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  1. Vox's maneuver was met with compliments. Good, it gave the Trandoshan some more courage to push forward in the figurative sense. The Force warned him of an incoming wave, not large or flashy but rather a strong and small push of force toward his ankles. His instincts scream jump but the Force said something... Else. Quickly Vox tugged on the Force around him and blocked the power coming toward him. The instant he did that, Vox pressed forward, and instead of one hand gripping the saber he used both for better control and swifter movement. When he approached Alcmène, Vox swung again this time using the Force to bolster his speed, his controlled attack swipe diagonally from the lower left to the upper right similar to his "brilliant" strike before. He knew the attack could get parried or dodged so he came back down with his blade following the smaller woman as he did. Though his pursuit seemed eager, which it was, he didn't rush nor did he strike with needless or excess power, Vox allowed the Force to guide his movements, and though now they'd be moving at a fervent speed to him everything was slowed down.
  2. Vox felt the blade glide in front of Alcmène. Not so much the weight but the lack of contact vacant from it, while he had a generalized idea as to using such a weightless weapon it compared nothing to the real metal of a blade. And that was what he was missing it seemed, real weight, and these Lightsabers were tricky to utilize. He had the rest of his lifetime to figure these things out however Vox also had the feeling he would need to learn these tricks sooner than later. Of course, it mattered when the Human spun and kicked the Trandoshan on the mat below. He had felt the pulse of the Force through that blow and it was much harsher than anticipated. But he didn't complain, and though Alcmènes hand was grasp he did most the getting up and recomposed himself. Vox was eager, but he was more focused on fighting someone much smaller than he was, not the many warriors he had trained with. This one was could easily use his size against him, and that was going to change. Vox eased himself and allowed the Force to creep in once more, and in an instant Alcmène attempted to struck again with her foot. He let the Force cradle him back as the foot passed by, however Alcmène came again this time trying to jab the lizard in his neck with his saber. Vox again took another step back and and spun his own blade around to knock the opponents aside, he then took a step forward and swiped with his saber at the woman's waist level; being such a lightweight sword, he was able to quickly start an offensive, yet something still missing. He felt only half of his attack, as if there wasn't enough aggression in his speed. Regardless of that fact, Vox had known his counter would either be dodged or blocked. He allowed the Force to guide his instincts and senses of the enemy before him, and if she so chose to strike back he would be ready this time.
  3. Vox's mind was not at ease- that is to say he couldn't occupy it. He seen the Jedi before him was still weak, her condition seemed to have bettered however she wasn't completely healed. Vox followed Alcmène to a training facility, a large one which she immediately went on to find two weapons. Sabers from the looks of as Vox held one and inspected it. The woman then spoke about the Force which caught the lizards attention, he looked over to her and paid close attention. Vox nodded as Alcmène finished and flickered his blade on. He focused himself, centering his mind and thoughts and casting away any negative emotions. As he let loose the darkness he held Vox could feel a tingling sensation and a sudden rush of energy flow through. He could feel a sudden calmness about him and almost all his doubt and worries washed away. Vox focused the Force into his attack allowing it to guide his actions. With the sword low and just to the side of his leg, he swing upward in a controlled manner, swiftly slashing however having enough stability to quickly counter and defend himself. Though it was a spar and despite Vox being in touch with the Force, he still had much thought to work through. Nothing was a touch and go and he still had much thought on the subject of his people. For now he kept focus on the task at hand.
  4. When Vox arrived back at his quarters he saw Equinox looking over a data-pad that certainly wasn't his. Romulus was in the corner on the bottom bunk of a bed piecing back together a blaster that certainly wasn't his. And Krexis... Was the only one who didn't have a stolen item, instead he was sharpening a machete. Equinox looked upward and already Vox had a feeling his younger brother would press forward with questions. Nosy bastard, always questioning everything, but it didn't help that Vox had a worrying expression. . "So, what's going on now?" Equinox set down the data-pad and crossed his arms. . Vox looked around the room and allowed the door to slide shut behind him. It was a difficult task to confront himself and what words he'll speak without angering anybody the Trandoshans here. He knew them all to well and his people were stubborn. Very, very stubborn and proud. Vox sighed and told Equinox everything that was said, from his decision to making up one when he went on to his younger twins. . Equinox remained quiet for several minutes. He stared hard into Vox's eyes as of trying to find within his older brother a real reason for any of it. But when it seemed he was finished he toon his turn to sigh. Romulus gathered with the duo and Krexis remained sitting to the side, but by now he set aside his weapon and paid more attention to the Chieftain and his Advisor. Vox didn't have to use the Force to feel out Equinox's emotions nor did he even need to ask. . "Alright... So you relinquish your title as, "Ruler," as that woman puts it, and you are going on to become this... What, Knight of sorts?" Equinox shook his head, "Vox-" . Vox quickly interrupted knowing well where this was heading, "I do not give up my role of guiding and leading our people, Equinox, as a representative and a mentor of sorts. This is the decision I must make, for if I do not it would be a waste. It can be an opportunity for us to not only become part of a wider realm but opens up our chances to make our clans and tribe larger and stronger, if you do wish to view it as that. It gives us a chance to not dissipate amongst the large crowds of civilizations, it can give us opportunity to help others as well and aid the way people view us. Think on it, we have three major factions that could easily wipe us from the map, would you risk that especially after what the Black Clo- Sith, did?" . Vox's point was there and it made Equinox sit back in thought. Truth be told, Vox going down a light path was bound to be difficult. He was in-tuned with nature but he felt it so long ago since he reconnected with nature itself. And this was as he said, opportunity. In his mind, Vox was planning steps five through fifteen for their people and wasted no time with petty squandering. This was larger than himself, this was for his people and a better life for all of them, and hopefully for his brothers as well. . Equinox again stated hard at Vox then replied, "Very well... I suppose we can work something out... Give me time to come up with something for our people and ourselves. There is a lot to consider unfortunately, this will require Chaox's discussion as well." . Vox nodded as he stood up and started for the door, "Very well. I'm sorry it comes to this point, I don't think it could have gone any other way." . The Chieftain- the Jedi apprentice exited the room, making his way back to the medical ward. It was a lot to take in and digest, while Vox had a feeling he would be tending to the Jedi he also knew that would perhaps clash with his goals for his tribe. Well, however they decide, the Nudono won't be a tribe anymore and instead he had hoped it could become larger than that. He wasn't too certain of their expansion but he hoped for the best. He wasn't sure how his father, Paradox, would have reacted. . Entering the medical room Alcmène was in, Vox approached the bedside of the Jedi woman, "It is done. My brothers and I will discuss the situation later, dissolving the titles of Chieftain and its following ranks is a tough decision as it has been our way for eons. However in order for my people as a whole to survive in the Galaxy I understand the changes that come with it. And as such, I relinquish the role Chieftain." . Vox fell silent as he allowed his own words to flow outward, this was a difficult task alone but it was done, there was no turning back, "What would you have me do?"
  5. Vox was quiet even after Alcmène finished. What he understood of the matter were that Jedi are guardians, protectors of life and keepers of peace to some extent. He agreed with that internally however what kept him quiet was he felt an accusation was thrown at him. The Trandoshan represented his people, not the other way around, when Alcmène said, "A jedi cannot have two masters," and, "A Jedi's place is not to rule, but be a steward." At first he took this as an offense in this manner, however he wasn't without reason. . The Nudono Chieftain has lived a simple and harsh life, both that made him completely loyal to his people while learning from his father. If he so desired, he could have left his tribe like he did long ago, but that didn't stop anyone from following. That didn't stop any of his people from asking guidance, in a sense, he was a shepherd of their kind meant to guide to a better place since their peace was shattered on Trandosha. And it was the knife that stabbed Vox in the heart, he accidentally opened that gate to the Force without thinking much on, that he needed to decide. While he wanted to say no, something told him to become a Jedi Knight. . 'You're people will still know you for who you are, Bloodstorm.' Vox heard the voice in his head... Almost sounding of his... No, it wasn't perhaps, but it was closer to the truth. . 'These things will work themselves out, and in the end you'll still be valued by our people as not a ruler, but as a leader, a living example. Do not let your emotions or even your logic control you, just feel yourself, and make the right choice." . Vox never became a leader, Chieftain, because he wanted to. He did it out of necessity, as he always felt his place was not to rule as Alcmène stated, but to be a Steward, someone who helps keep order, someone who is there for the people. His disappointment and slowly rising anger gradually dissipated as he allowed the Force to soothe him once more, the emotions lingering off until nothing was left. What seemed like minutes for the lizard were only seconds of silence. Vox understood his goal, and knew what decision to make. . Vox stood at full height, a few years and rips of the latex-like suit sounding from around his body as it couldn't contain its own damage let alone the individual wearing it. Vox bowed to Alcmène, and said, "Then I will notify my brothers and explain this to them. Once I am done, I will return for further guidance." . Vox bowed again before leaving, that disappointment still lingered to some extent but in it's place came resolution and understanding. His place was never to be a Chieftain, even before the gates of the Force were open he had an instinct that ruling wasn't his call. He would be a leader in some capacity, and while he would no longer, "Rule," his people, Vox knew this was the only other option. He could have declined and gone about his business and in that sense he would be throwing away an opportunity to serve a greater purpose and his tribe. It was not an easy choice, his mind was made up now, and already Vox wouldn't hear the end of it from his brothers, especially Chaox. Vox Bloodstorm felt that becoming a Jedi was the right choice, but it wouldn't take away from guiding his people, especially his brothers to a better tomorrow.
  6. Vox listened as Alcmène spine and he understood her point. His kind were completely vacant from the Galaxy, let alone being a, "Primitive," People compared to even the basic marksman. Granted he still judged a little, and he saw where the woman was coming from. So long have they gone unnoticed until now however Vox knew his people would be viewed as bounty hunters or mercenaries. . The Chieftains smiled faded however as he realized the severity of the woman's wounds. He had genuine compassion at least as he looked her up and down and noticed the trickle if blood wiped away. . "I do not think that the Sith would learn that lesson, if they were wise they should back down. I am to understand you were wounded before fighting these... Manto-lobian? They must be hardened warriors to take on Jedi as yourself." Vox said, making light of the situation as he stood and sat down in a chair. . He meant it light, but Vox had a gut feeling these, "Mandolorians," were tougher than the average warrior. His kind could easily throw around enemies during heavy fire, they were well adapted to combat and strive to be the best whilst the Chieftain and his brothers kept the warrior's arrogance and attitudes in line. They weren't mindless beasts, mind you, rather talented hunters who can handle a few shots and broken bones and bloody knuckles. Vox's mind then drifted to Naboo when Alcmène thanked him, and he shook his head. . "I understand your words. I had not known you were of a hierarchy, but... One thing I do question, speaking of which. As I have stated before I have a responsibility to my people, even if I train as a Jedi, they need tending to as I do not yet trust anyone to control them..." Vox stopped his sentence as if to think if the right thing to say, "My... People, my soldiers and tribe are stubborn as to who leads them, who represents them. I do not wish to alarm you, but my warriors follow me wherever I go and I do wish to change a few... Things with the way we are. Naturally, we are conflict to "peace" driven, emotional people who take pride in each other as well as our culture. . I can find a way to balance between being Chieftain and Jedi, and I strive for my people to know peace once more, perhaps beyond than what we were. I will learn to become more a guardian and to preserve that the best I can in the Jedi interest, as well as protect life, but I wish not make promises. My question is now, what am I to do now? Do I continue to rest, or perhaps you have a mission?" . Vox's words were true in that his people were a subject to bring up. Whatever happens later in the line he does not know, nor when he'll go to bring the tribe back to a salvageable status. It was a twist of a turn to change subjects like that but he felt that addressing it was better now than anything. Best to say something in a relaxing time than during stressful engagement.
  7. Vox nodded and knelt beside the bedside, his height making him appear taller... He was taller than possibly everyone else aboard this vessel. His black and tore, latex-like body suit shown metal plates of grey between rips and makeshift sewing, his bashed pinned against a thin chest plate where the fabric was still in decent condition on the right of his chest. The Chieftain did not use the Force for there was no need to, he was honestly tired but concealed it under his visage and attitude. He knew Alcmène was in harsh condition and she was using her power to dull the pain but it was clear not all of it could be afforded. "The Queen is safe. Our struggles were met and we conquered and overcame. I question the... Fragility of your people's uniform, the armor I mean. They seem to be for appearance and not true protection, we ripped through the Sith units with ease with our..." Vox unholstered his carbine, the only weapon save for his Lightsaber clipped to his body, and hoisted the weapon so that she could see and then clipped it back, "Slugthrowers, as you call them? Still, they seem more effective than your energy blasters. But I am not here to lecture your people of their choice of equipment. Right now, the Queen is with the Empress, and my men are currently at work with equipment and such." Vox could see the tinge of guilt of Alcmène's face and he furrowed. He then said, "I... Was not informed as to how you came of this condition. I won't ask that of you. You did what was best and your choice of protection to the Queen couldn't have been better picked. You are not worthless, and made the best decision at the time. If it were my choice I would have done the same." The Chieftain allowed that to sink in, his words were low yet they carried a softness about them. One might take it as pity, with him it was understanding the situation at the time and making the correct call if not close to it. Any other unit would have been swept away by the Sith forces but not Vox's Warriors, in which he carries a pride and with good reason. But he felt a certain question to ask, almost as if being nudged to spit it out. "I know this is off the subject, but I have a question about the Force. I question the Force. If the Jedi are meant to be guardians why am I guided to war?" Vox looked around to see no one in particular before speaking in a hushed tone, "I am guided to reclaim my people, almost like a signal. I have spoke with Equinox about it, and he assumes that maybe it speaks differently... But when I speak of our tribe I speak of developing it, making our people stronger, spreading influence to aide our allies in battle. I don't understand it, if I am to be a guardian why does the Force guide me to such things? I understand if you are against military or anything of that nature, but I figured I should ask."
  8. In the coming days Vox had Romulus and Krexis fix their equipment properly with the needed hard-metals, along with finding ways to forge ammunition for their weapons albeit in small bundles at a time. The pair had really outdone themselves and took the needed rest and praise from their Chieftain and his Advisor- the younger brother Equinox, and not only created plenty of spike rounds but also Romulus beginning to come up with newer weapons and solutions to improve their equipment. It was fast with how they worked but regardless it was swift and accomplished progress. . Vox and Equinox in the meantime had "borrowed" a data-pad that held some information on planets and locations, and already they had begun to plan ahead themselves. In secret they spoke of building outposts and listening-posts for later use, getting a list of factories and sellers for material. Despite the Empress not being too keen on allowing the Nudono Tribe to grow, Vox didn't care, and since they were involved in a galactic war it would mean that the tribe would need to grow as a while, not just in technology and weaponry. They needed numbers, most importantly they needed more like them or conscripts. . And that brought discussion back to Trandosha and the Crested Wilds, their home. Vox still felt it wasn't time to strike back and secure his people, he didn't have a planet mostly void of civilization picked out; his goal to find a place left alone but habitable for his people. That would take time, time that Vox felt was narrowing by the moons, time that he had to fight and keep up with his saber training. Time was close, and the first phase of their plan was about to fruit. . Vox was in a discussion with Equinox about politics and where to go from there when a droid entered the room. Immediately both Trandoshans raised their Spiker Carbines at the mechanical thing, and in a fit of panic, the droid quickly spat out it's reasoning for being there. The two lowered their arms and holstered their weapons with Vox standing upright. A sudden skip of a beat in his chest thumped at him, and with his newer master Alcmène being alive... He did want to see her. Of course, that was why the droid was here. . Several minutes of following the machine lead the Chieftain to a medical bay and was directed right to the Jedi's bed. There he saw what is a human wrapped up in bandages, and he assumed from that she had either retreated or was recovered in battle. Regardless, he would approach her and said in a low tone, smiling, "I... See you're alive."
  9. Vox listened as the woman replied in surprise at his request. It was revealed then that the common weapon was one firing energy, not one of steel. It was both disappointing and infuriating, having to step from their world seeking help only to turn into one of the outsiders. Krexis wouldn't have it, and Vox knew it too well. Still they were given access to a workshop to allow for armor repair... And knowing the stubborn nature of both Equinox and Romulus, they would find a way to make ammunition for their weapons. Vox nodded to the Empress and before he could speak an irritated Romulus chimed in "Unfortunately we do not have training with those power toys you use. Nor do any of them fit our gauntlets and hardly on our fingers, so you tell me-" "Romulus, lock it down!" Vox quickly snapped, giving his smaller friend a glare along with the command. Though Vox couldn't see the faces expression behind the helmet, Romulus was most likely angry, however followed his Chieftains order and silenced himself. The Chieftain turned back to the Empress and continued, "We appreciate the help you can give us. Thank you for having my warriors aboard your ship." Vox turned away and begun walking in an opposite direction where they would enter a series of corridors. After a good minute of walking from the sights of the Queen and the Empress, Vox jerked his head forward for Romulus. The smaller Trandoshan caught up and asked, "What is it?" "Once we get settled in our rooms, I need you to grab our armor, a Spiker and Mauler, and each piece of our ammunition types. You and Krexis will be repairing our armor and craft new ammunition. I also need you to find out a way to improve our weapons, see if you can't craft something better for our part in the war. But first, we eat, then rest." Romulus almost seemed to perk up at the orders and said, "I... Don't need any rest, I can do that almost immediately after we eat." Vox nodded, "Then let us find a room and rest up. I have a feeling we are not not returning to the other three for some time"
  10. Once Vox was front and center of the Empress his fellow warriors stood on either side of him. They all holstered their weapons on either their armor's back magnetic plates or on makeshift or welded clips. Vox removed his helmet, a hiss of air escaping from the trapped oxygen in the equipment as the woman before him- and Jackson spoke. More or less or was congratulatory but it was something received with minimal praise, only a nod from the Trandoshan Chieftain. And then a small ribbon, a Medal of Valor they called it, was pinned to an open space of the Chieftains armor that revealed a fine patch of his armored suit beneath. It wasn't until the word of Alcmène's survival that the Chieftain felt at ease somewhat, how she survived and the condition are yet to be foreseen. He'd need to wait until a full report comes in and not simply demand questions. However, that didn't stop Vox from speaking, "I understand you are busy, and that you two must have plenty to catch up on," Vox gestured from the Queen to the Empress, "However I do request something, if it is in your grasp. We are a group of seven, myself included, and we don't use these Blasters you people widely produce, nor the..." Vox stopped himself for a moment, trying not to use the word, "Pitiful," for reference in their armor. Last thing he needed was to insult these people's customs. Even Equinox gazed at his older brother almost knowing exactly what Vox was about to say. Instead after a second of silence he continued, "-Nor the widely distributed material you use to craft your suits. I was wanting to request a workshop for my people with metals and so forth used to craft, so that we may properly repair our weapons and equipment and munitions. And possibly help us improve upon them to make us more viable in the war effort."
  11. Once Vox heard the message over the communications, he looked to the Naboo Queen and then back to his subjects. The vessel was turned and aimed toward a much larger carrier, supposedly the Trandoshan thinking maybe this was it. The coordinates painted on a screen suggested they were getting closer at least, and Vox slid on his helm once more. The rest of the warriors did likewise, readying their weapons. Once the silver scratched-up vessel entered the port bay they were assigned to, the ship landed a tad harshly thanks to Trandoshan guidance. Vox took point in front of the door and awaited for Equinox to fall behind him, and between younger brother and Romulus were the Queen herself directly in the middle. And though they had their weapons drawn it was more for show than anything else, formality and such. Nevermind the white and silver lightsaber dangling from the Chieftain's utility belt, which clearly stood out from the gray and black, scratched up and blood covered armor. Once the back entry hatch opened Vox proceeded forward, ignoring the sheer size of the hangar they were in.
  12. Exiting hyperspace, the silver vessel of the Naboo Queen entered just outside Nar Shaddaa's orbit. Inside several of the Nudono Warriors sighed, primarily Romulus and Equinox, whilst Vox remained standing and disconnecting his connection to the Force almost instantly. Krexis on the other hand just sat around for the whole ride, keeping to himself and staying silent as that was typical of the white Trandoshan. The Chieftain Vox felt tired suddenly, knowing it could have been the Force that drained him in such a way it reminded him of the sleepless hunts when he was younger. Regardless of that Vox focused up and stood straight, looking ahead toward the moon. . "We have arrived," Vox then turned to Romulus who was giving the Chieftain an exasperated look, "I hope the trip didn't take too much out of you?" . Romulus shook his head as he too stood up, stretching and was awarded with a few pops and cracks, "I swear to Lina, Vox, I can't trust you with stuff like that..." Then with a sigh he finished, "You haven't changed one bit." . The other Trandoshans were concerned with checking their equipment so when they land they can already separate the damaged from the functional equipment. It was clear they all relaxed, and Vox being tired as he was couldn't necessarily reach out to the Force. He didn't try, feeling that what he had done was enough for now, a well needed rinse, feast and rest were in order, however most likely he would have to meet up with some hierarch along with the Queen. Their mission was complete however there was that tinge of guilt Vox had for leaving behind Alcmène. Hopefully she was alive at least, and slaying the Sith or escaping the planet.
  13. Vox


    Romulus stood up, a bit confused but not entirely as he assumed this Queen knew how to fly. He guessed. Then after hearing her words Vox steadied himself further and allowed all thought to fade, all concerns and any distractions faded until they were silenced completely in his mind. When the crew had seen that the Queen aimed their ship for the Sith Fleet, they begun to panic. Equinox was trying to get Vox's attention while Romulus was starting in on the Queen. . "Are you insane?! The while idea is to avoid them not get shit down!" . "Romulus, Equinox, quiet..." Romulus softly said in a vocal manner, "Let me focus." . When they arrived to the fleet it was evident the massive ships were focused on the planet. Vox felt they needed to be below the ships, being on the side or above would bring too much attention. There was no uncertainty, just the Force, and Vox felt himself slip deeper into the depths of an ethereal self. He recommended staying underneath to help avoid the main guns that were firing, and then at one point he would guide the Queen to the bulkier side-up of one of the Destroyers just as a squad of Tie Fighters were deployed against the enemy who were already halfway past their fleet. . "Stay very close to the ship... We'll need to fly around their guns and between them." Just as Vox said it the orders were followed. The ship was brought to the top of a Star Destroyer where the main guns produced bombardment on Naboo. The Fighters were quick to catch up, already trying to shoot down the silver vessel down. The odd movements and maneuvers of the ship however made it impossible for direct fire, and the two ships that did get a direct aim had been blown to pieces, another one had it's right wing blown off and it spiraled into another Tie Fighter. Within seconds, the Queens personal ship just passed the massive thrusters of the last Destroyer, clear to fly about. . Clear, until more Tie Fighters were approaching from behind. Then with an almost electric like jolt, Vox quickly stated, "Now, jump!" Without fully knowing what that meant.
  14. Vox


    As the battle raged below the squad of lizards flew high above... Well, low to the ground, possible just seventy feet from it. Vox focused with the Force feeling himself become more abd more submerged into its soft ethereal grasp. The moment an explosion from the ground shot up in the air Vox's senses sharpened almost as if on signal, "Right, now!" Romulus turned the ship sharply as shrapnel and sparks peppered the ships top exterior. No damage was taken, just the few scratches from harsh treatment. The ship continued it's course until Vox motioned for Romulus to start bringing the ship higher for orbit. They were avoiding fighter in the sky the best they could, and somehow the ship have gone undetected and were going well away from the prying eye of the Star Destroyers quickly. That didn't rule out the group being tracked down though, as the planet, not just half of it, was under invasion. And it left Vox on edge. Despite his calm stature, there was that feeling if dread he felt over the planet. Everyone was suffering, everyone was afraid, and whatever military force were left might be snuffed sooner or later. He still felt that tinder if guilt in leaving behind his new master, however now was not the time to grieve. Vox looked to Romulus and says, "Take it slow. If we move up too quickly they could detect us easier."
  15. Vox


    When the star ship bolted from the secret hangar Vox's taste of the Force never left. It clung to him, opened his mind and allowed him to see things father than he could have ever expected. Patience was a virtue unfortunately, and he slightly strained himself in the Force to help their escape despite the natural sense to become calm. His frustration was busing up but it slowly left, his eagerness turned into patience, his mind was chaotic with thought now was focused on just a few. Vid then felt a sudden pull, not of the Force, but of something he completely forgotten. Or someone. The Chieftain realized his recent mentor, Alcmène, was left behind just seconds after they toon off. He had been so focused on the task at hand with what the Force guiding his every step, and even now it did. He felt sorrow, however would need to push forward. If this ethereal power wanted Alcmène with them then it would be so. But just as his thoughts were on his mentor they were ripped away when Romulus shouted Vox's name urgently. "Hey, I get you're daydreaming and all but l... Uhhh... We have a lot of fighters in the air Vox. How're we supposed to avoid them?" Romulus said quickly, expecting an answer. And the best answer Vox had was what was given to him, or whatever felt right at this time, "Stay low to the ground, it'll be easier that way. When I give an order you do it right then, understood?" Romulus seemed dumbfounded but obliged, hoping his Chieftain was right about this. For generations, nearly a thousand years, the Nudono Shaman used the Divine to help guide their people out of danger or the best way to handle it, what the next steps were, and a variety of defensive and healing methods not even the smartest at the time could have conjured. Vox knew this, and he had a sneaking suspicion that Divine was the Force, just in their own image. They prayed and worshipped their gods however also gave tribute of prayer and time to the Divine, as it was the eternal life stream where all forms of life and light and dark existed. And just as his ancestors, Vox was using it.
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