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Jedi Starfighter Corps

Leena Kil

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Jedi Starfighter Corps
To go where they dare not



Coming off the tails of the great war with the Sith Empire, the Jedi Starfighter Corps returned from a frontline combat role to that of guardians, protectors, escorts, and explorers of the space lanes.


Government Affiliation:

The Starfighter Corps is one of the most visible arms of the Jedi Order. While governance of the Corps remains entirely within the Jedi, the Corps is often found working alongside local, planetary, and regional governments to seek peace, justice, and the preservation of life and civilization. To this end, the Starfighter Corps will enter into agreements with governing authorities and abide by their edicts (so long as they remain in line with the Jedi way), working alongside their military and security leadership.


Membership within the Starfighter Corps is entirely voluntary and only Jedi in good standing are allowed within the ranks.

The Corps maintains a military structure within the ranks of the Jedi. Ranks such as Knight and Master still hold authority due their position within the order, but members willingly submit themselves to Corps leadership.

Jedi who show proficiency in piloting, star-faring, or technical aptitude are heavily recruited to the Corps, although any Jedi having completed their apprenticeship is allowed to request membership. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and aptitude tests administered. Jedi Apprentices who are training under a master that maintains active membership in the Starfighter Corps is considered a de facto member with the rank of Pilot



Rank Structure:

Pilot: Any non-commissioned or probationary member of the Starfighter Corps regardless of if they serve in a frontline or support role.


Master Pilot: Commissioned Jedi who have attained the rank of Knight or higher within the Order and have been assigned a permanent role within the Starfighter Corps


Squadron Leader: A veteran member of the Corps who serves primarily in the role of a pilot, having shown expertise and proficiency in the use of space-faring craft. These members of the Corps can be assigned to lead squadrons of pilots on missions for the Order or be assigned to liaise with allied military or security factions.


Technical Sergeant: Veteran support officers of the Corps and Jedi Order. These are the beings that ensure that the fleet of various Corps-owner craft always operate at peek performance. They lead teams of technical pilots and support staff. Technical Sergeants are sought after for their skill and knowledge the galaxy over, rumored to be able to enhance craft well beyond their original specifications.


Flight Captain: These Jedi have seen countless missions and combat actions. They command entire groups of starfighter squadrons. When large Jedi actions are called for, it is the Flight Captains who lead the Corps into the unknown. It is also the Flight Captains who routinely lead escorts of dignitaries and high profile heads of state when called upon.


Support Commander: When large assets of Starfighter Corps materials are moved across the galaxy, it is the Support Commander who sees this operation go off without a hitch. Masters of logistics, wizards of repair, and leaders within their own right, this rank and role leads the support staff of the Corps. Commanding the entirety of the Corps’ transport fleet, Support Commanders are the  quintessential unchallenged masters of rapid and safe transit.


Colonel of the Corps: The leader of the Starfighter Corps, this member of the Jedi reports directly to  the Jedi Council and is responsible for the oversight and command of the Corps.




The head of the Starfighter Corps is the Colonel of the Corps. The Colonel is often advised by an array of Flight Captains and Support Commanders who each oversee specific aspects of the Corps. The Colonel reports directly to the Jedi Council who oversee any military action taken by the whole of the Order. The day-to-day function and majority of the operations of the Corps are overseen in a military fashion by appointed members within the Corps.


Common Tasks:
Planetary Protection: The Starfighter Corps will often supplement existing planetary militias by a show of force, routine protective patrols, and, if needed direct confrontation with hostile powers that seek to oppress the people of that world, those traveling to or from, or seeking shelter. The Jedi recognize that fielding an entire space and air protective branch is impossible to do adequately for some governments. Other times, outside forces are simply to great and will overwhelm local defensive systems. It is at times like these that the Corps will proactively step in on behalf of the Jedi to render protective aid.


Fleet maintenance and advisement: During the war not only were countless fighting beings lost, but so were civilians and craftsmen, the men and women with the technical knowhow and artistic talent to keep all manner of craft from air taxis to deep space explorers up and running. With the fall of the Sith, and as the galaxy works to rebuild, the Starfighter Corps is there to help keep the skyways and spacelanes not just safe, but operational as well.

Escort and Refugee Transit: In an interconnected galaxy such as ours, often times the need arises for dignitaries and common citizens alike to transverse far and wide across harsh planets and hostile space ways. Be this to attend a key vote or seek a better life for one’s family, the Stsrfighter Corps acts in the interest of peace and the preservation of life. Fighter craft from the Corps will provide escort to singular and multiple unarmed or lightly armed transport craft and, at times, will provide full escort, ships included in the case of emergency, of individuals whose presence is required to be or not be at a particular location in the galaxy.


Transport: The Starfighter Corps has the ubiquitous honor of serving as the main transport mode for the Jedi Order and as such will take to arranging and providing for the safe and quick delivery of peoples and cargoes be they from generous benefactors or to ravaged worlds in need.


Air Support/Superiority: Even now, with the threat of the Sith diminished, rogue elements, warlords, pirates, and dark siders haunt the shadows of space erupting without a moments notice to lay siege and waste to unsuspecting and undefended populations. When this occurs, the Starfghter Corps can muster at a moment’s notice to deploy to these wartorn regions to support local defensive postions, besieged shelters, and lend their aid and outright superiority against these oppressors. The presence of these Jedi often turn the tides of battle as an assured air superiority is transferred from the oppressors to the  Jedi and those they aid.


Space Mystery Investigation: The deepest mysteries of space still hold undiscovered and forgotten truths, secrets unknown to the galaxy at large. In combination with the Exploration Corps, the bravest among them, those with an unhindered lust for the unknown and those called by the force beyond the edges of the map, journey out into the void of space to investigate anomalies, search out strange communications, and render safe the chaos that exists in shadow. 


Anti-Piracy: Often alongside Sovereignty-aligned craft, and even sometimes on their own, the Aces of the Jedi Starfighter Corps will proactively take the fight to pirates and slavers, all those who seek to gain from the suffering of others.


NPC Members available for RP:
*Designed NPCs used in the RP as reoccurring persons can be added here as time progresses.

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