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  1. Pride. Honor. Harmony. Wrath. Brotherhood. . These five words defined the last remaining War Pack of Trandoshan Nudono. These words describe in a way every living vessel that was each soldier. They take Pride in their work and skill but share not their egos. They have Honor in both their fellow soldiers and the enemy, they show respect and are careful not to show weakness not underestimate their foe. Harmony, to show the humbleness and self enlightenment of the warrior, but not to cast away his fierceness nor his strength. Wrath to create fear in the minds of the enemy, to show them the sheer power of each strike, each swing of his blade to send his prey into the ground every time. . However grim things have been, Brotherhood had always played its role amongst the kin between every pack of the tribe. The War Pack, trained to be the strongest, toughest sons of bitches as many outsiders put it. Never a day went by that the Nudono cherished each other, though some are agitated by others, they view each other as brothers raised and trained in life together. Every War Pack are strictly taught the necessities of tactics, swordsmanship, marksmanship, and team work. Never did they betrayed each other until one of the two twins exiled his better half, causing a great schism in the tribe. . Never did brethren turn on each other but only a time when one grows greedy. When most of the tribe left, those that left died knowing they would, whether it was staying behind or trying to find a new home they took their chances and met their end. Now only eight lived, the last of a war pack. Through the thickness of their conflict these soldiers stuck together as brothers to greater or lesser extent, and they've all put their trust in each other and their Alpha. Now the Chieftain of the dying Nudono. . Standing still, the tall and bulky soldiers of a transport that traveled swiftly onto the battlefield alongside a large number of others like it, along with them two squads of regular troops from Empire they served. One of these followed the same shuttle Mythos was on, and it carried the remnants of a once prosperous nation. Though silent, their Chieftain, Vox, could feel his heartbeat pounding not of fear but the sheer rage he felt toward the Black Cloaks who sought their deaths. Now they could bring the fight to their foes, a fight that would span until the promise from one Empire was made and the very nemesis lay dead at their feet. . Vox gave no speech, his men knew what their job was, they knew what the plan was since the debriefing. Reclaim the capital of Chandrila, eradicate those who opposed them. Any of the soldiers could die, the Shield Brothers, Krexis and Varsus, Chaox and Equinox, Romulus, even Vox knew the price of war. But they were all bred for it, with their bladed weapons ready for use and their armor and senses intact, the War Pack of the Nudono were ready for anything. . The Chieftain had given orders to stay close and fight in an enclosed group, they couldn't risk losing even one soldier. As the shuttle made a thud it took a minute for the door to open. One of the shield brothers, Umbral, began to hit the bottom of his shield to the floor for every second. His other brother, Lumian, began the same as they harmonized with each other through the loud thudding of their shields. Krexis and Romulus soon joined by hitting their left fists against the right of their chests. Vox, Equinox and Chaox soon joined and quickly the loud noise filled the entire transport as their beats grew faster. Though the Imperial were confused, one of the Trandoshans shouted as this synchrony fired the Nudonos spirits, their hearts beating with rapid succession. As soon as the door opened, light poured in and immediately the first squad of troops charges outward. . Already, the blood of two troopers dropped on the ground as laserfire zipped by, the squadrons moving headfirst into combat alongside the other units and Armada deployed. The War Pack was last to go and they rushed out of the transport, immediately the Shield Brothers raised their tower shields as the other five soldiers kept close to them, firing Puncture grenades and Spiker rounds at the foes. Vox took the lead of them as finally they have their vengeance for their people.
  2. As Vox wait for his meal he had been making small talk with the individual in front of him. It wasn't bad per say, but he was starting to get too hungry to actually continue talking. Something clicked and clacked, the sound of dishes lightly tapping each other as if stacked. The sound came from behind the Trandoshan as he turned to see a hefty five platters filled with steaks, other cooked meats that would be considered some of the best, and several other dishes made hot and ready. The two waitresses carefully and swiftly made their way through the occupied tables and once they arrived the two employees set the dishes in front of Vox, a hungry look in his eye when he stared at the food. Just as the two women left, just as Vox was ready to take his first bite of the first plate before him, an announcement was made for all available units to report to one of the Star Destroyer Misericordia. He stopped halfway from taking a bite of a piece of steak, it's steam and flavours just inches away from his mouth. He contemplated on actually eating instead of going, but if this was a serious mission he knew to follow through with his promise of service. Vox looked to Ryzhkov and asked, "Is... there a way I can take all this?" The Trandoshan stood and put his helm on, he just needed to know whether it was acceptable to take the five platters worth of food with him. It would certainly be a real thing to eat alongside his kinsmen as the only thing they've ate for months were dry jerky to make ends meet. Of not, he was still taking the food regardless, whether or not anyone wanted to catch an armored train wasn't the Chieftains problem. Meanwhile back at the housing the Trandoshan group was given, Chaox heard the announcement and assumed that his older brother was there. Knowing they were under command of these Imperials, it was also his job as the secondary leader to have his soldiers ready themselves. Barking orders and hurrying the five other Trandoshans, Chaox was quick to have his men gear up for the upcoming mission. All of them had their weapons ready, their gear mostly checked, and other equipment packed up in case they needed it. He took point and lead the group to the Misericordia, or wherever the other troops and officers were rushing off to in the same direction. They made it to their destination in minutes, the crew of six Trandoshans carrying their gear as they boarded the ship. Vox, leaving the restraunt with only his own armor and weapons, meeting his crew aboard the ship.
  3. The Chieftain payed attention to Ryzhkov as he awaited the items he ordered, blessed his heart not knowing how to read proper Common. He only hoped the numbers meant done good but little to his knowledge he ordered expensive platters and not simple dishes. Like any other Vox has met this individual had a similar diet as well, possibly more vegetables but regardless similar despite the Trandoshans capability of eating raw flesh and not be affected by it. Meat was much better cooked than raw, especially with spices thrown into it. It took him back to the time he ate stews and massive slabs of steak and roast, the Caretakers generally using salts and herbs to give more flavor to the food. . The Trandoshan perked up as Ryzhkov complimented him for the mission, telling him how much a blessing it was that the War Pack were in the system. It wasn't hard to gain the good graces of Vox, it was easy to lose them and even easier to lose his trust... whatever was there. Listening intently on the question for "specialities" Vox thought for a minute before replying, "As Chieftain, I'm quite familiar with tactics, martial arts, swordsman and marksmanship, demolitions, mostly a lot that you would of expect high ranking soldiers or shock troopers. . Truth be told, I allow Divine to guide me and because of it I've won many battles, allowing it to give me insight for battle, investigation, and hunting. However, the Black Cloaks, or "Sith" as you call them have piqued my interest. I've seen few in action and we've lost few due to them, my blade was damaged because of one but spikes took care of that problem fast. Because of them many of my people, commoners and soldiers, were killed and so the squad I have is all that's left. But if you're looking at specifics, I'm willing to learn more about the Bl- Sith." In his explanation, it seemed Vox spoke in ire and spite against the dark side users. There was a level of anger he had that couldn't be explained, something he wanted to gain Justice for, something he wanted to avenge, or someone rather. Though he was hiding this rage quite well his right fist clenched hard and his tone deepened just slightly.
  4. @Mythos@ISB Officer(s) Vox nodded in understanding and began to take a gander as to what to order... whatever he was ordering. He studied how the servants were providing drinks and food, seeing as how everyone could order from a piece of plastic it seemed easy enough. Vox looked through the foldable thing and saw everything word for word, not really understanding the common tongue but wanting to at least look like he knew what he was doing. He thesaw numbers seperated from the actual words, low and high clusters and single to triple digits of them. If Mythos was providing the food or buying it then it would give Vox the chance to maybe see how this exchange in currency worked. Back home, the maidens would serve the War Pack whatever was available, this was somewhat the case but it was also very different. He knew, no more was he on Trandosha, in the Mooncrest Wilds hunting his meals. As the servant came to fill their drinks, Vox grabbed their attention and pointed to four things on the menu board, while speaking in Trandoshan in the off chance they knew the language, "These four I would like to... order...?" The waiter looked over the items while holding an empty picture and simply nodded before heading back to wherever they came from. Vox felt proud of himself, finally, becoming civilised with the rest of these people. He wasn't expected to be treated with great regard let alone much hospitality but it seemed he didn't have much to worry about. Then the woman or man across from him, he wasn't paying much mind to them but heard their question about what he ate. What didn't he eat? Much like any reptilian, Vox was acclimated to being omnivorous, both meat and vegetation. "I eat meat, primarily. But to upkeep health I must have at least a vegetable or fruit with my diet. I can't have something of just fruits and such as it can affect my body and cause me to get weaker. As all Trandoshans, their daily intake should consist of mostly meat. And do tell, what is your, "Diet?"" Vox topped this off with a question, having explained himself now only this individual would have to explain as well.
  5. Vox saw one individual wave him over then @Mythos waved him over pulling a vacant chair to their table. He moved mindful not to crash into anyone or run them over, considering the size and bulk of the Trandoshan he was a hulk amongst all in the restaurant with the only contender possibly coming close was Mythos himself. That said, Vox didn't want to stir problems if he bumped into someone... not that it was a problem, people were moving out of the way for him to avoid any contact themselves. This was out of the ordinary, usually he was surrounded by his brothers and sisters and now nothing but strangers, even the people he was bound to serve were deemed simply as contractors until he can do what was needed for the Nudono. The Trandoshan's mind wavered as hunger almost took over from the smell of grills, pots and pans cooking, and steamers and ovens blowing out heat and scents of a variety of wonders. His mind was knocked back to reality when a passer-by shoved past Vox trying to quickly leave the place. He let it go, understanding that being in the way has that effect on people. Perhaps his contractors can get a meal for the Trandoshan? Afterall, he was there to see how credits worked and ask for help regarding supplies and shops but a sit-down wouldn't hurt. His crew had reserves to eat from despite dried seasoned strips of meat, or jerky, being a tiring meal. "I assume this is one of many places you go after a mission?" Vox asked in Trandoshan sitting down, granted the chair itself was made of metal it still creaked slightly under the reptilians weight, "It's neat. I've never seen so many lights or people at one local food stand."
  6. Vox nodded and turned to the direction of the shuttles ready to take off, in turn Krexis spoke in a calm and quiet manner, "PlanetSide? I don't expect they would have a currency we can use for supplies?" "Yeah! And what about our situation? Aren't we looking for a new home or something?" Varsus asked a little too loudly, not that it mattered since it was in the Nudono tongue. Vox sighed, placing his Puncture Rifle on the magnetic clamp used to holster it. Indeed, that thought came again but he knew it would take time... the Chieftain looked down at the still armored recruit and considered how to best answer. Varsus would ask questions nonstop unless snapped at but it was all for good reason, he and everyone else were worried of the current stance with their new... allies. Sure Vox and co. completed a minor mission or whatever was above minor, still he knew well they'd have to work to earn a full in trust and compliance from these Imperials. It was outside the realms of what the tribe was used to doing and they had no choice but to take chances: either suffocate or deal with outsiders. The Chieftain finally answered Varsus while unclipping his helmet and a hiss escaped as a sign of released oxygen, "Our situation is a temporary home and servicing these outsiders simple as that. And yes, we are here for a new home however we must fulfill our end of the deal in order to prove our worth, gain trust, and find a true partnership. We can't rush this process, in doing so would create skepticism and they would lose tolerance. For now, the ball is in our hands, we best not drop it." Varsus was ready to ask a question as he took removed his helm but the still covered Krexis thumped the recruits side, shaking his head as a warning to not push any further. Varsus exhaled a little loudly out of frustration, Krexis removed his helmet as well to show the snow white scales he possessed. The two followed their leader as they boarded on the shuttles ready for takeoff, Krexis still waiting for an answer as Vox sat down. As far as the white Trandoshan knew Vox was contemplating and he sat down next to his leader, leaning back into the metal wall of the ship to help relax his nerves. "We'll have to," Vox finally answered after the ship made a jerk taking off, "I'll need to find our current commander but I'll see what I can do. Mythant I think his name was." Krexis relaxed at that answer, knowing his Chieftain always came through despite the recent losses. For the three soldiers, this small mission helped ease their minds as failures, the sniper and recruit took a brunt of their own blames as there were no right decisions in the lives they lost... only seven total remained. First was leaving, more than seventy percent of the tribe left with Vox, including the seven survivors that were present. Then came the hijacking of a Black Cloak warship, tracked down a day later and the Black Cloaks ships were defeated, but the Trandoshans crashed from unexpected damage on an ice world losing more than ninety percent of the tribe not to the ships landing, but to the frigid cold. These times were dire. Vox closed his eyes as to ease his mind, focus his thoughts and goals, what to do from here on out. "R&R," Wasn't exactly a word he knew but it seems to relate to rest from what he could gather. Maybe. His eyes opened however with a roll as Varsus began to talk, not exactly sure what it was, but he spoke in of course questions. He sat up properly from a slump and turned to the young Trandoshan who was up with a helmet in hand. "So... are you up yet?" Varsus asked impatiently. What? Vox only closed his eyes for a second or so he thought. Krexis reached out with a hand and helped his leader up, and there it was, a sudden shift from awake to near sleep and fatigue. His body felt tore and began to pulsate in pain in certain areas. Standing up was sending jolts of aching down his spine, alas Vox remained standing as he made his way out of the shuttle. The area was clearly city, more of a "poor side" if such a thing existed much like a slums except this was more acceptable, they were right outside a simple Imperial building used as a station for deliveries and troop assignment for recruit from the area. As the trio stepped out of the shuttle they were given odd looks by Imperials and passerbys alike, individuals wondering about why there were Trandoshans here and why on God's earth they wore odd attire. The Chieftain walked away from the building as well as his company and started down a street until he spotted one of his soldiers sitting outside sharpening the blade of his Puncture. He was in no more than a loincloth, deep blue and brown scales covered his body in blotches with small strips of yellow spotting his scales. He looked up and gave a nod to Vox who replied with, "Get some clothes on you heathen." "I'm going to look for Mython, you stay here and rest." Vox stated to Krexis and Varsus giving them his helmet. Regardless of his armor and openly carrying weapons, Vox had no worries of how he looked as long as people strayed from his path. As he walked, the Chieftain went from the simple and lesser side of the city to the better and prettier within thirty minutes. Gazing at the sights, looking at the different shops from jewelry to simple items were quite interesting but when a certain smell hot him Vox couldn't help but follow it. Different smells, cooked foods of many kinds were scattered between restaraunts of various names. His Common wasn't great, Vox opted to use Traditional Trandoshan as that was the closest he could get to a fluent language. Looking at each sign and name, colors and sizes, Vox wasn't sure with what to do until he saw a familiar face. "Mythis," Vox said to himself as he entered the 'Taste of Alderaan,' unaware whether it was a reserved or whether there was a line he simply waltzed in clear on his mindset. @Mythos
  7. Vox took the pat as a sign of good fortune, seeing Mythos congratulate the others it looked as if there was nothing more. The least Vox did was complete his task and hopefully, hopefully soon they can find a suitable planet for his people. In due time it will happen, and he hoped he wasn't just another body on the field. The Trandoshan turned and saw his other two comrades walk toward him, meeting them halfway, they would agree to meet up with the others... Wherever they were on this ship. He went to the nearest officer or whoever looked to be in command. "Pardon, but I ask where the rest of my people are and if you could show me," Vox asked an individual, "I'm not necessarily sure as to what we need to do... Should we rest that is better but if there is another assignment, preferably with only myself or two of us then I'll accept it." ((I'm so sorry for the short post, this is for whoever answers... Up to y'all!))
  8. Vox followed the team and as they entered the college the lot was quick to begin. Vox took his own set of explosives as he thought to go his seperated way, wanting to make this operation go swiftly instead of standard time. Unfortunately he had two soldiers tagging alongside but regardless if he had some more hands it'd help. As he began the Trandoshan took one of the charges and studied it for several seconds then saw how the soldiers used them. He understood it and began to set the charges on where the internal building was best supported in that sector. The trio quickly applied whatever explosive until they circle around to meet the primary group as soon as charges were set, Vox began to wipe every information from every terminal he came across, the others doing the same. However the difficulty came with the main computer. In his minor teachings from Romulus and the hijacking of Storm Scurry the chieftain learned many things. Despite that, Vox had one of the more knowledgeable men reset and wipe out every information. However it was taking too long, all that info slowly erasing and they were limited on time. Short cuts, an idea Vox came up with on the shuttle. The Trandoshan pushed the soldier aside and carefully took apart the interconnected row of explosive grenades used for his Puncture Rifle. Immediately he set the explosives throughout the entire room and smashed the primary computer to where it was still deleting and internal systems were indefinitely working. He set the last charge into the working of the machine, the grenade making sure that once the party began it bursted as well to take care of anything surviving. Repeated the process with the rest of the computers in the room, Vox finished he and the soldiers immediately left the complex. Running, the group exited the building with about fifteen minutes to spare. This wasn't difficult and if given more time Vox wouldn't have been so hasty with the process that main computer went through. By now it was surely done but if not every drives, memory bank, circuit and so forth would be melted and disintegrated. Once reaching the first ship, Vox climbed aboard after everyone else to make certain that none dragged behind. He stood in the shuttle taking one good look at the entire college. He only hoped the best would happen.
  9. Primary Account: Vox Discord: SaucyPilgrim First Name: Joshua Active Character(s): Vox
  10. As Vox stood waiting for the ship to land and open it's door he heard a sudden voice. Looking down he saw... a thing, certainly sapient as it spoke in a males tone and clad in an outfit. The Trandoshan could only think of the question though, never has he ever hunted alone as his land was always on the brink of war or constantly skirmishing with rogue clans. For those reasons hunters and scouts were to never go alone so least one of the few can return or for reinforcements. Many trials did he and his fellow class of initiates perform with some failing and many dying from hunting massive beasts the particular pack were assigned to. The most fearsome that no one ever killed was a Behemoth, a large feline-like beast sporting horns and spikes. It was the fiercest apex predator until Vox and his hunters put it down with no casualties. Due to his leadership skill and fearlessness Vox was allowed to take it's horns and teeth as trophies, he was the first to feast on it before the final trial. From that day he carried the Mark of the Beast, a necklace passed from predator to predator. However said necklace was lost in exile, left behind on the homeworld Vox and co. left. The Trandoshan nodded in response before the creature, or Mythos, said he'd have a chance to prove himself. Vox didn't doubt that, he didn't respond with any words but a simple grunt. He knew what he was capable of and never doubt his abilities, but it was the doubt of how well this mission would turn. Failure after failure Vox was responsible for the death of his kin, though he couldn't do anything to prevent it the burden of several hundred souls lied on his shoulders. This time around, the chance to prove himself was to come very soon and possibly redeem himself as a competent Chieftain... those in this case he was the soldier, a role long forgotten till now. As the ship made a loud thud and a sudden shift of it, it's doors opened and Vox followed, two people already greeted Mythos and crew. Mythos spoke giving orders for people to evacuate and certain roles for people. He then turned to his soldiers and the Trandoshan, giving him specific orders to set explosives to the structure and disable any technology within the College. With such a little window however, or however long an hour is, he was limited on time as it was. Computers weren't exactly his savvy, however explosives were... and he had an idea he kept selfishly. He was to go with this "McAllister" and troops to complete the mission. "Understood," Vox replied in Trandoshan, "It'll get done," He then turned to the McAllister and said to her with Puncture Rifle ready, "Lead the way, I'm ready to get this accomplished."
  11. Vox nodded to his soldiers then they all stood, cocking their weapons and sliding on their helmets. He activated the HUD inside the helmet and Krexis and Varsus followed suit, they would have a radio channel privately between the three as to keep communications on their situations whether they were done with their roles. Vox ordered them to make sure every weapon was ready for combat in case there was some. The last thing he needed was to lose one or even both of his comrades, worst of all it would mean losing an extra gun and a sniper. Vox pushed the thought away as he knew second guessing wasn't much an option and would very well effect his own combat. As the man spoke, Vox became a slight tinge worried about this mission but again shoved it away. He looked over to his own men and told them they were under the second teams command for the time being. While Varsus did start to protest Krexis slapped the back of his helmet as a sign to stay silent. The chieftain climbed aboard the lead ship while the other two aboard the following, all mentally readying for the assignment and praying to their gods to keep them safe and prevailing. Vox hadn't worked alone on his entire life at least not without his kin close to him, this would be the first he'd have to work with other beings in this scenario. It was odd really, but he focused his sights and train of thought on what's to come.
  12. Vox and co. stopped and stood with the rest of the individuals as he assumed that's where he was going. He witnessed seemingly two different factions of the same cause yet there seemed to be an air of ire against one another. Some looked at the chieftain and his two soldiers whispering as to what they were. No one had seen armor like their and the helmets did nothing to give any familiar features until the chieftain spotted an individual walk toward the entire group. This was most likely the acting leader of the mission that knight spoke of, and if that was the case then Vox would be more respectful. Pressing two clips on either side and twisting left just slightly the chieftain pulled his helm off to which the sealed are in it gave a hiss as it escaped. His two soldiers did likewise albeit Varsus had trouble taking his helmet off properly and had help from the pale scaled Nudono Krexis. Successful as they were, Varsus was revealed to have a lush green scale pattern with diagonal stripes of mud brown and orange. Vox himself was lush green as well but had blotches of lighter green shades. Krexis... Was Krexis, he had no patterns, not even a single dot of different scale, just pale white. The three remained silent as this commander stared at the Trandoshans, clearly them waiting for him to speak. The Commander gave his instructions, Vox carefully listening to him as the details of the mission were quite simple. When he said few casualties Vox immediately thought that the group might have resistance, from who he didn't know. The Commander then asked if people had any questions to which Varsus' hand slowly lifted until Krexis slapped it, luckily going unnoticed save for the foreign troops closest to them. The Commander demanded they get something to eat then dismissed them, the Chieftain simply giving a nod and walked away just a few feet. Vox was quick to set his helmet down and look over his weapons, making sure they weren't damaged in the slightest. Scratches and small cuts were present but given their time of usage and wear it was obvious they would have some form of light damage. But it appeared it was nothing to worry about, nothing that messed with the firing mechanisms nor any parts of the weapons. Krexis on the other hand knew his weapons were quite functional and chose not to go over them, Varsus doing the exact same except he seemed... Anxious. Anxious to leave and go on a real mission instead of constantly running. He seemed excited, Vox concentrated on his thoughts and weapons while Krexis pulled a small hand-sized bag out and began to grab pieces of dried meat. "So sir," Krexis spoke for the first time, his tone was near silent and calm as he sat on a crate, "The mission details a rescue, grab and go if I'm not mistaken." Vox sat next to his fellow troop and pulled a strip of venison from the pouch. He took a bite and savoured the salty-sweet spices that were cooked with it. He then spoke after a minute of chewing, "Yes, the three of us will be going in lest we are ordered elsewhere. If we are met with opposition, armed forces against our new... Companions, I need you to hang back and act as Shroud, Krexis. If we meet said opposition I need eyes and ears from a vantage point, but if conflict isn't met then you'll be with Varsus and I." "I understand." Krexis replied. "So... Will we be fighting or are we going into the aftermath?" Varsus asked. "Most likely there will be a fight. If there isn't I would be surprised. Remember, we need to get to a medium range with our weapons, we don't have anything long ranged lest it's a Puncture Rifle," Vox stated nudging the weapon, "Eat, and rest for a few minutes. I don't know how long the travel will take."
  13. Vox continued his path, either of his two War Kin tagging on both sides. Perhaps he should have brought the other four men along the trip? They were going to battle and he knew said four couldn't keep going, as optimistic as he was Vox was exhausted but he still had strength, Varsus was younger and had plenty energy while Krexis... Stayed Krexis, he kept to himself. Chaox would have been perfect for the mission as he was the demolitions expert and naturally a better tactician than even Vox, but he was rash and thought of victory too soon, to add he took hard blows that hadn't healed and several broken ribs. Equinox couldn't focus, that was enough said. Romulus was too important to become a casualty of harm or death, and the newer recruit nearly jad his leg blown off. No, this was the best choice. Vox had hoped he could rest after this scuffle otherwise he will swear he'll sleep in the middle of blasterfire. The three followed, their faces covered from staring individuals and their eyes by their black visors. To Nudono customs, Vox was a heretic, but after he became righrful chieftain he got to make the calls. And if it would take long to edit their armor then now wouldn't be a good time. He followed the laughing knight, wordless as the other two Trandoshans made mental notes of their surroundings and people. (( @Raven ZinthosThat's chill))
  14. Vox nodded them nudged his head forward, a sign given to his men to move out. They pulled two massive crates be them filled with ammunition, weapons and spare armor parts and whatever munitions they had left. The bulky beasts made their way aboard the massive vessel, the troops alert for traps while Vox simply followed the knight. It was truly odd to his troops, for the first time they watched as their leader was following instead of leading however their thoughts and whispers broke as Vox spoke clearly and vocally. "Varsus and Krexis, you're with me. The rest of you remain with our new acquaintances," Vox ordered in native tongue, needing only his two capable soldiers for the mission. Varsus was a recruit back on Trandosha, young and full of energy but also as dumb as a rock. He was a good kid, honorable and loyal, took orders well and was willing to learn but gods below he wasn't the brightest. This would prove a test of his true worth. Hopefully he could survive without getting his hands blown off, he was proficient with a Puncture and a Mauler with Incidiary grenades. Krexis was a Shroud, or a sniper who was a recruit alongside Vox all those years ago. Quick on his feet, quick with a trigger and a sharper mind than a knife, Krexis was fully loyal and barely questioned his chieftain lest it was to give a suggestion. With these two more in shape than the rest, Vox was confident in his choice. He wielded a Widower rifle and both a Mauler and Spiker, generally having two spike and an Incidiary grenade as well. Already they were ready to take off, but Vox had a distinct feeling that there would be an alteration to their uniforms. Their own armor was the sign of how tested their metal was, it was strong, sturdy, and have been a symbol of their tribe for many years and long ago. Vox didn't want that change, perhaps making the armor better and change in color would be well but switching while suits was not something he wanted. "If by chance we are to utilize newer uniform, can we alter our armor instead?" Vox asked the knight in common Trandoshan, hoping for a decent answer, "And are we leaving now for this assistance?"
  15. Vox


    The Nimitz, the name of a ship older than most, a ship capable of handling major damage while dish out much more. The ship was classified as a planet cracker, known for literally cracking a planet open for it's resources. Due to this reason ships much like the Nimitz was generally used on desolate world's devoid of any and all life, due to the company who owned these ships years ago ignoring the reprecautions certain laws had to be placed as to avoid both bad reputation and any possible conflict. The company, it's name long lost, dissipated in time and the ships became simple parts for other vessels. Few planet cracker class ships were available, and the Nimitz was a shining example of the companies old glory. Originally designed as both a warship and cargo ship later used by the Rebellion, the Nimitz performed as an excellent ship in times of distress usually to back several other cruisers or to load copious amounts of cargo for one trip instead of multiple. And for it's size it wasn't a lumbering hulk, it definitely had speed outrunning even Star Destroyers by a margin. However due to its importance the Nimitz was repurposed as a mining ship as it was originally known for. This would allow the Rebellion or Empire to obtain invaluable resources, the ship was it's own rig thanks to the gravity tethers it and the ore brought from the planet came to great use. It had long range scanners, plenty of powerful cannons, decent speed and sturdy armor making it a great addition to the Alliance Fleet. One day it went dark in a sector between Nal Hutta Nar Shaada and Rafa V, several cruisers with the Nimitz to help combat enemy forces and take massive loads off its mining progress also stopped all communications. If the ship was lost then it wasn't a major loss... but it certainly wasn't a small loss either, not by a long shot. If the ship was somehow hijacked then it would prove a serious problem; by pirates the situation wasn't as severe as by the Sith Empire, but regardless anyone with the Nimitz was deadly. In the events of a hijacking, the ships AI automatically shuts down Central and main power, the backup generators used sparingly and only comms remain active. All weapons and shielding are shut down allowing the Alliance to access it without their own technology turning on them. Now that it became a reality, the Alliance sent a response team to investigate the situation. More particularly the recent additions to the flock: Vox Stormblood and his War Pack. Anyone else who came along were in a separate shuttle but Storm Scurry, an Allanar N3 Light Freighter, flew quite well compared to it's prior condition a week ago. With it were three individuals, Vox and two other soldiers as he deemed the other four needed more rest back on Nar Shaada. The low number didn't help but it was all that was needed... lest anyone else was on board. The pilot couldn't be counted as he couldn't fight but fly Storm Scurry. Vox agreed to help the Alliance fight the foe known as the Sith or as the Nudono called them, "Black Cloaks." They'd been careful to avoid conflict with them until their numbers build once more, but a mission like this could prove another run-in with little luck. The trio sat quietly, weapons ready and minds steady without a single peep. Simply they awaited their arrival to the large ship, Vox hoping it was either a systems malfunction, it was destroyed or if worse that bandits somehow gained control. He was briefed on its capabilities and suffice to say he was impressed, with there being a lockdown as well it shouldn't be too hard to get things back in order. Their armor had been restored, so we're their weapons, and the helmets showed none of the Nudono's expressions either. It had been a careful process being amongst people of different culture, being loyal to complete strangers but in the end it should have a good end result. Still, the numbers the Nudono chieftain lost to get this far lingered in his mind until the pilot spoke aloud. "Eight minutes till contact." The pilots voice boomed and the trio sat straight and trained their focus on the mission. If it was a battle then Vox knew his men longed for such a thing. To his right, the soldier had two Maulers, two Spikers and three spike grenades clearly poised for close quarters combat. To his left, the soldier had a Puncture Rifle and a Spiker with various clips and protected strands of Puncture ammo, two incidiary grenades and a medical kit on his waist. Vox himself had his trusty sword, a Puncture Rifle, several spike grenades and a Spiker. The three appeared ready for war, but who was to blame them in the trying times? Better to be ready for nothing then not be ready for something.
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