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Darth Idrija

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Real Name: Tala Korthos


A.K.A: Darth Idrija


Homeworld: Coruscant


Species: Unspecified near human (Non-human traits are black horns, pointed ears, and orange irises)




Physical Description




Age: 28


Height: 5’5


Weight: 135


Hair: Black 


Eyes: Orange


Sex: Female








Clothing or Armor: Orange and black robes, smithing attire


Weapon: A largely unused lightsaber from apprenticeship, a slender ritual sword


Common Inventory: Commlink, credits, datapad, at least one dark side tome




Faction Information


Force User


Alignment: Lawful evil


Current Faction Affiliation: Sith


Current Faction Rank: Lord






Force Side: Dark


Trained by: Darth Fictus


Trained who: None yet


Known Skills: Pyromancy, smithing and crafting, some martial training, Force telekinesis


Background: Darth Idrija grew up on Coruscant, where she became disillusioned with a world without deeper meaning, where everything was mass produced and impersonal. In search of greater truths and a worldview that could offer depth to the experiences and things in her life, Tala left Coruscant through sheer luck days before the lunar collision. Her studies of the occult would eventually lead her to the Sith, where she would learn the alchemies of the Crucible Sages. In the grimoires and holocrons of the ancient masters, she at last found the sacred truths that would allow her to live a life of meaning.   




Ship Registration


Name: Athanor


Class: Heavy Courier


Model: VCX-700


Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation


Length: 26 meters


Armaments: Dual laser cannon turret, four ion cannons, an autoblaster, and four concussion missile launchers.


Armor: Heavy armor plating


Anti-Personnel Defenses: Advanced security systems, Sith curses, bound dark side spirits


Modifications: The cargo area has been renovated into a larger living area, with fake walls to conceal storage spaces for illicit cargo. The crew stations are manned by droids. 


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