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Archibald Strider Character sheet

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Real Name: Archibald Strider 


A.K.A: Archer / 


Homeworld: Concordia


Species: Human




Physical Description




Age: 20


Height: 1.9 Meters


Weight: 180 lbs


Hair: black


Eyes: Green


Sex: Male










Clothing or Armor:

Durasteel in a green and black color





DC-17m combat system (no launcher Att.), dual WESTAR-35 blaster pistols

Vibrosword and hatchet. 


Common Inventory:

Powerpacks, ammo, medical kit, Grenades in armored lower back pack, stored inert, which will dispense and activate the grenades according to what is instructed via HUD interface. Common stoarge: (2x Adhesive, 2x frag). Also three days of rations.




Faction Information




Non-Force User:


Alignment: Neutral Evil


Current Faction Affiliation: Deathwatch


Current Faction Rank: Rifleman








Born on Concordia. Grew up with mandalorian family traditions instilled into him by his fanatic grandfather who raised him after his parents left at 14.... joined Deathwatch... heirloom blaster pistols

Edited by Archer Strider


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