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Revenance (Chapter 1 - Posted)


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Episode IV


Precipice of Life


The Galaxy, long drawn into the eternal conflicts between the Jedi and Sith, lay beneath numerous levels of destruction and despair. Lawlessness runs rampant in an ungoverned assortment of worlds where the Republic and Empire once brought Order amidst the Chaos and the Jedi Order remains in shambles, distrusted and despised by those whom remember the many wars while the Sith holds sway over Unknown Regions and Outer Rim. On the Core World of Anaxis, only the remnants of Coresec remain the pathetic attempt at stability. It is here that our story begins anew as a lone stranger lays locked away within his own mind deep in the depths of one of Coresec's many undisclosed infirmary wards. As monitors gauge his vitals, alarms begin to ring, a singular finger flinching against the constrictive bindings of his bandaged form.


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Chapter 1: Awakening


As the machines reading his vitals began to blare their alarming notifications, Coresec nurses began to rush to his side. His unknowing gaze shot around the room in a panic as one slid in a syringe of something into his IV, his parched throat gagging upon the slinder tube that reached into the depths of his lungs. He tried to reach for her in this moment of chaos, but as the orderlies restrained him, the peacefulness of unconsciousness once again took away his mind.


When he awoke again, most of the mechanics that littered the room were gone, and all was noticeably more calm. He went to sit up when a soft and kind hand reached for his own and a soft almost childlike voice resonated with his heavy form. "Don't try and sit up, Gemini. You're safe. You've been out for months."


Confusion littered his mind as he tried to comprehend the moment he existed within. Who was Gemini? Who was the voice he heard? Where was he? So many questions barraged his mindscape that his very thoughts pierced his mind like daggers. And so he remained laying, his gaze slowly shifting about his room and then toward the slender nurse at his bedside as her hand remained in his. And amidst the chaos his mind found its self in, he couldn't help but feel a sense of inconceivable safety. And as he drifted back to sleep, he mumbled a singular question. "Who is Gemini?


The next morning, he awoke with a feeling of his strength returning, casually rising in the bed and gazing out across the landscape of Anaxis with wonderment and questions still plaguing his mind. When he attempted to think back any farther than his awakening, it was foggy and nearly incomprehensible, his mind either refusing to remember or unable to as his head would be overcome with intense pain. A sudden ruckus outside his room quickly brought his attention away from his memory back to the presence as voices were loudly overheard.


"He's not ready." The first voice was that of the nurse from before, even at an higher pitched range, still was softly above a whisper. And yet the other, a deep and grizzled voice seemed to explode with an eruption that echoed throughout the compounds halls. "I don't care. He's in our Custody and Coresec demands his release immediately."


The confusion only got worse from there for him, the questions plaguing his mind tearing at the flesh that housed his sentience. Too many variables. And not a singular moment to comprehend as a man of tall stature burst into the room, slapped a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, and escorted him from the safety he felt in the room to an awaiting transport shuttle atop the building.


Outside the room, the area was devastating. Much of the building was reminiscent of abandonment, with little to no upkeep aside from the room he awoke in and very little lighting littering it's halls as they marched toward the room access. Exposed wiring and molded walls were a common occurrence and when the roof's access door was opened, his sight burned with the brightness of Anaxis's sky. As it settled, however, the world of Anaxis quickly focused and it's atmosphere mimicked the very building he had been housed in. Anaxis was in total ruin.


As the lift of the shuttle came a close, an Anaxis became a living memory, a sense of dread encompassed his form as the shuttle shook with lift-off. And yet, his memory was still unfocused and blank.

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