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Marcson Moonmous

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Real Name: Marcson Moonmous

A.K.A: Terrorist Moonmous

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: 25 Standard Years

Height: 1.8288 Meters

Weight: 82 Kilograms

Hair: Brown Recon

Eyes: Hazel Round

Sex: Born Male



Clothing or Armor: Battle Armor + Insulated Clothes

Weapon: T-21 Blaster + T-6 Thunderer

Common Inventory: Data-Pad + Comlink


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Archetype: Sith Warrior

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Order

Current Faction Rank: Potential Recruit



Force Side: Darkness

Trained by: None Currently

Trained who: None Currently

Known Skills: Guerilla Combat 


Background: Marcson Moonmous was born on Corellia where his Mother and Father were murdered whenever he was twelve. He learned to both thrive and to survive on his own. He made sure to crush those who were weaker than him in order to assert his dominance. Whenever he became seventeen there were terrorist attacks on his Corellian homeworld. He had come to hate the authorities on Corellia and made sure to become one as well. He murdered and assassinated. He marauded and burned. He became violence incarnate. However in several combat encounters he had come to notice several Force Sensitive attributes. However there was no medical center on Corellia that would test him due to his wanted level. He decided to make his next move based on his hunch. He made sure to research the various Force orders that existed within the known universe and the ancient Sith Order was the one that stood out to him the most. He then sent out several announcements directed towards the Sith Order that detailed his wish to become the next Sith Warrior.

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