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  1. Mon Mothma too; interesting. I'm not being as strict about spoilers with this movie as I was with "The Force Awakens" or will be with the rest in that trilogy, but I am avoiding the trailer and pictures. I did catch a glimpse of a couple of trailer images, so it looks like they actually will show the Death Star. I'm curious as to how this will be advertised, if it will confuse people and if people will care about the Saga storyline.
  2. I wonder how much communication there was about plot details between the TFA and Rogue One productions. Would there be a Rogue One focusing on the Death Star plans if there had been knowledge of a Death Star kind of device in TFA?
  3. Wow, no one is posting about this movie here. I saw this twice, 3D and 2D. I haven't seen something twice in the theater in a few years and haven't seen something that I really liked in the theater in a lot longer time. I got over the craving to see it again in theaters, for now, but can't wait to have it on video.
  4. I've figured this for years, and it was MySpace first. Facebook though, with everyone using real names and attaching their faces, has ruined the comfort and freedom that was anonymity in socializing on the internet. In a way that has made people more artificial while narcissistic. Still, bigger sites continue to thrive and people still post in forums. This site does not because of changes and a lack of upgrading.
  5. DVDs look like arse on my Plasma, otherwise I'd probably do the same, though it may take a while for this one to reach Netflix. I get Blu Ray discs from Netflix. The DVDs still look alright, but they seemed to look better through my DVD player than through my Blu Ray player. Anyway, I saw this recently and kind of liked it. It's not what was expected, and was helped by some fun really nice-looking action sequences. The story angle was interesting, linking April O'Neil to the turtles.
  6. I guess I come here often enough for this site to come up when I start to type "jedi.net" in the address bar, or something.
  7. Ah, nice move there to keep the Episode number out of the materials, just like the original films, although it will be in the film's crawl. I've trained myself to avoid mentions of STAR WARS in the "trending" section of that particular stupid website, but I noticed this and that's all I've read. Intriguing... and I must not read any speculations or anything on that. Crap, the sooner a trailer is released the sooner I'll stop going to the movies altogether until this to avoid a trailer. I'd really like to see Jurassic World.
  8. The original tells the whole story too. I don't get these remakes that are completely pointless. Knowing about this movie, we're just sitting there waiting for the end thing to happen. It wasn't even creepy like in the original.
  9. I'm starting to get a little interested in finally trying to watch an episode of this show.
  10. A lot of the stuff I made in the first few years of using this site (the active Prequel era), or that site, whatever were rather lengthy and ran the gamut of babbling too much to bashing people. Ah I kind of miss perceiving this as The Place to Be, back when it was my homepage. This was the first messageboard I used.
  11. Looks like the same angle used in Transformers. "Verdict: Wait for it at a budget theater or redbox. Buy it on sale for $10 in a few months." Ha, I barely pay that for movies I like anymore. I'll wait for it to pop up in Netflix queue or pick it up from the library when the summer stuff starts making its way to video. Reviews, good or bad, make me equally curious.
  12. I've come to realize I don't care about the sequel and will indifferently look at spoiler information as it comes out, before ultimately seeing it on disc.
  13. People criticizing these choices based on the movies they've done, most specifically Johnson's Looper, are missing what direction really means. It's not about subject matter but the filming style and combination of all the other elements like art direction, shot composition, editing, use of tension and all that.
  14. I'm going to guess there is already set to be a lot of doubles filming or just shots not involving much action. Still, he needs to walk. It's a strange and almost embarrassing thing to happen; a lot of naysayers or others not so negative ponder if the principals are too old and then he gets hurt.
  15. I was just thinking about this earlier today: This site needs more topics posted. In an active messageboard, multiple topics can sometimes be annoying but this site has a lot less activity for several obvious reasons. Still, perhaps existing members and non-members would be more inspired to participate (including me) when seeing the topic title of a new discussion. People are more likely to reply than to post new topics. A good example of this is the "Episode VII" forum. Most of the news is being compiled into one "Official Episode VII Topic" thread. There's no intrigue when looking at that. Seeing topics like "how did Porkins die?" helped inspire me to sign up and post.
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