditation area. At first glance, one might think the shrine is sith based, but the letters and runs on the pillars and the doorways at the base of the shrine are in an ancient Je'daii language. Meditation at this shrine is meant to be done sitting on the platform facing the crack with the everburning fire at the meditator’s back. The heat is extreme here, and only practiced and focused meditators are able to accomplish this feat. During meditation, the individual must focus on all of their feelings they have ever experienced. They must call them up, one by one, address them as stated by the Elements of the Force, and then put them down again without moving from the area. This entire process can take up to an hour at a time, with the user suffering horrible burns that surprisingly always heal rapidly once the user leaves the planet. Ground: Alderaan There are very few reports about what the shrine to Ground looked like. The best guess at where the shrine was is that it existed among the ancient hives of the Killiks on some mountain. Judging by the meditations set in the Elements of the Force, practitioners were supposed to balance on the old remains without falling down the mountain to severe injury. With the loss of Alderaan, practitioners of the Elements now must find their own sacred site. The requirements for a sacred site are as follows: 1) The site must be connected to dirt or mud in some way. 2) The site must be strongly connected with the Force in some way. It could be that the place is surrounded by life, or is some kind of foci for the Force. 3) It must be difficult to find for the ordinary eye. The meditations set for Ground state that the individual must go into a trance that will last an entire cycle without food, water or sleep. Planets that have been prime opportunities as a sacred site include Geonosis, Ryloth, Kessel, and Mandalore. Water: Naboo Deep near the core of Naboo is a series of caverns that twist and turn in a maze-like pattern. Worse, the Force here seems to scramble most modes of navigation and people are forced to navigate by their senses only, and the several large beasts that hunt this area do not help. Several heat vents from the planet make the water in the caverns continually cycle around and around. Only those who are properly equipped with breathing air and a calm mind connected to the Force can navigate these caverns to the Shrine. The shrine is a small circular chamber, about a meter radius, with clearly artificial carvings. Stairs, archways, and pillars dot this chamber, leading to a small alter at the center of the chamber. A light source of glowing sea urchins pierces the darkness here. Practitioners of the Elements of the Force are supposed to float above the alter, bathe in the light of the Sea Urchins, and reflect on how their clear mind was what led them to the shrine. Metal: Artus Prime Deep underground on Artus Prime, the shrine to Metal is a colosseum. From the size, it appears to seat about 500 total individual to watch whatever matches that were to occur at the center of the 50 meter wide stage. A light from above is actually a hole that leads all the way to the surface. The stage itself is made of Mandalorian Iron, and encased with a force field. Four doors that enter the stage lead to staircases that head straight to the surface, as well as secret tunnels imperceptible to the normal eye. The entrances to these staircases are half-buried by rubble and debris, but theoretically anyone could enter the shrine. There appears to be no entrance to the seating areas of the shrine. However, these seats are filled with rows and rows of robot bodies, most of them long beyond repair. While the chassis should be impossibly old, some people have reported at seeing droids from the modern era in the crowd. Attempts at scavenging from the shrine have turned less than profitable results. Early attempts revealed that the metal surrounding the area was useless and brittle, and while the metal walls of the stage as well as the knightly statues surrounding it are made of a Phrik and Cortosis Alloy, and not to mention the floor of the stage, they are much too heavy to machinery to excavate. The shrine to Metal is the only shrine that has a being that is designated at a caretaker. Wielding a robot chassis from the Old Republic, a shard named Fool claims to be the descendent of the creator of the shrine and that his descendents will care for the Shrine long after him. When people enter the stage, Fool locks the doors and sends in customized battle droids of his own making to battle the ‘challenger’. If the person is victorious, Fool lets the person leave the way they came with a very small chunk of Cortosis. If the person falls, he supposedly places the remains inside one of the dead droids in the crowd. According to the Elements, to meditate here one has to do a strict training that can border death. It appears that Fool has taken the responsibility to make sure that people who enter do fulfill that meditation by battling his droids.
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