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Empress Teta

JediRP Staff

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Astrographical Information

Region: Deep Core

Sector: Koros Sector

System: Empress Teta System

Orbital Position: 4

Moons: 3

Grid Coordinates: L-10


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial/Temperate->Arctic

Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable

Primary Terrain: Urban, Forests, Mountains, Plains

Points of Interest: Cinnagar Royal Palace, Core District, Great Library of Cinnagar, Hyperspace Navigator’s Guild House , Monument to Lost Navigators, Core Mining Guild Headquarters, New Iron Citadel


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: Humans (71%)

Immigrated Species: Variety of alien species (29%)

Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic Standard

Faction Affiliation: Galactic Alliance (Capital)


JediRP Canon History: 

A near ecumenopilis, Empress Teta rivaled Coruscant in its prime. Boasting a strong military presence and defensible position, Enoress Teta was left relatively untouched from the galactic conflicts up to this point. As the galaxy lay in shambles post-Imperial Sith Apocolypse, this stronghold of military and economic might has emerged from the treachery of the Deep Core to serve as a crown jewel of lead worlds in the galaxy. From a newly reconstructed Iron Citadel, leadership of the Galactic Alliance oversee the governance and defense of the known galaxy and all worlds that ascribe to their alliance.

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