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Kol Huro System

Jawa Hoo-Doo

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Kol Huro System


Astro Graphical Information


Region: Outer Rim Territories 

Sector: Kanz Sector

Grid Coordinates: N-4

Points of Interest: Kol Huro VII


Societal Information


Atmosphere: Acidic and Poisonous 

Indigenous Species: Droids

Immigrated Species: Galactic Wide

Primary Language(s): Binary, Galactic Basic

Faction Affiliation: Independent 

JediRP Canon History

Once a striving industrial system under Mustag Olus and the Order of Sith Lords, it fell into disarray in the century following the Galactic Empire and became an autonomy as a forgotten system. Scavengers make up most of the Immigrated Species that remained within the system, spanning across multiple species with some droids remaining active to continue the collection of ore and production and minimal upkeep. Kol Huro I - VI remain collective worlds for harvesting with a vast collection of factories being the productive heart upon Kol Huro VII.


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