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Astrographical Information


Name: Nev'aru'lund

Region: Unnamed

Sector: Unnamed

System: Nev'aru'lund

Orbital Position: 7th

Moons: 7 (unnamed)

Grid Coordinates: T-9


Physical Information


Class: Archipelago 

Atmosphere: Type 1

Primary Terrain: Islands, Fresh Water Seas, Polar Icecaps

Points of Interest: Unknown Settlement 


Societal Information


Indigenous Species: Unnamed Flora and Fauna

Immigrated Species: Children of Kleef Chu

Primary Language(s): Basic

Faction Affiliation: None

Defense Rating: Level 1


History: Originally discovered by Kleef Chu, also known as Captain Greensnout, this uninhabited and uncharted archipelago world has been chosen for a purpose known only to its finder as his children are deposited upon the fresh waters of this world at regular intervals and have been for the last two decades. It's the 7th Planet past the 2nd Star of the System.

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