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Lance Norman

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General Records

Full Name: Commando Lance Norman

True Gender: Born Human Male

Mature Level: 20 Standard Years

Blood Race: Core Worlds Human


Personal Records

Personal Ideals: Real True Neutral

Personal Model: Commando Warrior Militant

Personal Home-World: Unknown Core World

Personal Home-Town: Unknown Urban Town


Faction Records

Previous Faction: Unknown Urban Militia

Previous Faction Rank: Urban Militia Commando

Current Faction: The Galactic Guards

Current Faction Rank: Potential New Recruit


Item Records

Owned Armaments: BlasTech A-280 + BlasTech DH-17

Owned Armors: Battle Armor + Battle Helmet

Owned Clothes: Survival Suit + Common Clothes

Owned Miscellaneous: Sabacc Deck + Pazaak Deck


Back-Ground Records

Back-Ground: Lance Norman was born on an Unknown Core World. Whenever he was in his earlier times he was educated and trained in their Unknown Urban Militia. He was well educated and well trained until he had become an Urban Militia Commando. However he was not as educated or trained as the Mandalorians or Clone Commandos. He even had an excellent career whenever he had served. He was sent out on some missions that were on other worlds that were allied with his own world. However his vessel had crashed on another world and had made sure to leave him with some new amnesia. He never learned what world he had been born in. However his combat skills were still instinctive. He needed some new reasons to live. He saw the new Galactic Guards and decided that the Galactic Guards were his best chance to succeed in these new times. He has sent in Recruitment Pleas several times now. He now awaits an answer as he wishes to become one within the Galactic Guards.

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