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  1. AXEL'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: XL-37 A.K.A: 'Axel' Homeworld: Space Station Species: Arkanian (Genetically Engineered Clone) Physical Description Age: Mentally 10, Appears about 30 Height: 6' Weight: 160 lbs Hair: White Eyes: Pale white Sex: Male Distinguishing Marks: Axel has a barcode on the inside of his right forearm, running roughly from his wrist halfway to his elbow. This is programmed into the pigmentation coding of his genetic structure and cannot be removed. Equipment Clothing or Armor: Lab clothes, robes or other clothing he's stolen. Weapon: Doesn't usually carry a weapon, but is generally handy with blunt objects or anything laying around when the need arises. Lab techs disallow him to have possessions. Common Inventory: Only what he manages to steal between deaths. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: None, and will likely remain that way, but he'd probably get along with the Sith if necessary. Current Faction Rank: N/A History Force Side: Grey / Dark Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: N/A Background: XL-37, or "Axel" as he prefers to be called, was created in a lab. His genes are mostly Arkanian, but with some other species mixed in. Rather than a "perfect being" that Arkanians typically strive for, he was created to study the gene interactions of other human subspecies with Arkanian genes to potentially identify any genes that may have left the typical Arkanian gene pool via genetic drift. As such, he is treated as beneath the rest of Arkanian society to include the lab techs that made him, almost like property or a slave. However, Axel sees himself as just a member of the dysfunctional "family" that comprises the lab staff, and intends them no harm. They're the only family he has, after all. He has an exceptionally strong connection with the Force due to minor genetic mixing with several other human subspecies that are typically strong in the Force, but cannot manipulate it like a Jedi or Sith would. He might be able to with training, but because of his experiences he's unlikely to want to unless dire circumstances arise. Axel has also died several times, become one with the Force, and then been called back to another cloned body back in the lab, and as such doesn't really fear death or pain in the same way others typically do. He's been known to kill himself when he's tired and wants to "sleep," to the chagrin of the lab workers who wind up cleaning up the mess. It gives them more opportunities to examine his changing genetic profile and cerebral structure as he is cloned, however, so this behavior is not discouraged. Ship Registration Axel does not own a ship and cannot fly. Should he attempt to, he might be able to awkwardly manage things, however he would likely crash, resulting in the death of all aboard. This doesn't really bother him, as he has done this on a few occasions, thankfully to ships where he was the only one aboard.
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