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Lady Pandora Legatha Maximus I


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Real Name: Pandora Legatha Maximus I


Homeworld: Unknown

Species: Miralukian Hybrid


Physical Description


Age: 19

Height: 5'2

Weight: 125lbs

Hair: Platinum 

Eyes: N/A

Sex: Female

Distinctive Features/Scars: Songsteel Veil gifted by Lady Cassandra to honor her clarity of sight.

Personality/Traits: Pandora carries a sense of serene, regal, and calm in her presence, a sense only matched by her soft tone when speaking and her kind smile that adorns her face normally. She can come across harsh and strict, but mostly her enemies tend to bring that side out in her. Though she still remains a soldier at heart, she is a member of the Imperial Knights first and foremost. 




Clothing or Armor: Imperial Missionary Robes, Songsteel Ceremonial Veil gifted by Lady Cassandra for her clarity of sight

Weapon: Synthetic Silver Bladed Chromium Lightsaber Pike 

Common Inventory: Change of Clothes, Credits, Imperial ID, Holdout Blaster


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Light

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Knights

Current Faction Rank: Knight




Class: Warden

Trained by: Cassandra

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Having recently advanced from Squire to Knight, Pandora holds a fundamental knowledge of the basic skills with a slight emphasis on Telekinesis and Alchaka. As a Miralukian Hybrid, she has a inherent natural affinity for Force Sight. Her preferred Combat Form is a combination of the offensive capabilities of Force integration in Niman with an emphasis of the defensive capabilities of Soresu and a marginal knowledgeable grasp upon Telekinesis Lightsaber Combat that focuses on her skill with the Lightsaber Pike.


Pre-Faction Background: Not much is known of her life before Dark Sun Station a few years ago, having been found adrift by the Imperial Navy after the battle as one of the few survivors. Wrecked with Amnesia, she holds no more than a few glimpses of her previous life.


Faction Background: Found adrift in an escape pod at the Battle of Dark Sun Station by the Imperial Navy, Pandora spent most of the first year in a medical facility on Anaxes. It was here where most of her life began, including the name she carries. During her time on Anaxes, she became close with a wounded soldier by the name of Sampson, whom she followed into the Imperial Marines after their release. During her time as an Imperial Marine, she met and befriended Lady Cassandra, and was later taken on as Lady Cassandra's Squire. After the Battle of Nar Shadaa, Pandora rose to the Rank of Imperial Knight. Has recently took the initiative to restore the Imperial Mission.


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