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Concord Dawn


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Concord Dawn


Astrographical Information

Region: Outer Rim

Sector: Mandalore Sector

System: Concord Dawn System

Orbital Position: 5

Moons: 3

Grid Coordinates: P-12


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable

Primary Terrain: rural farmland, jungles, deserts, plains

Points of Interest: Boba Fett's homestead


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: none

Immigrated Species: humans, Devaronians

Primary Language(s): Concordian (dialect of Mando'a)

Faction Affiliation: Mandalorian Protectors


Defense Rating: n/a


JediRP Canon History: …details to come…


Old description in spoiler:

In a small villiage of pre-fab shelters, an army of elite mercenaries has set up base. These well-equipped, seasoned warriors are unlike anything the galaxy has seen in recent years ”“ they have skills that rival the infamous Mandalorians of the past.


Funded by investors such as the Black Sun, these warriors are equipped with the latest technology and weaponry.


They take they're philosophies from many different places, the most prominent being the Mandalorians.

To contact this band of mercenaries, one would have to venture to Concord Dawn, and await their arrival.


They are the best of the best. the most professional, and the deadliest assassins to ever walk the trail of the mercenary


OOC: First Post: Bounty Hunter Mike.



((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))

"*****, you bettah bring me some muh'******' cone-yack, or i'll keeeeeeeeeeeeell, yoooooo"

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The Shadow Rider descended through the atmosphere of an unnamed world.

The repulsorlifts kicked in and the ship landed.

Out stepped Mike Attard and Rane Scando, two of the best bounty hunters in the game. Mike turned to Rane.

"This, my friend, is our future."

Rane looked around skeptically at the arid world on which they were situated "This?"

"Well, this and the prefab shelters in the ship."

"So, this is the planet you chose for our enterprise? Do the others know?"

"They are on their way, and don't worry, I am sure that you will warm up to the place."

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"I suppose it will suit our purposes. We should get ready for a big job. I've received word from a potential client ”“ big stuff."


Rane Scando gazed at his friend through his helmet's narrow visor.


"We take place in events that will change this galaxy forever."

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*The Vixen Ray descended toward the location of the others. The small freighters landing struts opened wide and took in the soil of the planet as the hydraulic systems adjusted to the contour of the planets surface.


The man in his red leather armor stepped out of the craft, his silver cape shifting in the wind created by the engines of his ship reveled the two dueling blasters at his sides. He adjusted the glasses on the tip of his nose before walking over to Rane and BHM.*


Well gentlemen how many more can we expect, and what shall be our first exploit?

So life is cruel let it not be unfortunate... Let it be an experience...

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*Brell's newest ship, the Excalibur, dropped out of hyperspace at Concord Dawn. The ship had the frame of a marauder corvette but had been stripped out and rebuilt entirely with state of the art technology and with the specifications demanded by the captain. The hangar bay carries eleven Fusionblade advanced assault fighters and an A-Wing for recon. The ship quarters provide for eighty Outer Heaven soldiers in addition to the ship's crew and two assault landers are located in the hangar for ground actions. twelve turbolasers, missle tubes, and tractor beams give the ship a serious bite. Brell and a small unit of Outer Heaven Elite take one of the landing craft down to the planet surface.


When the ship lands, Brell steps out in his trademark black custom design armor. The suit carries an arsenal of interworked weapons and sensor systems, allowing 360 degree view, thermal and night vision, improved hearing, repulsor/mag boots, and plenty of ways to blow stuff up. Holstered on his armor were his twin seeking fletchette pistols and disruptor pistols. *


Who's ready to get paid for blasting people?

I don't hate you, my employer does.

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A battered Corellian blockade runner emerges out of lightspeed near Concord Dawn. The modified vessel, piloted by Rane Scando's droid CX-6, descends to the surface and soars across the arid world's northern regions. The vessel heads directly to a small, seemingly abandoned, spaceport ”“ a haven for the mercenaries of the past. After landing, CX departs and begins to unload the blockade runner's cargo...

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A small sleek ship glided through the atmosphere towards the small prefab village. Landing in amongst the other ships she spied an old friend and smiled slightly. Much had changed since they last met face to face.


Exiting her ship, Myth made her way over to the small group already assembled. Some were beginning to make their way over to one of the small buildings.


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A transmission is sent to all major watering holes and criminal hangouts. The message is picked up by the computers at the Mercenary Base.



A substantial fee will be paid to all persons involved with bringing in three renegades. The targets in question are sparsely skilled for the most part, and are most known for their hit-and-run tactics. They'll avoid a fair fight ”“ I suggest they are apprehended quickly and efficiently. I want them alive and unarmed. Take care to make sure the latter is accomplished. They are to be brought to the desert citadel on Tatooine. The targets are: Moon Knight, Ronin Wartide, and Luthis Vandren. A total sum for the three will be a quarter of a million credits, provided they are alive and unarmed.

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Mike sees Myth and smiles back warmly.

"People, cancel that last one, looks like we can start the meeting now. But, we shouldn't do it out here, please, lets go into the lounge and have a drink while we talk."

The other mercenaries followed him into a shelter in the middle of the 'village'

When they were all seated comfortably, Mike began.

"You are all here because you are, frankly, some of the best in your field that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately, you are not given the respect that you deserve. I am looking to change that. In this group, we will be looked upon with respect by our clients, and fearful horror by our targets. We have already been contacted for some very interesting jobs, which I feel will make our presence felt throughout the galaxy."

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Rane Scando nods to Myth Hunter and takes a seat. He listens to his friend's words and nods when it is appropriate.


”œWhere are the others? We've got to decide which course of action to take.”

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A small, barely audible beep comes from a pouch on Mike's belt.

He lifts a small comlink to his ear and smiled when he heard the message played.

He switched channels and sent a message to the Outer Heaven comm officer "I was you to do a reply ping, and get their location. The message will be 'A comrade and I are on our way.'"

Mike saw a secretive smile come from Rane as he lowered his own comm.

Mike just said to him "We will take my ship"

A moment later, the comm officer replied with the coordinates of their new 'friends'.

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Mike was already aboard the Rider, fully armoured in his modified clone trooper helmet, a set of Shell Spider Silk Armour, and a pair of S-5 security blasters, along with his custom vibroblade.

He saw Rane come aboard and nodded to his unspoken request, powering up the ship and lifting off, angling his ship into space, and, when he was clear of the mass shadow, kicking in the Hyperdrive.

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The Phoenix comes out of Hyperspace over the planet of Concord Dawn, Captain Noswal double-checks the co-ords he was given. "Azi, hold her steady and lets bring her in real slowly, " the Captain says to his First Mate, "... sensors aren't showing much down there on the surface, but we may be in for a surprise if we're not careful." The Droid nods in agreement.


Slowly the large freighter comes down over the arid planet. Sand and dust rise up as Noswal brings his craft down near several other ships and some small shelters. Lowering the front cargo ramp he shuts down the main drive and heads out to the lower cargo holds. He wanted to get the supplies off the ship, and back into space as soon as possible.


Emerging from the turbolift he mets up with several of the miners the Phoenix had rescued from Alpha Prime. "CAPTAIN Noswal, why are we stopping again?!?" the lead Miner says "We'd like to get someplace closer to where the action is... we were stuck on that God-foresaken ROCK for all those years..." Noswal raises his hand to try and quiet down the upset passengers. "Look folks we've got a quick stop to make, some folks are setting up a new settlement. You're welcome to get off here if you'd like, I'm sure they'd find something for you and equipment to do... up to you. If you'd rather stay onboard then within the week I could have you back in the Inner Core."


"Setting up a new settlement you say?!? And there'd be other people there as well?!?" Looking out at the dry planet, it looked pretty gloomy, but no less so then the small planetoid they had been stranded on for all those years. And the thought of working for someone else, maybe helping out was appealing to them. Noswal went over to his Droids as the miners talked amoung themselves. "HU-E," he whispered to the stout little R-7 Droid, "I want you to prepare a second manifest, adding these folks and all their gear to what we're contracted already to deliver to the settlement here... this way we can hurry up and head home to the Moon sooner then later"


The Droid went over to a terminal and plugged into the Comm-Port, up on the viewscreen came the adjusted manifest:



200 - Food rations packets

100 - kilos freeze-dried meat

20 - cases canned fruits and vegetables

6 - Kegs Ale, beer and Stout

8 - cases various wines, liqours and brandies

16 - cases assorted drinks and beverages

5,000 - Gallons water


Droids: (58 total)

4 - R6 Droid

2 - R7 Droid

2 - MN-4E General Maintenance Droid

4 - EG-8 Power Droid

2 - LE-RO2 D10 Repair Droid

1 - G-2RD Guard Droid

4 - S-EP1 Security Droid

2 - GV/3 Guardian Droid

2 - Inferno Firefighting Team (2 ”“ Host / 8- Firefighters Droids)

1 - 2-1B Surgical Droid

2 - FX-2 Medical Assistant Droid

1 - Robo-Bartender Droid

2 - RO/5T.N4 Tree Feeder

2 - Decon III Droid

1 - Moister farm Droid

8 - 11-17 Miner Droid

2 - CLL-8 Binary Heavy Lifter Droid

6 - J-9 Worker Drone



4 - Turbo Laser Turret

4 - Shield Generator

2 - Sensor Beacon



8 - male

4 - female


Noswal looked over the list and nodded in approval. Looking over at the miners they were packing up their meger belongins and heading for the ramp. The Captain got the unloading moving at breakneck speed. And in no time at all the cargo was inloaded and the miners were starting to setup shop. The head miner was talking with several of the people already at the settlement about building more of the base underground. Several of the others from the miners group were helping to set-up the DECONs and Treefeeders to start to reclaim some of the soil for planting and other needs.


Noswal went back into his ship to see to a few things before lifting off again...

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*Above Concord Dawn a ship comes out of hyperspace. It's strange markings and bird-of-prey motif are unlike anything else seen in these parts. The ship goes into orbit and out of a small rear hanger bay fly a Skipray Blastboat. The paintjob on the small craft make it also look like a large bird. The ship turns and heads towards the surface*


[COMM] "Hello Merc base, this is Cooper RavenHawk... I heard you were looking for a few good men. Well I'm him! Requesting permission to land." [/COMM]

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Captain Noswal having just sent out a Comm to Reagan McGreggor is still sitting at the Comm console when a message comes in... not the reply from Reagan, yet none-the-less it causes the old Space Captain to smile.


Speaking outloud to his First Mate; "Cooper RavenHawk?!?! There can't be two people in the Universe with THAT name. I'd heard he was freelancing... thsi should be interesting!"


Looking out the window he notices that most of the people from the base are still dealing with unloading the supplies and moving gear around. Noswal signals to Lt. Azimoff to come over and has him reply back to RavenHawk; Roger RavenHawk, you are cleared to land. Please set down next to the large Marauder Class frieghter on the edge of our Landing Pad. The droid shrugs, he really doesn't understand humans sometimes.


Noswal laughs to himself as he heads out to meet up with his old shipmate.

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*RavenHawk recieves the Comm and heads towards the coordinates given. As he gets closer to the surface he sees some small structures, shelters mostly, that looked very new near some much older building that had been empty for a long, long time. Several ships are parked on a makeshif Landing Pad to the Western edge of the base. Cooper scans the area once more before setting his craft down.


Even before the dust settles he is out of the cockpit with his prized SpiritHawk on his arm. The bird is jittery as she never has taken well to spaceflight and is anxoius to fly in the real air. Cooper speaks softly to the bird and she quiets down. He looks over towards the big freighter and notices a man coming down the ramp with a slight limp. The man looks somewhat familiar and as the dust clears more Cooper RavenHawk smiles the biggest smile he has done in what feels like forever.*


"Well my Stars, as I live and breath this can't be! Captain, my Captain is that YOU?!?" he says to Noswal as he desends the ramp.


The old space Captain smiles and comes over to clasp the younger mans hand, then draws him into a big manly hug. Suddenly the Comm-link on Noswal's right forearm goes off with a message. The Captain stops a moment to insert the earpiece into his ear and listens to the message in private.

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Noswal listens to the message from Reagan McGreggor. He doesn't need any Force Sensitivity to pick up on how upset his young friend and employer is... touching a button and slightly turning his back to his old shipmate he sends a reply:



"Reagan, so sorry to hear about Master Adi-Wan... he was a good guy, for a Jedi and all. I will meet you in less then two days time at the Base, and if you need me to take you someplace it would be my honor to escort you there. Noswal OUT"



Turning back towards the young man who once served with him with honor and valor he was sad that they wouldn't get more time together.

"Well Master Chief RavenHawk," clasping the younger mans shoulder, "sadly we must cut our Reunion short. My employer seems to be in need of my services once again, and no offense but she's a whole lot prettier then you are! But now that I know where you'll be hanging your hat for a while perhaps I'll get back this way. Who knows maybe I'll have use for your special talents, which if I know this bunch they should feel honored to have you is their midsts."


Noswal calls over to his lead Droid who is just coming back from the settlement with the now empty cargo sled done with it's last run.


"LU-E, gather up the rest of the crew, we leave in 20 minutes or so. We're heading back to the Moom." The little R-7 Droid squeaks a quick reply.


Smiling once again to RavenHawk he comments; "Mightly fine little ship you have there my old friend."

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*The young man smiles to his former Captain*


"Oh, so you like this ship do you?!? Well my dear old former Commander, you ain't seen nuttin' yet!"


*RavenHawk touches his Comm-link and opens a channel to his mothership still in orbit well up above the surface.*


"Talia, this is Coop... bring her on in will ya?!? and land her near my signal."


Cooper RavenHawk then smiles and looks up at the clouds. The SpiritHawk on his arm starts to stir again. He whispers in her ear then loosens the leather strap holding her to his gloved hand. The bird darts up into the air and circles around before flying off towards the distant cliffs. Captain Noswal watches the bird for a moment then hears another sound, almost like the wind but slightly higher pitched and looks up to see a large ship bearing down on their location. It is a strange craft, and Noswal has only seen one other like it.


RavenHawk smiles as the large craft settles down almost silently next to them. From his Comm-link both men hear a female voice say: The Eagle has landed!!


Cooper shakes his head and smiles; "She loves to say that for some reason..."

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From the heavens above, the old spaceport in the arid world's northern sector looks quite ordinary - there are no visible signs of the settlement's true nature. This particular spaceport appears to be like every other spaceport on the planet - it is dingy, dark and full of danger. Those who populate it are mostly refugees and fugitives who have carved out a living for themselves. However, this spaceport is quite different in one aspect - a vast underground complex runs beneath it.


Forged underground years ago by the Mandalorians, this base is a safe haven for the mercenaries of the galaxy. The base is equipped with everything a mercenary could want ”“ hangars and repair bays, medical and detention wings, and a weapons storehouse. A cantina is also present.


Many sensor droids hover around the arid planet. These droids scan incoming ships, and alert the underground complex of intruders. Throughout the outer spaceport, defenses have been implemented to secure the safety of the mercenaries below. Security droids operate these guard stations, which include well concealed turbo-laser and ion cannons.

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The Ion Raptor, a heavily modified Corellian freighter, emerges out of hyperspace above the arid world of Concord Dawn. The mercenary vessel rockets towards the world's northern sectors, and then descends to the surface. At the controls of the ship are Captain Rane Scando and his co-pilot, PA-3. The two pilot the Raptor towards a spaceport in the distance. As they near the settlement, Base Control gives them clearance to land at Docking Bay 91.


After the Raptor lands, 91's retractable roof closes, momentarily engulfing the freighter in darkness. As Scando rises from his seat, the floor beneath the freighter begins to sink. After a few moments, the Ion Raptor is safely in the main hangar of the Elite Mercenary Base.


Twin columns of steam jet out from underneath the Raptor as the freighter's landing ramp extends. Scando, clad in his odd assortment of Mandalorian and non-descript armor, exits the craft. He is not alone in the hangar; Outer Heaven pilots go about their business, droids hobble or hover about, and ships of all descriptions stretch fill the entire length of the hangar.


As PA-3 shuffles off for an oil bath, Captain Scando exits the hangar and heads off to the base's cantina. Inside, the mercenary orders a bottle of good drink, brought to Concord Dawn by Captain Noswal, and takes a seat.


A wizard-like voice resonates throughout cyberspace: These aren't the double posts you're looking for. You don't need to see my identification.

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The image of Imperial Admiral Willem Orcu appears. The hologram stands ten feet tall; the Imperial's voice is loud and clear. Admiral Orcu goes straight to business.


A new era has begun ”“ an era that will see the end of the Jedi. The Empire has need for mercenaries of unmatchable skill to take down these infidels. A sum of 200,000 credits will be paid to anyone who kills a Jedi Master ”“ a lesser sum will be paid for lower-ranking Jedi...

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Rane Scando was downing his fourth glass when he received the message on his personal transmitter. The mercenary rose to his feet and headed back to the hangar at a quick pace, where he met his droid, PA-3.


"Get everything up and running, something big has come up."


Scando mounts a speeder and zips off to a freight-lift. Minutes later, the mercenary is outside, and heading towards where Captain Noswal and Cooper RavenHawk stand next to a ship. Scando extended his hand first to Noswal, then to the other man.


"I don't believe we've met ”“ I'm Rane Scando. Don't know if you picked it up, but the Imperials just put a price on all of the Jedi. The purge has begun. This is the perfect time to show the galaxy what the mercenaries of Concord Dawn are capable of. I'm heading out."

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Mike swore under his breath as his foe fled to hyperspace.

Coward, not even willing to stay and fight.

He did a flyby of the asteroid that the slicer had hid behind, and noticed 5 holes in there, too perfect to be natural.

He fired several ion blasts into them, to disable any booby traps.

He then fired a magnetic grapple into the artificial caverm and activated the winch, drawing up a type of droid Mike was unfamiliar with.

He placed a restraining bolt on the droid and returned to the cockpit.

He dropped his aiming reciticle over the remaining caverns, and fired several turbolaser blasts into each of the holes, destroying their contents.

Mike then returned planet side, getting a Hutt tech to repair his comm array, and remove the droid from his hold, while he spoke to Ob.


OOC: sorry, man, but Ob already posted destroying them..... They wouldn't have gotten you anywhere anyway, I built them myself as with most all other of my equipment, so they are kind of hard to backtrace....... Sorry......

Mess with me and say good-bye to your bank accounts. The king of all hackers is back.

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(OOC: Ah, well, at least I got paid ))

IC: The comm continued:

I just have one quick stopto make, but I will return within a few hours. By then, you had damn well better be ready to leave.

The Shadow Rider rotated so it was aimed along a different vector, and kicked into hyperspace.


((OOC Come on people!! I chose you for this faction because I thought that you were elite, but if you can't find a few seconds to post in this thread without me being in it. Maybe I was wrong. The only active people in this group has been Rane, Cooper and I.))

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OOC: Sorry, been busy lately.


IC: "JEDI! I hate them. They took my sister from me. Now I get to have some payback "


Myth clapped her hand together in anticipation.


"I'm with you all the way. Where are we heading???"


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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((OOC due to my minial job in I tend to be called on 24 hour shifts and when I get home the last thing I want to do is try to think of what dasterdly thing I should do with Shalash. Sorry the work has just calmed down so I'll be a bit more frequent.))


IC: *Shalash smiled his red eyes glow in anticipation.*


Well my lady I don't exactly share your anger toward the Jedi, however I have always wished to watch one in action. I suppose we better prepare.


*He turned abruptly and stepped into the Vixen Ray. The external lights flickered on one by one as Shalash prepared his craft for departure.*

So life is cruel let it not be unfortunate... Let it be an experience...

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