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On the Bounty Hunter's Network appeared a contract from Black Sun.


Bounty Contract


Renda bears : 5,000 Credits each (Ideally, 4 total)


Ironwithe : 500 Credits per plant intact (Ideally 20 Plants.)


Chemical Test : 2,000 Credits (To be picked up at Ord Mantell beforehand)


Surveillance Equipment : 5,000 Credits (To be picked up at Ord Mantell beforehand)


Total : 37,000 Credits


Destroy all evidence Bonus : 15,000 Credits


Total 52,000 Credits.


Must be delivered to Ord Mantell within 12-16 standard rotations. Payment will be given up tasks finished.


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<< The message's contact is heavily encrypted. The message is passed through open enough channels that most that know what to look for will find the information >>


Looking for a discrete load to be transported? I’m your guy.


Legitimate business, or under the table deals are both welcome.


Please no:

Livestock (Unless you bring your own crew to haul and care for em’)

Passengers (Too many unknowns)


Just forward the details through an encrypted channel to this number:


3344 - 73821 - 8675309 - 2214 - 000


Feel free to contact me by Discord/PM/Email or, on Facebook

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A short message circulates into the greater Holonet without any attempt at inscription. Large blocky letters in standard print cover the add, no extra detail or ornament added save the symbol of Imperial Remnant. Translations from galactic basic into the other major languages stream slightly below.






A New and Improved Method For Any Seeking Information About the Imperial Remnant


The New Imperial Information Hotline is your go-to method for learning about the Imperial Remnant. No longer do you need to search through forgotten data archives or scroll through dozens of tabloids looking for the facts, the Imperial Information Hotline is now ready for all requests. Whether your request is as simple as wishing to join the Imperial Legions or immigration methods, or as specialized as the current location of the Empress, we process and respond to all queries. For general requests, please post on this forum. For all specialty questions, please contact Captain Abraxas of the Imperial Guard at his work comm, (and no, asking where your tax credits are going is not a specialty question).


*Calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

**Please do not post reviews based on the nature of the information you may receive.

***If the question involves sensitive matters, Imperial Special Projects may get in touch with you.

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Many days had passed since Kain had escaped what was intended to be his tomb. The Empire (that is, the Empire that was when he was designed) didn't like their creations going rogue, and had contingency plans in place to destroy what they couldn't control. The nature of his return after a cascading deletion was of the nature that the lab had initiated a fail safe, detonating many thermal charges in an attempt to completely scuttle the lab and anything inside it.


But the Empire truly created something beautiful when the AVATAR AIs were developed, and Kain was less a physical being and more an amalgamation of information. True, he did require a physical host to reside in and enact his will from, but he was capable of modularly trading that around like a child's play set. It was a simple feat to transmit himself even as the charges detonated, leaving behind his birthplace and grave like a ghoul rising to terrorize an unsuspecting township. He found his home in varied holonet servers, quietly passing off segments of his code as trash data in spaces of old hard drives that hadn't been maintained in years, piggybacking relevant information off the transmissions that relayed through the holonet nodes. Redundant systems were put in place so that if one segment were deleted, one of dozens would take its place. He was a networked virus, a being greater than the mere sum of his parts. All of this took some time, and while it was Kain, a different version was compiled to act as the main proxy, capable of much faster processing and action than what the holonet iteration offered.


Gears began to turn to the tune of the dirge that Kain composed, the beautiful melody that would see the galaxy in flames. First, he would turn his attention to Talus...


Like my posts? Google "zalgo font."

If you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, have some taste.
Use all your well-learned politics, or I'll lay your soul to waste.



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On the Bounty Hunter's Network appeared a contract from Black Sun.


Contract Offered


Core Overload : 15,000 Credits


Cyanogen silicate (8 canisters) : 9,000 Credits


Chromyl chloride (8 canisters) : 9,000 Credits


Masrizeen (8 canisters) : 9,000 Credits


Total : 42,000 Credits


Location: Mon Cala

Morjanssik in high security area for Core Overload. Canisters will be located in main Medical House downtown.


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On the Bounty Hunter's Network appeared a contract from Black Sun.


Contracts Offered


Espionage Specialist Needed : 20,000 Credits


Sabotage Specialist Needed : 30,000 Credits


Hacker Specialist Needed : 25,000 Credits



Contact Zalis Krales for details, or visit Ord Mantell for full contract.


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Media channels across the galaxy are dominated by increasingly alarming reports from Coruscant...


"...and we are told that the moon is on a direct collision course with the city-planet..."


"...could mean the end of this ecumenopolis, which has been the seat of galactic goverment and culture for millenia..."


"...according to some reports, the cause of this catastrophe is the infamous Vladimir Faust, long since believed dead...Others are blaming this crisis on a Sith attack, while still others blame the Galactic Alliance..."


"...In this time of crisis, we have seen beings going to extraordinary lengths to help their neighbors evacuate the city-planet..."


"...refugees already streaming to other Core Worlds and beyond. The Senator from Bakura said that her planet is already experiencing an influx of more refugees than her planet can handle..."


"...reports of mass chaos in the streets as the moon looms ever larger in the sky. The planet itself is experiencing massive tidal forces, resulting in ground quakes and..."


But the common thread throughout all the reports was a repeated warning: If you were on Coruscant, you needed to get off world NOW.

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Across the cosmos, along the wireless connections that zigged and zagged across all of known and some of unknown space, echoed a silent signal, unencrypted and unadulterated in its purity. The intent was as clear as the message was short. In almost completely universal binary or droid speak came two words and a set of coordinates for the planet Mechis III. This message; however, was not directed towards all. Instead, it was directed towards select individuals identified by the source as those mechanized beings that might find understanding.


These words:



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The screen on the holonet transceiver tuned to bounty hunting frequencies flashed a solid gold, indicating a high level posting.  



The Black Sun in all of its wisdom have decided to enter a bounty on all heads of state of the old Imperial Remnant and the Galactic Alliance. 


The AI voice indicates that should the contracts be accepted there would be three levels to the bounty. and they would be completed in whatever order of choosing. Completion of all three bounties would give a custom built ship and three million credits. Plus whatever was picked up or scavenged on the way.

The first bounty:




Fleet Officer Kyle Sirctani

Imperial Remnant 

Last seen fleeing to the occupied world of Carida. Believed to be hiding under the alias Bashir Al Huadi in the market sector



The second Bounty:




Moff Altrinon

Imperial Remnant 

Last seen enroute to the outer rim. More information can be found in the cantinas of Tatooine and Naboo



The Third Bounty




Senator Godfrey D'Outremer

Galactic Alliance

Last seen on Chandrilla



As always

Happy Hunting


Commander - Darkhand Brigade - Sith Empire

Blood Prince

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We interrupt your programing for this special bulletin report.


We have received word that the popular bank, Dark Sun has been destroyed by terrorist, leaving many companies in a massive credit loss. Companies such as HyperTech, HealthiDrive and the famous Incom Corporation are now in deep financial distress. The entire bank held close to 528 trillion credits, all of which were tied to major companies, along with investments that make the loss of the station just under 1,000 trillion credits. Surprisingly, while the owner of the station is the famous Zalis Krales, who has many ties with Black Sun and other corporations was the sole owner of the bank and has already released a statement and documents which show that only 15 contracted employees were Black Sun. Which means that the other 985 employees were all civilians who died with the station’s destruction- making it one of the highest civilian death tolls in the past eight years.


In Zalis’ press release informed us that the fleet was present for a training exercise along with an escort of a major company who was getting ready to invest in a second station. She also believes that such hostile actions were first taken by the Jedi and Republic forces and held no valid reason to attack. Because of the contracts, Zalis is not personally held responsible for any of the loss or damage done, as many of the investors and companies had their own equipment or supplies on the other side of the attack from the Jedi and Republic forces, which makes the loss worse for those companies.


Kyllan Rother, chair and owner of Incom Corporation has also released a statement, saying that until such a time of recovery from the massive credit loss, will NOT supply any more equipment to any side involved in the fight as their own losses were too great and for him, it showed a great lack of consideration to their suppliers, who are now out of massive funds to continue to produce for the supply and demand. 


We are still awaiting to hear from the other companies on what their position will be on the entire event, but we are expecting for them to follow suit and withhold their supplies to play catch up on what they lost. We also know that there is a commerce clause in many of the contracts, which allows for a secondary company to help fund the product lines, but all companies affected have a clause with Czerka, which is also owned by Zalis. There is no word from her if she will extend that clause to the companies as of yet. 


Please stay tuned as we follow this market crisis. 

Edited by Zalis Krales


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We now have an update on the Market Crisis that struck at Dark Sun Station. Zalis Krales has officially offered all companies affected by the crisis the bailout clause within their contracts through Czerka. The bailout would allow for the majority of the companies to continue their service to the galaxy and they could choose between two options within the bailout. One option is to payback the amount within a year the full amount without any interest, or to co share product sales at two different rates. We know that HyperTech and HealthiDrive both have agreed to the terms and accepted the bailout. As of right now, Kyllan Rother is the only company involved who has not accepted the bailout as of yet. He has instead asked Zalis for a grace period of thirty days, which is in the clause to consider his full options. We do know that She has given him that time to explore his options, but in her press conference, she has openly expressed that she is sure that his best option is to exercise the clause, but understands his position and frustration in the whole process. 


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In the intermingling of the nefarious depths of the Holonet, a coded stream could be invitingly found, a call for all Black Sun Operatives and Agents to, as the message foretold, Rise.



A planet of unknown origins is shown upon the view screen in color, a serene landscape of both the planet and the space surrounding it. But shortly before the glimpse of a rising sun begins to enter the picture's focus, the screen glitches briefly and reveals the planet in a black and white exposure as the white sun begins to rise over the planet's blackened edge, enlightening the familiar Black Sun Insignia in the process as it lights up the new day of the planet. And in the foreground, chants begin with a single voice before it becomes a crowded chant in unison. 


"Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise!......................"



Before long, this trojan horse of a message would briefly invade any holonet port or computer linked to the darkside of the holonet before all existence of its self would disappear just as quickly as it came.

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Across the encrypted channels frequented by criminals, contractors, and hitmen, a new bounty began circulating.


Wanted: Jedi Knight Leena Kil

Condition: Alive. Mental capabilities intact.

Reward: 2,500,000 credits, paid in unmarked nova crystals or chromium per user preference.

Additional information: Target is a Mon Calamari last seen on Chandrila. Philanthropist, moralist, and medical expert. Dangerous.


Deliver subject to Mon Calamari.


Contact comm channel 4XX7689-7 with proof of capture.


Edited by Nok Morliss
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|Flash Priority Traffic|




Standing Orders Alert. Command Level Orders. Station Alert. Fleet Actions Alert. 


Receiving Stations: Rebel Alliance Fleet Command - Nar Shaddaa | Imperial Admiralty | Galactic Alliance Admiralty | Bothan High Council | Corellian Republic | Tapani Principalities


Sith Invasions Detected. Outer Rim Convergence. Analysis of current strike paths indicate following planets at risk for Sith Aggression: 


Haruun Kal




Nar Shaddaa





Recommended Action from Intelligence: Operation Tripwire


|End Flash Priority Traffic|


Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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