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Basi's Character sheet.


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Real Name: Basi Byleen

A.K.A: Bas

Homeworld: Shili

Species: Togruta


Physical Description:Slightly above average height, and a decently toned and muscular build. The Red and white Togrutan male, has two long Montrals and four lekku. Commonly seen in an alliance flightsuit with medkit and a blaster pistol hanging from his belt.

Age: 21

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: None. Long white Montrals and 4 lekku with red stripes.

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male



Clothing or Armor: Alliance Flight Suit

Weapon:B20 Field Survival Blaster Pistol and a Broken Lightsaber

Common Inventory: Comlink, Cred stick and a Medkit.


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: FU

Archetype: Jedi Consular

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Hopeful



Force Side: Light

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Piloting, Medic training, Blasters, hand to hand combat, Navigation, Hunting, Tracking, Vibroblade. Stealth, Survivalist.


Background: Basi was born on Shili his father was a warrior and hunter, his mother a politician and also an excellent huntress. They started his education early on seeing that he excelled at feats of coordination and speed. But also that his mind was always moving curiosity and an eagerness to learn how things worked and what they did drove him further. In his free time he loved learning the ways of the blade and blaster from his father, and the lessons from both his parents on hunting and survival in the mountainous homeland they had.


Reaching his adolescent years he took interest in Piloting and navigation of starships, learning as much as he could about these topics and putting them to use. By his young adult years he was already one of the best pilots they had. This however is also where he made his discovery of his fascination for Biology, anatomy and Physiology and things of a medical nature. By the time he turned 18 Basi took off and signed up with the Alliance as a fighter pilot flying missions for two years he didn't realize the Jedi had been watching him and his progress, a year later he found a broken a lightsaber and after receiving a comm to come to meet with the Jedi he sped off to get to them.


Ship Registration


Class: X-Wing

Model: T-70

Manufacturer: Incom Frei-tech


Length: 12.49 meters

Armaments: Quad Laser cannons, Proton Torpedo Launcher

Armor: Heavily Armored

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Anti Infantry blaster deployable from the undercarriage.

Modifications: Long Range communications array.


Appearance: Black with Red and blue accents.


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