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  1. Vox was gaining quickly with the militia trooper and the woman right behind him, it seemed they would catch the thugs. But indeed things had to be interesting, and the stakes grew much, much higher in an instant. Blasters were pulled, a crimson bolt shot past Vox and hit one of the three thugs in the gut forcing the man to drop down. He didn't draw his weapon, his focus of the Force still held however wavered when the tension rose. The eldest of the trio was down however it left the two younger ones with guns as well, one of which held a hostage. Vox didn't draw any weapon though, not even the energy swords given from Alcmène. Instead he remained calm and focus, relying on not a gut feeling but almost instinct, but not quite that. It felt like guidance than instruction and immediately his focus was on the blaster of the hostage. The Trandoshans eyes feel to the hostage and their captor, a young man indeed, possibly just reached adulthood. It was sad that anyone could turn to petty thievery and now they would resort to such things as this? Vox focused on the blaster and put all his energy into it, however at the same time he put his hands out in front, showing the thugs he wasn't of any threat... That they could perceive, then again, there was a large armored lizard in front of them. "Ease yourselves," Vox stated calmly using the Common Trandoshan language, "There is need for struggle, and no one else has to get hurt." Taking advantage of this time, Vox carefully put his energy into the Blaster. His sight was still active, the hostage were painted green while the thugs were red, the blaster was nearly perfectly outlined as orange. Be used the Force to carefully weave into the weapon, each crevice slowly filling with an invisible glimmering mist that these men couldn't feel nor see. Vox needed time, just a moment or so to eradicate the weapon do the hostage wasn't shot.
  2. Following the pair, Vox looked around at the sheer size of the place. Firstly, it was certainly larger now that they moved further through the people. And secondly he couldn't imagine how many thieves were amongst this riffraff. He felt a hand placed on the tough fabric of his shoulder between the cracked armored plates, and although the body glove was thick it could barely contain the muscle the individual possessed. Easily Vox could ravage various people, though this wasn't his thought, it was a good thing that he didn't fall into the hands of the Sith. Gods only know what he and his War Pack would become. Vox was then allowed to be pulled between an empty space between the two shops, and then he felt it. A sudden rush of energy surrounding the soldier and the woman Jedi, being pulled toward her as in a sudden instant there was darkness before the three. Vox, already focusing to the best of his ability, remained calm and patient for the near minute and began to reach out on his own. And in the moment when Alcmène routed the prey, he immediately locked onto the life energies of three young scoundrels that were pointed out. Though this was new to him the Chieftain was finding this Force power very useful, and he kept his focus on them. Already the armored Trandoshan rushed forward, the three individuals painted as a simple blue hue of body while everyone else around him were merely shadows. He could still see the fine detail, the regular color and clothes and items of the world and people however he saw what was between real and ethereal colors. Running with taste, Vox carefully maneuvered around people and kept his Saber in a small pocket of his armor. It didn't matter if he maneuvered, because people who saw the behemoth moved quickly out of the way and he was stating aloud, "Excuse me," and, "I need passage!" And whatever else, however no one would be able to understand the Nudono language.
  3. The Chieftain deactivated the lightsaber upon Alcménes' relaxed posture. Once he felt no danger a moment later he opened his eyes with ferocity in them, however all was calm and contained as he knew thr arms test was over. Regardless, combat, let alone training always pumped his blood and caused the hulk to revert to a serious and professional state. As any Chieftain should, if not calmness and soothing words that spoke of wisdom. For as young as Vox was he already proved himself one worthy of the Nudonos' title even though he didn't feel it. Sighing, Vox merely nodded, having the Force cut by his own volition, simply held onto his lightsaber in his right hand. He then jogged just behind the woman clearly an easy task. Voxs' mind wondered off, thinking about what exactly would be in the marketplace or more so what it looked like. Then his thoughts cut to the loyal soldiers he still had, from his advisor and brother Equinox to his other brother and right hand Chaox, their shadow and marksman Krexus to the small but intelligent technophile Romulus, and then the titan shield brother Rylast then the young and spunky Varsus. All of them had fought with sheer will and without much complaint, and then it struck Vox, he could most likely grab supplies for them, luxury items or whatever they would like... Or what he thought they would like. Arriving to the marketplace, Vox only saw a sprawling place of business with crowds of people. It was something he'd expect but on this larger scale was quite amazed. Just how big was this city? He then gazed at the white armored trooper making their way to the couple, who removed their helm to reveal a blonde headed man. After a short report, Alcméne then questioned the Trandoshan on the topic of catching thieves. Or a thief. "Very well... I don't see the problem with this task." Vox agreed, uncertain as to how to go about this. Would he be using the Force again? If this was the case, then this year could be difficult or maybe easy, given how easily he handled utilizing it before.
  4. Vox closed his eyes as told and began his focus. Though he was a warrior, it was proven back on that ship when fighting that Sith he didn't know everything, and this was an extension of it. Immediately he let go of all thought and emotion, and then focused on his surroundings. He pictured lights, dim yet vibrant like Neon, he could "see" them quite clearly. With a breath, Vox began to focus on one particular light, something moving like a wave. Oddly he could see the ripples from this one whereas others remained still, and though it moved he didn't. The background and details of the room around then only appeared as a deep blue outline which allowed him to focus more on whatever were "lit up" as these lights. No, it didn't feel right to move on instinct rather he would wait. And then the motions came, almost like the wind Vox felt something wrap around him, calm and ever caressing yet swift and purposely. He didn't feel to move of his own volition, instead opting to allow this Force to guide his motions. For Vox it was more a guide, neither controlling or demanding but rather motioning him to move. And he did, at the last possible second Vox swiftly shifted and swung his blade from the side knocking the opposing weapon from his chest. Though they may have been going fast, to him everything seemed slow in time. It was here the Chieftain could finally see the colorful outline of the Jedi, and when she went for a leg kick Vox instead slightly bent his leg and stiffened it, disallowing the hit to move him even. Very simple and most people would have avoided the blow. This feeling was almost what he felt back on that ship. Had Vox known of the Force things would have been much different than now. However that was then and this was now, and his focus was without any wavering. Just like when he was trained back on his home world, he flower easily and without struggle.
  5. Vox listened intently and realized how the blades pulled to each other. Once they interlocked he didn't quite understand as to why this locking would kill any Jedi or Sith until he realized there could be other advantages... But perhaps far more disadvantages. He regarded the woman's words and continued. When the woman told Vox to close his eyes and focused. Every little detail was pushed out, no cluttered thoughts, he focused more into a deeper state just as before and allowed the Force to take him. When Alcemene's attack came Vox swiftly brought up his blade with both hands in opposition, both weapons bouncing from each other. And as she said, this experience was indeed weird however familiar. It was like when he was being led from place to place, every decision based on the Divine which was now the Force; at least that's what it seems to be.
  6. Vox nodded and swung once- a mid swinging motion held back, he didn't want to hurt the woman but didn't want to be sluggish either. Then a moment later he swing again following up from his prior attack, then again but at a faster pace. Vox memorized his sword spear and though this weapon had little to not weight on it he utilized that to the best of his ability. The saber however threw him off, and it was evident he tried to grasp such a light weapon. The Trandoshan Chieftain however began to slowly adapt to, knowing this would likely replace his once-most used heavier pole arm. Instead of continuously using one hand he grasped the weapon mid-swing with another hand, wanting better control of the light sword instead of acting like it had weight. His attacks were better controlled this way both in attack and in returns, however still unrefined. At least Vox was able to grasp it better somewhat. Vox then stated, "Thus weapon isn't light at all, it has no weight. Abd this is what you Jedi and Sith mainly use?"
  7. The female before the Chieftain bowed in mockery before him, in others words letting him know he figured out this trick. To him it was a feat that could prove useful for illusions, though this might be considered as tame compared to further instances to take place later. The Force was a mysterious thing, and in truth Vox had a ginger to learn more however nothing malevolent nor to grasp power. Vox would then catch the gliding weapon, a silver thing, basic in design really that had a slimmer midsection. Vox's hand seemed larger however upon further inspection the weapon was larger than normal, being perfect for both hands. Did they just have any size of these energy swords? Vox held it comfortably in his scaly palm until finally clicking the button on its side, the top erupting smoothly into a glowing yellow. The Trandoshan was easily in awe, such a beautiful weapon, a tool that he could gaze upon for such awhile. Despite this revelation, the question the woman asked must be answered. "No... No," Vox shook his head while still gazing at the energy beam, "Power is something natural, but... To be consumed by it, to strive for power and to live by it is a fool's gambit. That is something my brother never understood, power alone is nothing but a hungry vessel that depletes and expunges any sense of true self. I feel I need to learn more of your Jedi, but nothing... No, nothing that would lead to self destruction." With that said, the sabre was turned off and still held in the Trandoshans palm. It was true, power came naturally but again, to Vox, to bathe in that power and writhe in its pleasure is what only a fool could do. It was something he witnessed before.
  8. The illusion was an... Odd experience, what is and was reality seemed to play about the Trandoshans mind as the woman from before stepped forth. The flickering lights and the glimmering ashes falling, she only had a smile as she stated to practically catch her... With his mind? Vox had half the mind to call the woman a fool however he caught himself, realizing that it must have been one of those Force tricks he picked up on. If this was what it could do, and allow him to do, Vox would oblige. Hesitant at first, Vox left himself feeling no choice but to do as told. He slowed his breath, allowing his shoulders to free themselves of any tension, Vox silently focused himself. Centering his concentration, he instead allowed everything to play in his mind instead of simply trying to ignore such things. One by one, he plucked away each distraction, each sound and light until he could easily filter out the nonsense from the main objective. He could begin to feel something wrap around him, nothing visible or even physical, but a slow moving flow of energy. Was this that Force these wizards spoke of? And in an instant, things progressed from one by one to a few at a time, quickly blocking out these distractions but not fast enough to overlap and miss any. Vox felt the nonsense filter to nothing, at least in his mind, and slowly tracked something else. A single source of life he could finally "see." Vox reached out with his thoughts, using this newfound energy to his call, and... Thought. Simply thought. "I found you." Was all the Trandoshan could manage, meaning to make it longer than three words however settled on that, no need for unecessary chatter.
  9. Finishing up his food swiftly, finalizing a bet between the five Imperials watching , Vox stood and gave Pim a nod, "I suppose I can take a look to it then." Vox would then dispose of the trays where everyone else did and would take the similar path the woman did. However due to the little knowledge he had of the entire facility, Vox began to focus once again, nevermind he was standing in the middle of the hallway. Just like how he found Pim and that Vos, he would attempt his hand at this Force. No words, no feeling, reach out. Those were the thoughts he repeated until finally he calmed down and removed any tension, any negative thought or chatter in the scowl. After a moment, Vox began to feel something, a pull, soft and familiar. Nothing but the ripples of motion he now felt from moving. The Chieftain, transfixed on this new feeling, began to follow his instinct like he did when he found Vos. Again he followed the same pulling like before and went down the flights of halls. When things got really confusing were the elevators however he obliged to taking stairs instead, until finding himself on a, "Lower level." There, Vox continued to walk about however found his instinct and focus waning, taking in the newer surroundings. By now one would assume that the Trandoshan was finished at being amazed by wonders, however he assumed that traveling down here would be stone and clay, if not elegant building material. How much metal went into these structures?
  10. Just as Vox was about to dive into his third tray another woman sat next to him. She nodded and spoke to the Trandoshan, out of the blue about training. It meant that either she listened to what he actually said or she just heard the training portion. Either or, he wasn't going to repeat himself. Vox swiftly finished up three different food items before finally speaking. "The Sentinels? If they are these Jeedi... Jedi, then I am willing. Who are you?" Vox's demeanor changed to a curious one instead of the intensity he began to feel. This woman has the courage to actually approach Vox, which he respected, he'd noticed a few glances from passerbys who either immediately looked away or avoided him entirely. His brawn was different than most other Trandoshan others were used to, clad in a behemoth of an armor made him appear larger as well. But Vox knew well there were those who weren't afraid of striking up conversation, and those who were willing to approach him so casually were often treated with the same tone they provided.
  11. Already on his second tray, and already halfway through, Vox still didn't notice the three Imperials staring at him. Two of them already began to bet on how much he could eat, they completely forgotten their own meals. Two more joined them watching as the Trandoshan was easily putting down the mass. After a minute Vox again used the same cloth to wipe his mouth again. He caught himself from belching and held it down, not wanting to be rude in front of a host and possible fellow soldier. Moving into the third tray, Vox openly stated to Zabrak, "It is all in the kind of course. Our thoughts, dears, strengths and goals, our weaknesses. In truth, I do not just seek strength for my people but the will to change us, the true goal is to revitalize my kind into the once powerful people we once were. But not ravenous. Not voracious, war hungry beasts like the Trandoshans you know. No, I myself look for..." Vox stopped what he was about to say, his eyes dropping to a steak he'd just stabbed through with a fork. From home to here, Vox had been fighting nonstop for the past few days, from taking capitols to highjacking ships, finally his own men found refuge and rest but what of him? There was no rest, no chance to truly sleep, he hasn't even removed his armor once. Yet, he was missing something ever since he had a taste of the Force, Vox slowly felt a degradation. The chieftain had been so focused on his people and their survival, he never thought to actually sit back and think. It has been quite an experience, this new horizon, entering an ongoing war between people's. He looked back up to Pim, and an end result in mind with a finalized word for his runoff sentence. He said, "Peace. I wish to know something like that one more. But not just for me. For my tribe, my brothers and warriors, to my people trapped back home. That is what I want to know, that is what I want to feel. I'm willing to fight for that, I wish to know the Force, but as I said, my people must come first. If I have to choose which, then I cannot come along with you. If learning the Force would aid me in my mission for peace and my tribes survival and prosperity, then I'm willing to learn so."
  12. The two walked into a mess room, cafeteria, or as Vox called it a dining hall. There were others around, Imperials, Rebels, and the riffraff however his senses went wild as soon as he smelled the first signs of food. He hasn't really are at all, not in the many hours he's deployed his unit in the insanity of a war Vox and his people truly had no business being in. Even then, it could have spread to the tribe if past events hadn't transpired. Maybe. It was the moment Vox almost lunged at the assortment of food before them, different delicacies... If this was considered such, provided. The Chieftain held himself back but couldn't help ignore the woman's playful dig. More or less, he was focused on one thing. Vox selected... More than his tray could handle, more than two trays, and after a good minute of selecting a large portion of just about everything, he walked over to where Pim was seating herself. The Chieftain was like a child in a candy shop, he was excited that he finally got to eat. Setting the three massive trays down in front of him, Vox didn't notice the curious glances toward him. An armored reptilian hulk about to inhale what was before him, and he could care less. With a fork, Vox began to eat however slowed himself down, being reminded he's in a public place and not a private den. He still ate what was considered fast yet he made sure to savour the odd tastes. Vox listened intently, nodding and grunting in agreement when he could. After Pim asked her questions Vox finished his first tray already, using a folded cloth to wipe his mouth. There was a trio of Imperials who watched the Trandoshan finish the tray rather rapidly with puzzled gazes. Vox cleared his throat and replied, "I suppose I will train, it would certainly give my pack the rest they deserve. However if I am to be utilized for a mission then so be it. I'm positive I can balance between being this padawan and holding the responsibility of leader. However I cannot abandon my people, nor my goals, if I am only to do one or the other. If you had that choice between learning this Force and the survival of your people, which would you choose?" It was clear, if Pim reached out to his emotions, that Vox was passionate of his own tribe. He didn't come all this way to choose between one or the other. And though the Trandoshans as a whole
  13. Vox walked along with Pim, taking the hand gestures a moment ago as a sign to leave. It must have been that important for Vos and the older woman to speak alone. Perhaps she was his master? Or maybe an employer or fellow comrade? Despite that, Vox's attention turned to Pim who asked him the million coin-question. Nevermind his stomach was punching at him which he subconsciously ignored. Juggling between what answer to give, the Chieftain finally responded with a more appropriate answer that he'd give any stranger, "Your Empire found us. We were stranded, and we made a deal. Though my people are not bound to them, we are to help with your war efforts until I have found a suitable home for my tribe." Going into detail would boil his blood so Vox didn't bother going into it. With the tone of his voice it was clear that what he said at its end was all he was going to tell. He could talk about his tribe all day, but not the events that unfolded these past few moons... No, that was devolve into silence on his end, and he'd rather be on good if not decent terms with these people. But there were no telling how curious the girl was, in truth Vox was almost hoping she'd ask the right questions. With a sigh, he continued, "I am the Chieftain of the Nudono Tribe, warriors who fight for heart and home. Though home is but a distant memory, one day, I will return to liberate my people and take them elsewhere. That Empire, the one who helped us, is supposed to be helping us find a new plain to settle, however no one has returned to us with anything. So, I am hoping my more... Technological warrior can find something. For now, we rest for the next mission. Already we have been involved in three back to back, the first was liberating someplace called Hannah, the next, my crew of four stole two ships from the Black Cloak- or the Sith as you call them. However the last we boarded a vessel, I lost my blade." Vox went into slight detail, and the fact he could later go on to take his people's weapon made his spine shiver. Not in fear or regret, but in excitement. It truly was excitable to match against another of those Sith, no matter how outmatched he was, Vox; like the rest of his people were bred for war.
  14. Witnessing the three Jedi Masters allowed Vox to see just what kind of skillset they had. To say he wasn't in awe would be a fools choice of words, and to say he wasn't impressed to a great degree was his own foolishness. The truth of it was Vox had seen even his own perform unique and dexterous maneuvers that would put a swordsman to shame, but this trio... They were beyond that level. There was nothing, not even the Nudono Chieftains of pasts, that could compare to these masters. Albeit Vox didn't have the awestruck expression more so a focused one, he was wordless of this sparring session. However it ended, the chieftain sighing finally when they disengaged and one stood, "Victor," over the other pair. He was disappointed that the fight didn't last long but was relieved to have witnessed such intricate styles of fighting. He also noticed how the sword-play changed from offensive forms to defensive, being a swordsman himself, Vox noticed that small tidbit. It was nice knowing the Trandoshan was not dealing with simple experts not amateurs, he was dealing with masters of their arts. "That was... Something." Vox finally replied to the woman, unsure with how to describe such art. And to him in finalized words, that's what he witnessed, art.
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C_fG0R7W96CyaxbLRnNqGOS-eLBYukqB2Ydng_3W1ko/edit?usp=drivesdk From his standpoint Vox began to understand more about this power. He didn't know whether he could access it again as Pim explained to him what an ability through this Force could be. Anc if he could detect life that would mean he could sense the presence of Vos approaching. And whoever else happened to accompany him. As Pim walked away to the glass, Vox hadn't seen any doors open just yet. He was curious as to who else was coming along. He quickly collected his thoughts and watched as one of the doors suddenly opened. Walking in were three individuals, Vos himself, a woman and... a beast? Though the creature was garbed, Vox was surprised that other creatures like himself, and the Nudono War Pack, existed here. Vox watched intently, everything blurred out as his focus became the room before the pair.
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