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The Jedi Agricultural Corps

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Jedi Agri-Corps
Sationem salutis [‘sowing health’ in High Galactic]
Written by Kerriwarr and Sandy Sarna


With food scarcity becoming a major issue after the fall of the Sith Empire, the Jedi Order has reformed the Agri-Corps to enable its vast array of Jedi Knights and trainees to better help the galaxy recover from the galactic civil war. 


Administrative oversight of the Agricultural Corps will be maintained by a small council of Jedi Masters appointed by the High Council. This subservient council shall have direct control over the Agricultural Corps, facilitating its operation and businesses in accordance with mandates and directives as administered by the High Council. The Agricultural Corps Council - and the general leadership/membership of the Agricultural Corps as a whole - shall be made up of Jedi of the following roles:

Jedi Veterans of Galactic Wars
To reinforce a state of discipline and tact in operations, stimulate efficient work and productivity, and provide security oversight to Agri-Corps worlds and installations. 
Consulars of Relevant Specialty
To oversee the use - and necessary instruction of - Force techniques and knowledge relevant to the Agri-Corps, including but not limited to: Consitor Sato, Beast Control, Prima Vitae, etc.
Sentinels of Relevant Specialty
To facilitate the use of assistive and industry-relevant technologies and implements, and more broadly, to aid in the business relations of the Agricultural Corps with the wider galaxy to broker trade negotiations with external organizations.


General membership within the Agricultural Corps can be split into two general categories - those who have been volunteered or assigned to the Agricultural Corps as a tenured position, and those who have volunteered or elected to a temporary assignment within the Corps. The Agricultural Corps serves as one of the branches of the Jedi Service Corps, a haven for those Jedi who were deemed unfit to pass their trials of Knighthood and have thus been relegated to less-demanding, yet no more crucial work. Members of the Agri-Corps are primarily those Jedi who have failed their trials, supplemented by Masters and Knights on assignment or who have volunteered, often for respite from the rigor of active duty service in the Jedi’s combat forces.


Planetary Rehabilitation
The Agricultural Corps specialize in the revitalization of worlds damaged and obliterated, either by artificial or natural means, providing rehabilitative services to local populations and, indeed, revitalizing local ecosystems and habitats.
Agri-World Maintenance
Perhaps the primary duty of the Agri-Corps, the construction and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure for ‘Agri-Worlds’ serves as one of the organization's utmost responsibilities, growing and providing food and resources for those in need throughout the Galaxy.
Jedi Rehabilitation
Given the tranquil nature of the vocations needed within the Agri-Corps, it is certainly an alternative function of the organization to provide its members - of a permanent or temporary capacity - with respite from some of the Order’s more strenuous occupations.
Galactic Food Aid 
Serving as a means of charity and philanthropy for the Order, the Agricultural Corps, as part of its rehabilitative efforts, strive greatly to provide those in need throughout the Galaxy with healthy, nutritious produce, stationing facilities on worlds of particular destitute status and opening their doors to those in dire straits.
Alternative Income
With donation and subsidized funding from a great many organizations, the Agricultural Corps serves as an alternative, sustainable source of income for the Order, providing a lifeline in the event of a funding collapse.


NPC Cast:
Consular Tavri Hel
Veteran of the Galactic Civil War 
Age 60


Sentinel Tandrin Keel
Veteran of the Galactic Civil War 
Age 29


Apprentice Kayla Thren-Tir
Temporary assignment to Agri-Corps
Age 14


Apprentice Liam Ulantis
Temporary assignment to Agri-Corps
Age 12


Apprentice Thran-Falk
Assigned to the Agri-Corps failing trials 
Age 19

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