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General Information

Real Name: Vonar Mao

A.K.A: Guardian Mao

Home-World: Dantooine

Race: Human


Personal Information

Mature: 25 Years

Tallness: 2 Meters

Heaviness: 97 KG

Hair: Blonde Crew Cut

Vision: Blue Round

Gender: Male


Items Information

Clothes and Armors: Survival Suit and Plastoid Medium Battle Armor

Arsenal and Armaments: BlasTech Marksman Blaster and WESTAR Blaster Pistol

Miscellaneous Items: Comlink and Data-Pad


Faction Information

Force Status: Force Sensitive

Model: Jedi Guardian

Nature: Lawful Good

Current Faction Status: Jedi Order

Current Faction Rank: Potential Recruit


Historical Information

Force Side: LIGHT SIDE

Who Trained: NONE

Trained Who: NONE



Back-Ground Information: Vonar Mao was born on Dantooine to some veterans who had become farmers. Those farmers made sure to raise him with the best nutrition and exercise that he could make work. He had the best health that he could. He even received an excellent education where he learned about Dantooine and the nearest locations as well as some basic Galactic information. He learned all that he could in that education. He also learned to hunt the local Kath Hounds and the local Iriaz. He learned how to track animals. He even learned how to use Blasters in the best manners. Whenever he was around 18 he became a member within the Local Militia. He learned about wilderness combat and urban combat. Whenever he was around 20 he was handed a recommendation to a Law Enforcement school. He was taken to the school and learned even more about wilderness combat and urban combat. He learned how to catch criminals. He learned other valuable skills in this work as well. Whenever he turned 22 he was done with the school and was sent to serve in the Corellian Police Force. He made sure to work hard and he received several accolades in his work. He soon had several encounters that should have ended in his death. However an intuitive sense seemed to save him several times. He understood what it could mean even when he could not control it. He tested his Midi-Chlorian count and was found to be Force Sensitive. He made the Jedi Order aware with several audio records that were sent to them. He now seeks to become a member within the Jedi Order.


Vessel Information






Extent: 101 METERS X 88 METERS X 27 METERS



Anti-Personnel Defenses: BOTTOM SWIVEL TURRET



Personal Looks: Vonar Mao has an immense frame that is both tall and muscular. He has several scars on both his chest and his arms. These scars are from his service in the Dantooine Militia and the Corellian Police Force. These scars are from Vibro-Blade cuts and Low-Powered Blaster shots. His Plastoid Medium Combat Armor is the color Dark Blue to show his Police Force colors. His Survival Suit is also the color Dark Blue to show his Police Force colors. His BlasTech Marksman Blaster has woodland camo. His WESTAR Blaster Pistol has woodland camo as well. He has several medals on his combat armor that show that he had honors in his classes and shows that he has also had an incredible career. The helmet has some extra armor to cover his forehead. The boots are made with excellent faux leather. He seems to intimidate those that cross him with how he looks. While his looks can have an intimidation value to them he is also seen as attractive to those who have less than bad intentions with him.

Edited by Bernard Conrad Everard
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