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  1. The two walked into a mess room, cafeteria, or as Vox called it a dining hall. There were others around, Imperials, Rebels, and the riffraff however his senses went wild as soon as he smelled the first signs of food. He hasn't really are at all, not in the many hours he's deployed his unit in the insanity of a war Vox and his people truly had no business being in. Even then, it could have spread to the tribe if past events hadn't transpired. Maybe. It was the moment Vox almost lunged at the assortment of food before them, different delicacies... If this was considered such, provided. The Chieftain held himself back but couldn't help ignore the woman's playful dig. More or less, he was focused on one thing. Vox selected... More than his tray could handle, more than two trays, and after a good minute of selecting a large portion of just about everything, he walked over to where Pim was seating herself. The Chieftain was like a child in a candy shop, he was excited that he finally got to eat. Setting the three massive trays down in front of him, Vox didn't notice the curious glances toward him. An armored reptilian hulk about to inhale what was before him, and he could care less. With a fork, Vox began to eat however slowed himself down, being reminded he's in a public place and not a private den. He still ate what was considered fast yet he made sure to savour the odd tastes. Vox listened intently, nodding and grunting in agreement when he could. After Pim asked her questions Vox finished his first tray already, using a folded cloth to wipe his mouth. There was a trio of Imperials who watched the Trandoshan finish the tray rather rapidly with puzzled gazes. Vox cleared his throat and replied, "I suppose I will train, it would certainly give my pack the rest they deserve. However if I am to be utilized for a mission then so be it. I'm positive I can balance between being this padawan and holding the responsibility of leader. However I cannot abandon my people, nor my goals, if I am only to do one or the other. If you had that choice between learning this Force and the survival of your people, which would you choose?" It was clear, if Pim reached out to his emotions, that Vox was passionate of his own tribe. He didn't come all this way to choose between one or the other. And though the Trandoshans as a whole
  2. Vox walked along with Pim, taking the hand gestures a moment ago as a sign to leave. It must have been that important for Vos and the older woman to speak alone. Perhaps she was his master? Or maybe an employer or fellow comrade? Despite that, Vox's attention turned to Pim who asked him the million coin-question. Nevermind his stomach was punching at him which he subconsciously ignored. Juggling between what answer to give, the Chieftain finally responded with a more appropriate answer that he'd give any stranger, "Your Empire found us. We were stranded, and we made a deal. Though my people are not bound to them, we are to help with your war efforts until I have found a suitable home for my tribe." Going into detail would boil his blood so Vox didn't bother going into it. With the tone of his voice it was clear that what he said at its end was all he was going to tell. He could talk about his tribe all day, but not the events that unfolded these past few moons... No, that was devolve into silence on his end, and he'd rather be on good if not decent terms with these people. But there were no telling how curious the girl was, in truth Vox was almost hoping she'd ask the right questions. With a sigh, he continued, "I am the Chieftain of the Nudono Tribe, warriors who fight for heart and home. Though home is but a distant memory, one day, I will return to liberate my people and take them elsewhere. That Empire, the one who helped us, is supposed to be helping us find a new plain to settle, however no one has returned to us with anything. So, I am hoping my more... Technological warrior can find something. For now, we rest for the next mission. Already we have been involved in three back to back, the first was liberating someplace called Hannah, the next, my crew of four stole two ships from the Black Cloak- or the Sith as you call them. However the last we boarded a vessel, I lost my blade." Vox went into slight detail, and the fact he could later go on to take his people's weapon made his spine shiver. Not in fear or regret, but in excitement. It truly was excitable to match against another of those Sith, no matter how outmatched he was, Vox; like the rest of his people were bred for war.
  3. Witnessing the three Jedi Masters allowed Vox to see just what kind of skillset they had. To say he wasn't in awe would be a fools choice of words, and to say he wasn't impressed to a great degree was his own foolishness. The truth of it was Vox had seen even his own perform unique and dexterous maneuvers that would put a swordsman to shame, but this trio... They were beyond that level. There was nothing, not even the Nudono Chieftains of pasts, that could compare to these masters. Albeit Vox didn't have the awestruck expression more so a focused one, he was wordless of this sparring session. However it ended, the chieftain sighing finally when they disengaged and one stood, "Victor," over the other pair. He was disappointed that the fight didn't last long but was relieved to have witnessed such intricate styles of fighting. He also noticed how the sword-play changed from offensive forms to defensive, being a swordsman himself, Vox noticed that small tidbit. It was nice knowing the Trandoshan was not dealing with simple experts not amateurs, he was dealing with masters of their arts. "That was... Something." Vox finally replied to the woman, unsure with how to describe such art. And to him in finalized words, that's what he witnessed, art.
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C_fG0R7W96CyaxbLRnNqGOS-eLBYukqB2Ydng_3W1ko/edit?usp=drivesdk From his standpoint Vox began to understand more about this power. He didn't know whether he could access it again as Pim explained to him what an ability through this Force could be. Anc if he could detect life that would mean he could sense the presence of Vos approaching. And whoever else happened to accompany him. As Pim walked away to the glass, Vox hadn't seen any doors open just yet. He was curious as to who else was coming along. He quickly collected his thoughts and watched as one of the doors suddenly opened. Walking in were three individuals, Vos himself, a woman and... a beast? Though the creature was garbed, Vox was surprised that other creatures like himself, and the Nudono War Pack, existed here. Vox watched intently, everything blurred out as his focus became the room before the pair.
  5. "That's it?" Vox asked out loud, a bit incredulous about the explanation. He had faith in Divine, his medications and visions guided him here... To something not combat related. To something even otherworldly to the off-world Trandoshan. He sighed and did as told. The Chieftain relaxed, doing the exact same thing in meditation. Relax, push all dark and negative thought away. Let Divines touch flow through you, and allow it to grasp body, mind, and soul. The Trandoshan eased himself and closed his eyes, slowed his breathing and focused, letting go the tension he had felt and currently feels. He could feel everything flow away, and another feeling, a great calmness snake in. After a minute of this, Vox's focus became more refined as he tried to ''feel' around him. Almost like an answer, Vox could... Sense something. An outline in the dark, a presence he'd never felt before. Excitable. It was the girl. Vic could somehow... Feel? Sense? Whatever it was, it was like he could see her emotion. And it was almost like an outline of color indeed. Vox then said quietly, keeping the focus and eyes closed, "You have a lot of energy..."
  6. The Trandoshan listened, and that was when the woman, "Pim," confirmed that he would outclass her easily. He was disappointed but didn't show as that would simply be too disrespectful. He could leave now, however something told him to stay and see what else there was. Then the Zabrak female openly stated something else, allowing the orbs to hover. That was something that caught Vox's attention, whatever sorcery it was, he felt attracted to it, almost like a beckoning call. "Very well then," Vox replied, nodding more confidently than he actually felt, "I will learn this... Way."
  7. Vox listened intently, clearly his full attention now on the pair and not just the Master Jedi. He noticed a very obvious thing upon the man, Vos, that his eyes were wrapped in cloth. If Vox didn't know any better he would assume that the man was blind, and yet he performed beyond what the Trandoshan had ever seen. No, he couldn't be blind lest that mans senses were heightened to some extremes... These people were strange indeed. The Trandoshan nodded as the orbs left his palms, his hands now falling to his sides. He accepted the thanks, no words needed for it however an odd silence befell upon the trio until moments later the doors opened with a hiss. A blue skinned man walked in, surveying the area then to the three, his red eyes falling on Vos, the Master Jedi. He spoke for some meeting with other masters as well, no patakhans or whatever those were. And then Vox realized the man must have meant trainees, recruits, or apprentices. That also meant strangers like himself. As the older pair left, Vox watched as the doors closed again then turned to the young woman's words. Vox simply hummed in agreement, not much else to say, and clearly her excitement was what he could best remember the girl as. Excited and young. The armored Trandoshan then raised a scaly brow and replied, "What kind of spar? There are not a lot of light weapons I can use without breaking them." Vox's warning was of his strength. He'd practice with wooden sticks when he was a child, and always going hard, he was notorious for snapping them in half. That was when his mentors gave him metal of some sorts, weak but strong enough to handle such abuse.
  8. The doors opened and closed behind the Trandoshan, the room itself barely dim and all he could see were a silhouette of the same female. At least, as he perceived it, she quickly spoke in a quieted tone for him to join her. In the area was various other rooms; the pair were in an observation deck of sorts clearly for viewing, separate from the training rooms ahead. He did as suggested, or rather told, and quietly made his way to the female. Unlike her, Vox still held the orbs in either hand and did not do anything to conceal himself. Originally he was wanting to return the items and leave, go to his temporary home and discard the saber-damaged armor so it can be repaired, and so he can rest. Vox's attention was on another individual in the center of one of the rooms, he could hardly see the person in its center, but clearly he held a weapon of sorts. A stick? No, a staff of some kind. A resting stick, as his tribes Elders called it, clearly used for older aged folk or those with bad or injured legs. His arm seemed to be restrained as well, possibly broken or simply damaged enough he couldn't use it properly. There was a feeling of respect toward the man, those mechanical contraptions surrounding him, training clearly and that's what Vox liked. No rest for the wicked, he thought. Then the chaos ensued when from his simple nod, automotons began to attack him. Vox was ready to see a man struggle, instead was taken aback by the sheer skill and acrobats the person presented. For someone crippled they actually managed to amaze the Chieftain, he'd seen his father, when he was but a boy Paradox would frequent in training sessions to both improve the honor guards he faced and himself. But even then, Paradox would most likely have nothing compared to the feats this man displayed. To witness such a thing must have been no coincidence, between the girl bumping into to him and the journey he's undergone. The training session ended when the individual struck the final droid, a matter of moments. Vox was impressed, not even the finest of warriors in the War Pack were that talented, and they were trained in various weapons and hand arts! The cane flew to the man's hand and he leapt up, catching the Trandoshan by surprise. These were odd people indeed, what abilities they had, he'd never seen anything like it. Jedi. A word and name he still needed to learn about, and not some short description. The man spoke and Vox merely nodded, curious as to how he could see through the blindfold on his face. Oh well, it hasn't been exactly a normal set of weeks. Vox didn't regard the woman though, clearly his attention on the man in front, he spoke in Common Trandoshan, "It is an honor, then, to meet a talented warrior as yourself, and your apprentice, Master Jedi Vos." Vox replied in pleasantries, and though he could understand the Common tongue, he couldn't speak it. Nudono and Trandoshan were the only two languages he spoke, and not simply because of ignorance but rather the lack of time and teachers to teach him. Vox went silent for seconds before remembering the point of his coming, "I believe your apprentice dropped these," He presented the black and rose quartz orbs, "I would think they are of value."
  9. A young woman was all he heard, then saw, Vox felt the bump of something as she raced past his vision. Several orbs were dropped from her grasp, then Vox had seen one of the three that somehow managed to land in his grasp launch from him. She apologized as she foolishly hurried down the hall with three of the spheres hovering around her, oblivious to the fact she dropped two and left them. Vox stood there, unsure of how to handle the situation before shaking his head. It didn't occured to him that the spheres were floating until it clicked in his head seconds later. "Are... Do... Can others around here levitate objects like that? What was that witchcraft?" The Chieftain asked the fellow Jedi, confused and curious about such an ability. These people were strange, far more mysterious than that, he thought. Vox's attention was dragged downward where he saw two of the spheres left behind; the first was of finely polished black, and the other was a beautiful rose quartz. To him they looked like glass but was amazed these orbs didn't crack at all. Perhaps they were made of strong crystal? He shook the question away as the next thought, more a feeling, came to him. You should return the items, Vox felt. And mindlessly he did, he picked the orbs up and held both in each armored hand with the goal of returning them... Though the Trandoshan didn't know where the woman went. Vox looked to the female Jedi beside and said, "I... Think I should return these." The Chieftain didn't know why, the push to return the items clung to him worse than a leech. Normally he didn't care for such things and he was not that considerate to doing such things toward stranger. But he felt the urge to help instead of minding his business. Perhaps he was growing soft these days? Being around these people, the tiredness he felt and the constant reminder that he's one of the last of his kind amongst a great deal of other things. It wore him down, and the entire time Vox had been pushing his emotions away from it all, keeping one goal in mind. "Find a new planet from this accursed conflict, and save your people." That mission was now a stain in his mind. The only real reason he joined these strangers was for them to help him, and vice versa. Though selfish, Vox couldn't let go of his own past nor embrace it at the same time, he simply dealt with it and would decide later to fight his own demons. If he wasn't already. What would his father, Paradox XII think of him now? What if he was too late in saving his tribe and Atrinox, Vox's twin, escaped his fate? Time could only tell that truth. In an instant, Vox began to walk in the direction of where the woman took off in. Not sure why, he only felt the need to return the items. Something guided him, urging him forward every step of the way, unknowingly his own ficus blocking most the hearing from outside. All he heard was the blood rushing in his head, a pulsating of constant flow that seemed to fill his vacant mind. Vox was conscious, however seemed to be in a world of his own as he gripped the orbs with iron hands. Minutes passed, though it seemed like seconds to him, until approaching upon a door, and there he felt it. He felt if he went through that door more burdens would build upon his shoulders, in there, his fate would seal... Yet in there, he would be free. There was no generality to what, "Free," meant, only he'd be free. It could have been now, soon, later or even when he fell to an enemies edge of a blade. And there he saw it. Vox entered through the tent flaps of the Chieftains abode, an organization of scrolls and different trophies of hunts and fallen victims and opponents. Every achievement the Nudono Tribe's Chieftain had ever gained would be here, yet most of it were burnt away by the sick, old, and prideful Paradox XII. His father, his mentor, his friend, something his brother Atrinox never understood. That night he entered the tent alone, Vox closed the flaps and walked over to his father's form, the same one that had grown thinner and weaker each passing day, the same one that had defended and lead the Nudono tribe for so long. Vox knelt down on both knees, looking down at the hard and slow breathing Paradox. He had been summoned, for what purpose, he didn't know why, but perhaps his father needed to speak about the recent surge in Slavers, his recent defiance to Atrinox's command who happened to be the left hand at the time, taking control while his own father was passing. Both brothers knew Paradox wouldn't live for very long, and Atrinox couldn't bear to look at his dying father, Vox however would come to comfort him, talking and doing as he asked. Paradox XII was decaying, and Vox felt it. "My son..." The ill Chieftain began, his grey eyes slowly shifting to his son, the leader of the War Pack, "You look weary... And you sad... Why?" Vox swallowed hard, fighting back the emotions he'd long harbored since his father had fallen. He steadied himself and focused, he was speaking with the Chieftain, "Our efforts are being doubled. Atrinox calms and lead our people while I route our enemy and lead our forces. It has been a long eight moons, we've had little rest but successfully driven back the outsiders." Paradox fell silent looking up and down Vox's form slowly, almost as if thinking before changing the subject, his eyes settling on his son's, "You know... I have never given too much thought of... Of how-" Paradox coughed violently before settling again, "How much your mother would have loved you. And your brother. I know I was not the best of parents, I threw you to the War Pack and... Groomed your brother for my position. Oh, how your mother would have been proud of you..." Paradox fell silent again, but before Vox could utter another word, the chieftain spoke, "Vox... I've committed atrocities... Miracles... All in the name of protecting our people. I love my people, from the men to the women and children, I love my land and our gods... And I love my son's, and how you have grown into fine warriors. There is... A reason I've asked you to come here, just you..." By this point, Vox was about to loose the threatening tears. He couldn't hold in his grief any longer than he could look at his father. He unintentionally looked away, shamed he wasn't strong enough to hold back his tears, ashamed he was losing composure. Vox shook his head, squeezing his eyes closed until he felt a familiar yet lost hand touching his cheek. His eyes opened, tears streaming down yet Paradox's hands were to his side. The touch was... the thought filled his head immediately, the touch he was familiar with but he couldn't place who's it was. "My son... Since you were a child I've watched you carefully. I have tried to bond with Atrinox but he... He has gone down a path you cannot follow... A path that leads to only an abyss... I've felt it through the divine. Vox, my only reason for you being here is to listen to my final and only wish... I want you... You to... Set our people free of the bonds of this tribe..." "Set us free... Of the bonds that binds this land... That strickens our people... That blinds your brother... Set us free..." Vox blinked, and there he was, clad in the Pact Armor, holding the two orbs in his gloved and armored palms. He realized a tear was rolling down his left cheek, the same one that familiar touch lingered even after the various weeks he spent away. Even since that day, that touch his vacant yet still there. And Vox was reminded of why he was here, for his people, and to free them of the shackles that bound them to their world. That bound them to the fate set upon them by Atrinox and Paradox. Steadying himself, Vox wiped away the tear, and taking a deep breath he could feel the exhaustion as it caught up to his mind. Vox would enter through those doors, and begin the chain of events that would free him. Events that would lead him to free his people and his brother.
  10. Vox gazed around aimlessly as he strode just behind the Jedi, taking in every single sight, sound, and every word and advertisement he was looking at. These people were beyond his own advancements, his own people's beliefs and understanding of technology were different. They were primitive compared to this great city and it's vices and wonders, but Vox didn't envy them one bit. Ae society like this was not what he aimed for. They covered the earth with roads and massive buildings, they had flying personal ships above and the smells of the city he didn't like one bit. Vox understood why they were kept to one spot as this planet, these people and their daily ways of living were too much for the Nudono to comprehend. And he'd rather keep his people to simple living than any of this. Slowly as he remained on the planet Vox's amusement and curiosity began to decay, he'd need time and someone to help him understand all the complexities. That and the fact there weren't any of his people, and it made him feel anxious to get this ordeal over with and meditate back at the building the War Pack called, "Home." The Jedi caught his attention as they approached a massive complex, stepping off the stairs that lead from one end to the next, Vox's gaze seemed to direct toward a metal building of sorts. Their home, these Jedi, was unlike many of the other buildings but he cared less for it. It was the people he wanted to know, not a large slab of iron. He began to walk up the long flight of stairs and when the question from the woman came, he hesitated, but his harsh eyes td otherwise. 'My Life?' Vox thought, the many images running through his head. He remembered the burning smell of Ivoran bark and the roasting of Tikkik birds, Vox remembered the fresh lush air he breathed and the younger life he lead playing with friends and communing with the Chieftain, his father, as a child. Vox decided he'd then become a hunter, but his skills allowed him in as part of the War Pack. Military training hardened the young lad into a vicious, honorable, and respectable young Trandoshan, and he'd learned patience and various life lessons. Vox Bloodstorm, a prodigy any patent would be honored of having, had lead a simple yet good life this far. He fought through the ranks until he eventually became the Alpha of the War Pack, and it were the memories and responsibilities, the hardships and love for his tribe that drove him to greater heights. It wasn't just Vox that made him who he is now, it wasn't his father either who always treated the young man as a friend and a true son; it was the tribe and it's people, it's principles and ways of life, the very thing he made an oath to protect and preserve at any cost. And in doing this, it seemed he felt this was the right decision to make. "I suppose I come from where all Trandoshans come from," Vox replied in Common Trandoshan, "And as for me, my life will not be an easy one. I only joined your forces because one of your kind offered to me find my people a new home; away from the etches and wildfires of this war. In return, my War Pack would be heavily involved between the affairs of the Alliance and the Black Cloaks." Vox stopped himself before correcting, "The "Sith" as you call them. They were responsible for the death of many in my tribe, hundreds, with only seven of us left. I know more of my people are back home, under the rule of another if they are still alive. One day, once I'm ready to face him, I will return for the remainder of my people. For now, my efforts are getting reputation within your people's ranks, so that when the day comes, I can take the tribe from the cold grip of despair." The Chieftain would have said more, but he hardly knew this woman. He was anything but false and dishonest, and no matter how much it hurt he wouldn't lie about anything. At least not to an ally. It was clear Vox's goal was realized, and if one could feel it, the determination and the grip of this goal was as hard as metal. Unbendable, incorruptible, unbreakable. There would be nothing to stand in his way, not matter if it was good or evil, no matter if it meant life or death, his life was forfeit for his tribe, and no one will say otherwise.
  11. --Continuing off Bar Shaddaa-- The Trandoshan eased just a tad bit as the woman spoke, however it was a far cry from comfort. Trust and words only went do far, yet he was desperate enough to do whatever it took. He glanced at the woman again as she snapped the device and walked onward to an unknown destination. Assuming she was taking Vox to their leaders, he put that little trust on her to do as she said she would. Once she waved a group on over, not seeing the woman waved her hand, Vox tensed up. They scurried over and he was ready to defend himself when the woman decidingely introduced them as her pilot squad. Normally, if a Trandoshan wanted to introduce someone to a guest they'd take the guest over to the individuals. Not have them horde over to the guest, that meant a fight was happening. Or worse. Shaking the thought from his head, Vox listened to the woman but remained silent, clearly not wanting to give his name out. Finally, though, he spoke, "Chieftain." Though seen as petty or arrogant, if the Chieftain wanted his name known he'd tell it. It was like that with all individuals unfamiliar with the Nudono tribespeople, names are rewarded or given out of respect, they were given properly in the way one would ask for each other's names. She didn't give hers, so Vox returned that favor. Though he most likely didn't want to know her name, "Stranger," Was more akin to what he'd likely call her. Vox followed them, half listening and minding himself, he couldn't help but look around. Everything was... Too advanced. They covered the land with spans upon miles of cityscape, there weren't any trees or forests nearby, and there was too much of that foreign music he's grown to loath so far. Especially a preppy song that was recently popular, by these people's standards. It was a city after all, but Vox didn't expect anything like this. When he first arrived he was amazed at such sights, but when he rebuilds his tribe it would be nothing compared to this. He'd rather his people be with nature, not with whatever these profaned things were. But it didn't surprise the Trandoshan one bit. His entire village only had several thousand of the Nudono, their housings were huddled but they allowed nature to take it over. Vines, moss and berry bushes were allowed, however everything else such as weeds and tall grass were trimmed so they weren't in too much a, "Primitive," state... Whatever that meant. They used healing remedies from the earth, their buildings built of stone and clay, and they frequent in the worships and thanks from their gods after a celebration, successful hunt, or even for another day to live. Days back then were simple, they didn't have to worry about falling numbers, invading Slavers, the Nudono didn't have to run from their home and die on an ice planet. It was still a burden on Vox's shoulders, and every time he would think there was a break the memory still burned in his skull. Defeat and sorrow was all he felt since then, happiness returned but slowly. He had friends that died that day, families that if not dead on the impact they fell to either their wounds or the cold. And it will always stick with him, even after he gets the tribe settled anew that day would never fade. It would be arrogance if it did.
  12. Vox

    Nar Shaddaa

    Vox juggled the words in his mind. Something urged him to go, strongly yet nothing forced. The Force, something he'd heard of for first time and was curious of it. But his eyes narrowed as soon as the woman said Sith. Black Cloaks, Sith, the memory came crashing hard when his ship crashed on that ice world. All because of what? Power? A small stolen ship that was to be scrapped anyhow? It was a petty reason to kill, and Vox felt let me shouldn't be taken without a just cause or proper purpose. The only reason he agrees to help these people was to make sure his own were safe, and already half the War Pack were bruised and beaten and tired Vox thought on what the woman said, he was willing to do whatever to gain the strength needed for his people, and though he would never admit it Vox was desperate for any help. His head wavered just barely in thought before stating, "As long as it gives more more information on how to defeat these Black Cloaks, or Sith as you call them, then so be it."
  13. Vox

    Nar Shaddaa

    Raising a scaly brow, Vox listened as the woman spoke. She clearly didn't understand basic Trandoshan but he could understand Common. When he saw her tapping something on a data pad his glance became a curious one. What she was doing intrigued him, maybe recording his appearance? Perhaps he won something, or maybe Romulus, bless his heart, stuck to his old ways and stole an item. A moment later he heard a harsh toned woman's in his species common language and was handed the pad. Vox almost seemed list for a moment before realizing the key pad had Trandoshan alphabet on it. She couldn't speak his language, so she used the device for translation from speaking to hearing. He input the the words on the data pad, however his armored and meaty fingers proved that difficult. Handing the pad back, Vox spike what was written on the pad, unsure how to get it to translate what he had wrote. "I will come only if you'll tell me of this Order." Vox's reply, both typed and spoken, clearly had skepticism. And then it began to come back, what Chaox said about these rumors spreading about the chieftain. He said it started with a jay, and Vox couldn't help but feel it was the word Jedi. However he brushed it aside, it could have been a different word altogether or maybe that was it. His focus was on the woman though, and he'd figured his answers would come later.
  14. Vox

    Nar Shaddaa

    Something shot through his body, almost like a jolt of energy that nearly made him jump. Vox began to question if he'd taken more damage than he thought until he picked up a hollar. He turned out of the doorway and looked around, seeing various strangers walk about until he noticed an individual waving a gloved hand back and forth. Vox squinted to see it was one of those Humans, one in uniform he could add who seemed a bit excited. The Chieftain looked around again but when no one in particular approached her, he'd assumed she was talking to him. Stepping out of the building, his Puncture latched onto the back of his armor and a Spiker to the side, he strode toward her. The closer Vox got the better he could see her, and the smaller she appeared. Then again, compared to an armored Trandoshan many were in fact smaller than him. He stopped three feet when he realized something latched onto her hip. It was one of the blades, much like with what that Sith had, however the detail a bit different. Growing suspicious, something told Vox to ease his mind but he wasn't having any of it, despite the tug of calmness, he was a stubborn lizard at best. "Something I can help you with?" Vox asked skeptically in Common Trandoshan, keeping a good distance. He wasn't sure if this stranger was an assailant, he wasn't sure if she'd been an ally, but regardless he wanted to be careful. After all, Vox didn't have his glaive, and it left him feeling a tad vulnerable.
  15. Vox

    Nar Shaddaa

    Processing and regrouping wasn't difficult at all. It wasn't agitation nor impatience that struck the horde of four Trandoshans, instead, it was relief that they would be sent to Nar Shaddaa for a little, "R&R," as the trooper told them aboard a vessel. Whatever that meant. The entire time Vox kept his trap clamped shut, Equinox using alcohol pads and some sort of healing remedy to patch up his wounds. Most would go away, but the slice across his face was still burning and eventually be a permanent scar. Equinox, bless his soul, did nothing to help the pain when he quietly nagged and nipped at his eldest brother. "I told you, never fight alone, and what happens?" Or, "Quit moving! These may be burns but they can still get infected by bacteria! Last thing we need is for you to get sick!" Sentences and jabs seemed to aggrivate Vox in a special way, moving on purpose or faking a cough, jesting to his younger brother just enough to piss him off, but nothing to send him over the edge. "By gods, mother!" Chaox said across from the two, leaning against a strut with his arms crossed, "Leave him alone, it's bad enough he was defeated by that Black Cloak. He doesn't need to be treated like a hatchling!" Equinox turned his head and said, "Hush it, or you're next!" "That's enough Equinox." Vox said quietly, but the low rumble of his tone spoke of warning. The larger twin stood and put away a medical kit given to him, huffing as he sat down next to the leaning Chaox. It was true, Vox had lost to one of those "Sith," but maybe it was what he needed? A chance to see how they fight, what it would be like, and to his surprise he went toe to toe with one. Alas, Vox made a stupid move and it cost him his glaive. And maybe some pride, but still, he was on a ground just slightly below the Sith, and to live to tell the tale was something much more. Wounded and surviving soldiers spoke in hushed tones, every now and again looking toward the Trandoshans direction but quickly averting their eyes. It gave Chaox an annoyed look, the chin of his helmet resting just above his eyes. Rylast and Equinox made small talk whilst looking over their weapons and how much ammunition they had left, and Vox couldn't help but meet Chaox's gaze when the younger brother looked over. Vox sighed and shook his head, then waved off his brother. With a grin, Chaox took off his helm fully and set it on a seat, walking toward the small group of soldiers. It remained quiet for a few more hours before Vox felt the jerk of the ship. The main doors opened and Chaox found his way over to the three other warriors, grabbing his helmet and slipping it on where it rested just above his eyes. As they grabbed their luggage, the Chieftain asked, "Do I want to know?" Chaox smiled and shrugged as he hefted his Puncture, "I'll tell you later." _____________ After they exited the landing area, the quad of reptilians walked in complete silence either deep in thought or waiting to wash up and rest. While Vox didn't have much for sleep he was all too awake to even close his eyes. One day, he thought, one day he'd retrieve his glaive. Only now he needed a new weapon to combat the Sith, maybe forging a sword this time, training with more dexterity and balance while keeping his emotions hinged. That day was a long ways from here, and now he needed to assess any damage and lost equipment. Once they arrived at their "home" Chaox stopped Box just before they entered the two story building. He waited until Equinox and Rylast were inside and fir the door to close shut to speak" Rumors are going around about us Vox." "By gods," Vox sighed. Well, it was better to be called weak than be dead on that ship, "Do I even need to know?" "Oh," Chaox corrected, his brothers tone catching him off guard, "It's nothing bad! It's actually good!" Vox craned a scaly brow and said, "Continue?" Chaox cleared his throat, trying to find the words to say what cane next, "Apparently half those squads... Well less than half, witnessed your battle with the Black Cloak. I "interrogated" them a little for more information, and it turns out they kept calling you... Um... Something with a J, I don't know what the word was. But anyway, they were surprised you went one on one, blow for blow with that witch. So... You can find victory in your loss... I guess. But if we keep this up we could build a good reputation Vox!" Vox shook his head, he couldn't contain the smile across his face, "Well, like you said, a victory in a defeat. This only gives us time to recover and decide a strategy on hunting us a Black Cloak, maybe Romulus can think of something. For now, rest brother, there is still a lot of work to do." The younger twin nodded before entering the house, the door sliding shut behind him. With a huff, Vox merely stood at the door, his thoughts running amok. His mind took him back to when his father, Paradox, died, and Atrinox quickly took over. They were both gifted with Divines word, yet his own twin brother denied the guidance, instead opting for his own path. Divine however guided Vox to defend his people, he was foresaw the exile, hijacked a ship in which he was guided to follow a specific route. Those that followed died when crashing on the ice world, and hijacked yet another ship. They were then founded by the Alliance, or it's Empire rather. But why? Why here of all places? The sky reaching towers of bustling flying cars, the busy streets, flashing lights, none of it were natural. The mental question came with no answer, and Vox pushed it away. Maybe he was insane, maybe he had a brain eating virus, maybe... Nothing. Maybe it was just his own subconsciounce, or, maybe Divine really did guide him the right direction... But if so, where were the answers? He shook his head once more as he began to enter the building.
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