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Warlord Frak (Pirate NPC)


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Real Name: Gideon Firago
A.K.A:  Warlord Frak, CPL Firago
Homeworld: Corellia
Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: 37
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 239
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
Sex: M



Clothing or Armor: Modified Huntsuit https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/HuntSuit
Weapon: Portable Blaster Cannon, Wrist Mounted Blaster
Common Inventory: Datajacks, Vibroknife





Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-force user
Archetype: Soldier
Alignment: CE
Current Faction Affiliation: Pirate


Known Skills: Weapons/Armor training, Military Training, Piloting Skills


Born in the slums of Corellia, Gideon joined the imperial Navy the first chance he got to escape the hell known as home. While in the Imperial Navy, he didn’t show too much promise. He was able to advance to corporeal, but his displays of defiance towards high ranking generals indicated that he was not going to move much higher. 


During the battle of Nar Shaddaa, the ship he was on was critically damaged and everyone was declared KIA. However, Gideon miraculously survived with 4 soldiers under his command. When they realized no one was helping them, the soldiers came together and agreed to leave the Navy and make their own way. Fixing their ship enough to leave Nar Shaddaa, the squad enacted their plan to get big. 


With the shared knowledge between them, the group were able to make their way to Kuat Shipyards, sneak in, and steal the newly made CC-7700 Frigate ‘The Iron Net’. With this ship, they escaped and hired a pirate crew at Corellia. Gideon became Warlord Frak, 'Scourge of Space’. With knowledge of space lanes and the gravity well projector of the Iron Net, Frak has begun in earnest of making sure his title is not just for show, capturing ships and towing them to some hidden base. Recently, Frak has become more bold in his attacks, and has issued a threat of a 'planetary genocide' 


Ship Registration
Name: The Iron Net
Class: Frigate
Model: Modified CC-7700
Manufacturer: Kuat Ship Yards

Length: 180 meters
Armaments: Turbolasers, Laser Cannons, Concussion Missile Tubes, Tractor Beam, Gravity Well Projector
Armor: Deflector Shield Generators
Anti-Personnel Defenses: Laser Turrets
Modifications: Added Weaponry, Tractor Beam

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