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Astrographical Information

Region: Wild Space
System: Kalee System
Orbital Position: 4
Moons: 1
Grid Coordinates: J-4

Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable
Primary Terrain: Caynons, Rainforests, Seas
Points of Interest: Kaleela (Capital city), Abesmi Island in the Jenuwaa Sea, Grendaju, Factory District (Bespin and X-Pyre), Shrupak Temple, Hunting Grounds


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: Kaleesh
Immigrated Species: Various humanoids
Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic, Kaleesh
Faction Affiliation: Alliance

Defense Rating: Level 2


JediRP Canon History: During the Sith war, all of the tribes of Kalee were successfully united under Khangan Han of the Todda tribe, leader of the Kolkpravis. His youngest son, Qessax, was able to secure a contract with Vangar to establish factories on Kalee via Bespin. With these factories and another contract secured from X-Pyre technologies, Kalee has begun to expand and advance, evolving from a primitive distant planet to a burgeoning society.


Due to these rapid advancements, the planet is undergoing a cultural schism. Traditionalists who believe that the old tribal ways are better have continued to enact open warfare in the streets against the Khanate’s supporters. The biggest source of conflict has been centered around the Hunting ground district, a large section of land for off-worlders to hunt the sacred muumuu beasts. However, these rebels are in the minority, as the most extreme rebels have left the world and begun terroristic raids on other worlds. The factories recently have had a shift towards weapons to fight off potential terrorist attacks, but critics are noting that the Kaleesh people never let go of a grudge, ancient or recent. 

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