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Rieva Celwik's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Rieva Celwik

A.K.A: Ri, Cadan Vookto (fake ID)

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: 28

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Female



Clothing or Armor: Standard clothing. Loves a good thigh-high boot. During heists she wears dark colors as well as a black mask.

Weapon: Small blaster pistol that fits in her boot.

Common Inventory: Comm link, stress relief stone necklace


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Archetype: Explorer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Unaligned

Current Faction Rank: Unaligned



Force Side: Neutral

Trained by: n/a

Trained who: n/a

Known Skills: Telekinesis



Some people really have all the luck. They grow up in their houses with families who care about them, maybe even a tooka or two. It’s idyllic. Sure, you probably have to put up with a boring job, but that’s the boring part of living life. As long as you come home to a family that loves you and a nice warm meal that made the meager day-to-day job fade off into the distance. Ri was not that lucky. She did not grow up with the promise of food or a comfortable bed. She didn’t have parents who held her when she had a nightmare and told her that everything would be alright. Everything Ri knew about family was what she’d read in books. It wasn’t much, but it was something to hold onto. 


Rieva’s parents had the unfortunate luck of walking through a skywalk when an Airspeeder crashed into it, killing them instantly and leaving their little girl with no one but the Coruscant government to figure out who would raise her. At only four years old, Ri had to quickly understand that her parents were never coming back and that this ‘Varla” was her new ‘parent’. Though, ‘mother’ was a role Varla would never claim. The training started when you were young; pickpocketing. You learned how to spot the perfect targets, the best locations for items, and the masterful art of misdirection. Once you were able to prove yourself to the other orphans in the house, you were sent out onto the streets for the real steal. Age didn’t matter. There were a few five-year-olds out on the street, though Rieva seemed to struggle. She wasn’t able to make it out into the street until she was seven, and by then had worked up the reputation in the house as a ‘no-getter’. The thing was, she had realized quickly what others had not; the sooner you become good, the sooner the expectations appear. 


See, Varla wasn’t heartless. A new pickpocket wasn’t expected to come home with trinkets every single day. It would be silly to punish them for it. Now, an experienced pickpocket who always came home with ten watches and stacks of cash? They were held to a higher standard. You weren’t allowed a ‘bad day’ without punishment; typically resulting in the loss of dinner. The trick was riding the line between staying under the radar and not showing too much, and by the time she was 13, too many questions were coming up for her to continue hiding her skills. 


The thing about doing the wrong thing, it’s a rush. It’s terrible- but exciting- but she shouldn’t- but she has to. The thrill of ‘will they catch me?’ made every single interaction more exciting, as long as she didn’t focus on it too much. If you focus on the people you rob then you realize the pain you’re most likely bringing to their lives and… it was too much. While many of her co-conspirators had a ‘me before them’ type of attitude, she simply couldn’t think that way.


Every day was essentially the same. Wake up, rob some folks, come home and chill. Wake up, rob the rich guy treating someone like shit, DON’T GET CAUGHT… go home. But one day, as many stories began, it all changed. Ri was going about her business as she usually did, only the watch strap slipped. A beautiful metal timepiece with many small, strange gems, and an apparently slippery buckle. It slipped out of her grasp and with gravity. Only… no it didn’t. Slipped out of her grasp, yes, but it remained so well in place on the woman’s wrist that she hadn’t even noticed the snafu. You could say she got out of there quickly.


Perhaps she saw things and it was only a mere trick of the mind. Perhaps what she’d thought she’d seen hadn’t actually happened. So, she tried it again. Focused on the watch in question and tried to make it move. Only, it wouldn’t. That’s it, case closed. Obviously, it was an illusion. Or at least she’d hoped that until her roommate walked in and said watch flew across the bed into her pillow. That couldn’t be explained away as something misunderstood in the mind. At first it felt satisfying knowing that she had this ability, maybe even a bit comforting, but then she realized what that meant. The force. Was that what this was? Jedi and Sith tended to come along and make a mess of things for everyone involved. What would this mean for her? She did NOT want to be involved in any messes, nor did she want to potentially bring anyone to the house of thievery. So, she kept this telekinetic ability a secret, telling only her roommate and the one person she trusted more than anyone. 

Being a more quiet person, Ri would usually be off on her own practicing her telekinetic ability. It wasn’t much, but she was able to move and manipulate smaller items which in turn helped her succeed at robbing locations her peers struggled. It wasn’t until she was out of the house and on her own that she began giving safe cracking a try. Now that was a feat that took months to perfect, and even then it could only be done on the exact safe she had studied. She had to know the ins and outs of that exact safe type, crack it open, and manipulate it in order to give it a try. If it was a bespoke safe, ha! Good luck. She wasn’t getting in there. 


With Ri’s ability to get into places others couldn’t, she became sought after and hired to complete heists for pay. Hey, when you’re good at what you do, why not continue to do it? She opened up an Art Gallery, with storage of stolen goods in a hidden basement, shh, and presented herself as an exceptional example of those typical rags-to-riches stories the high-class love so much. She flew from planet to planet to get artwork for her gallery, as well as some priceless artifacts for a client or two, and made sure to keep the two worlds separate as much as possible. Keep the telekinetic ability known to only a trusted few, and trust a very select few, and all should continue well. Still, something in her gut just won’t go away. Something that tells her that everything is about to change. 


Ship Registration

Name: Black Dahlia

Class: Sheathipede

Model: Transport Shuttle

Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering Corporation


Length: 14.4 meters

Armaments: 2 forward-mounted laser cannons

Armor: Standard

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Part of the electrical area under the floorboards has been rearranged to make room for a safe. This safe requires a code in order to enter and will fill the room with a sleeping gas if input incorrectly 5 times.

Modifications: The ship is tan and a bit dingy, in obvious need of a repaint. It has a small bit of rust forming along the sides and moss growing on the dorsal.


Appearance: The ship is tan and a bit dingy, in obvious need of a repaint. It has a small bit of rust forming along the sides and moss growing on the dorsal. 


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