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Real Name: Aevir Ku’ruy

A.K.A: N/A

Homeworld: Bothawui

Species: Bothan


Physical Description

Age: 24

Height: 5’2

Weight: 132 lbs

Hair: Cream colored on his head and beard, and light brown on the rest of his body. It goes past his shoulders when it’s down

Eyes: Green

Sex: Male

Other: Most of his face structure resembles that of a greyhound, but his nose is more leonine, and he has catlike ears



Clothing or Armor: He wears light brown Jedi robes, usually with a white undershirt and dark brown belt. He also wears dark brown mid thigh boots.

Weapon: probably a training lightsaber

Common Inventory: Comlink, rations, change of clothes


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force sensitive

Archetype: Jedi Consular

Alignment: Chaotic good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Hopeful



Force Side: Light side

Trained by: x

Trained who: x

Known Skills: 


Running businesses


Can use a blaster, but is fairly rusty

Basic force skills that he would’ve learned as an initiate


Background: Aevir had a fairly normal upbringing on Bothawui, and took over his family’s business when he reached adulthood, since his older brother hadn’t been interested. Truly, Aevir hadn’t thought about doing anything else with his life, and had little interest in the war brewing in the galaxy. He lived a mostly safe and happy life.


That is, until one day, he got extremely pissed off during a meeting and sent the CEO he had initially been trying to partner with flying across the room, somehow. It didn’t take long for rumors to begin to circulate that he was really a Sith Lord in disguise, and eventually this was publicly broadcasted. Several people came out on sketchy news networks to say they’d seen Aevir communicating with Sith, mind controlling people, and many other things.


Now, Aevir could deal with rumors, but the decrease in profits was unacceptable and his family was pressuring him to do something. He knew he had to quit while he was ahead, so he gave the business to his little sister and decided to drop everything to begin training as a Jedi, to prove he wasn’t a Sith.


The Sith path might’ve fit his traits more, as his first forays into Jedi classes at Felucia didn’t go well. He was very ambitious and self centered, and he wanted to master his newfound abilities immediately to see how they could aid him in his goals. He hadn’t planned to stay with the Jedi long term, but his family began to cut ties with him due to their own distrust of the force and he didn’t really have anywhere else to go. So he slowly began to mellow out, but he kept his ambition and viewed becoming a Jedi as his next best option for prestige, but does genuinely care about being able to help others.

Ship Registration

Name: x

Class: x

Model: x

Manufacturer: x

Length: x

Armaments: x

Armor: x

Anti-Personnel Defenses: x

Modifications: x

Appearance: x


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