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Bespin Wing Guard

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The Bespin Wing Guard are the primary protection agency of the planet Bespin and its interests. Originally based exclusively on and around Cloud City, the Bespin Wing Guard worked in multiple areas of focus to provide for the safety and security of the Cloud City populace and their interests. Starting out as a small select group of brutes, the organization evolved until it became a multifaceted corrupt extension of the aristocracy. For years the organization worked to further the interests of its benefactors, for a time even finding themselves in the employ of the infamous Black Sun criminal syndicate. Once the Imperial Remnant rose to power and Vangar Longfang Began to rise amongst the ranks, bloody coups were waged and suppressed.


After some time, the corruption was purged from the ranks and practices of the Wing Guard, leaving a streamlined albeit hardened corporation in its place. The Wing Guard still works to preserve and advance the interests of Bespinians the galaxy over; only this time their benefactors include all who call the planet home. The Wing Guard’s salaries are determined by the satisfaction of the people they serve. The more content they are, the more the Wing Guard earns. Today, agents and officers of the Wing Guard work with a zeal unmatched by any other law enforcement agency, their dedication to their cause reaching across the galaxy on the thinnest strands of affiliation to Bespin. This has seen members of the Wing Guard fighting alongside Rebels and Imperial Soldiers and even Sith operatives at times.



The standard uniform of Bespin’s Wing Guard consist of crisp neatly-pressed aster blue pants and a white long sleeve shirts covered by a buttoned up red-trimmed blue coat adorned with gold filigree. Topped by a short-billed blue cap, the Guard traditionally carries silvered Relby weapons. This does not stop them from using whatever is necessary to complete their task.


The Wing Guard has been known to play fast and loose with the rules. As a whole, the organization tends to believe in a philosophy of the greater good and the spirit of more so than the letter of the law. They have been questioned for their methods at times, completely disregarding local and some galactic customs and laws. That is, provided they do not conflict with the legislation of Bespin, which has been known to be more capitalistic and freeing in many aspects of business and law where it concerns off worlders and business dealings.


The Bespin Wing Guard utilize a variety of cloud cars produced by Bespin Motors. Originally designed for atmospheric flight, specifically within the variety of atmospheric pressures, cloud cars are versatile and agile. As the Wing Guard grew, so did the development and production of the cloud car until they became formidable fighter craft in both low and non atmospheric conditions.


Painted in their traditional orange, the sight of the Bespin Wing Guard are a welcome sight about Bespin as their ion engines howl through the air. Forming up against incoming enemy craft, the Wing Guard are experts in not only patrol abd policing procedures but ship-to-ship combat.




The Wing Guard is divided into several different areas of expertise, many of which are outlined below:





The Home Guard are the members of the Wing Guard who are dedicated to the protection of Bespin itself. They provide policing and customs services the world over, often times chasing smugglers deep into the crushing gases that swirl deep below the habitable zone. These Guards are known to be some of the fiercest members of the organization. Protecting the very lives of those who they are sworn to protect, these men and women are willing to lay down their very lives. They will go further than many and push the boundaries more often, leaving nothing to chance whenever possible.





These are the scientists of the Wing Guard. They dedicate the majority of their lives to studying the ins and outs of weather not only on Bespin, but the galaxy over. From science to mysticism and from ritual to religion, they leave no stone unturned. Journeying across the galaxy, the Meteroology Department studies weather patterns and systems on worlds the galaxy over. This includes studying winter storms on Hoth and Csillia, hurricanes on Kamino, sandstorms everwhere from  Dantooine all the way beyond Tatooine, and even the tranquil spring rains of Naboo. From these storms vast stores of data are kept and analyzed, with a rich history of weather and noted effects on weather documented in the Department’s files.



The Meteorology Department has developed several advanced methods of detecting the first signs of developing storms and weather anomalies. Rumor has it that they have been testing new technology that would allow them to dissipate and potentially even weaponize weather systems. Along with this, they have learned how to predict the potential destructive power of differing natural phenomena and best prepare populations and production centers for them in efforts to minimize the loss of life and property damage.






“When order fails and anarchy comes, we are the ones who stand in the gap”

-G.A.P. Division Officer


G.A.P. Division, i.e. The Gap, as the Galactic Asset Protection Division is commonly referred to, are the agents and officers of the Bespin Wing Guard who span the galaxy providing not only security to the investments and interests of the people of Bespin, but who actively seek out those who actions may cause harm to pecuniary loss to any of Bespin’s shareholders.


GAP officers often serve as a military force working independent of and alongside other governing militaries and private contractors the galaxy over. The Division maintains a separate set of more standardized ranks to coincide with other naval forces across the galaxy. They have a fleet of ships that they maintain and operate. This fleet is able to deploy squadrons of combat cloud cars across the galaxy when planetary conflicts and blockades threaten Bespin’s bottom line.


GAP agents on the other hand are an unseen force of intelligence operatives who work unseen in the shadows of countless companies, governments, and agencies. They monitor and direct business opportunities to the advancement of Bespin’s and their allies’ business interests. At times, they will even engage in sabotage to prevent financial loss or save lives. If the Home Guard are the fiercest members of the Agency, GAP agents were the sleaziest. Many times they will pad their own pockets, skimming percentages off the top of any advancements they bring to Bespin. Those who are caught are punished by Bespinian law. Those who are not go on to retire to lives of luxury. Even then, they do not usually forget their brothers and sisters in uniform, aiding them with extrajudicial means when times get tough.





The Crisis Mitigation Team is stationed on Bespin, but able to be deployed the galaxy over at a moment’s notice. During the ongoing onslaught of the Sith war, the team was stretched thin. Oftentimes they would have to choose between one crisis and another, determining which one they could better serve and whose plight related more to the people at home. Of course, the plight of the people of Bespin always stood first and foremost in their minds.



Scrambling to load the location-specific supplies aboard their squadron of freighters, these beings rush to the aid of populaces in natural and economic disasters, war torn planets, and even to rescue individuals and craft stranded and in jeopardy. Medical professionals, search and rescue personnel, and the most kind-hearted members of the Wing Guard make up this branch. 





What follows are a list of select highlighted members of the Bespin Wing Guard along with brief bios and/or facts about their careers within the Wing Guard.


NAME: Aldar F’Toong

POSITION/RANK: Home Guard Customs Enforcement Corporal, formerly GAP Procurement and Protection Agent assigned to OffWorld Mining Corps.

BIO: After a series of failed operations, all of which are still technically classified, Aldar F’Toong was removed from his undercover status and transferred back to a post under Bespin’s Home Guard. One particular event that garnered intergalactic headlines, if only for a moment, was the reported assassination of  prominent member of the Kessel Mining Authority when an 11-17 mining droid mysterious combusted in close proximity only to be discovered to have been wired with military grade explosives in the ensuing investigation. F’Toong was never officially implicated with the crime, but those in the know quickly realized that the Devaronian’s volatile temperament  presented a threat to their bottom line if left unchecked in the galaxy. Demoted and brought home, F’Toong is a zealous customs enforcer, oftentimes tasked with locating and handling checkpoint bypassers and those who manage to evade patrols and make landfall.




NAME: Yarat Nimoonim

POSITION/RANK: Dignitary Protection Detail, Sergeant

BIO: While Yarat is a skilled pilot, much like every Notholin seems to be, that is not where her true skills lie. In her first week as a Home Guard enforcement officer, Yarat was able to singlehandedly stop the crew of a rogue craft that had managed to break through Chinook Station’s defenses and land alobgside a tibanna gas laden Corellian transport from offloading several crates of stolen military grade explosives. Realizing their defeat, the terrorists attempted to detonate their craft on the landing pad; however, Yarat was able to fight to the cockpit and set it’s autopilot to fly off into empty airspace and detonate, leaping from the open loading ramp as the ship left the edge of the tarmac. Yarat’s actions and abilities did not go unnoticed as she is the youngest member of the Wing Guard to be awarded both the Platinum Wing of Gallantry, the Wing Guard’s highest honor, as well as the Corellian Bloodstripe. Today she is assigned to the Dignity Protection Detail where her skills are regularly put to use fending off would be hitmen and degenerates bent on the downfall of Bespin’s elite and their guests.  






NAME: Taziano “Taz” Verrastro

POSITION/RANK: Admiral Commander of the Galactic Asset Protection Division’s Uniformed Naval Forces

BIO: Admiral Commander Verrastro is a longstanding member of the Bespin Wing Guard, having survived regime changes and the tumultuous uprising of the Wing Guard’s current personification. A shrewd tactical mind with the temperament of a crisis negotiator and silvered tongue of a Core World politician, Taz utilizes his position aboard the sleekest and strongest vessels available to the Wing Guard to secure the best possible outcomes for his people and to bring offenders to justice wherever they may be hiding.





NAME: Ervin Von Kimmoc

POSITION/RANK: Bespin Wing Guard Chief of Operations

BIO: Ervinn Von Kimmoc, a name that invokes visceral feelings in those of the criminal community who hear it. Wether those feelings are composed of hate-filled rage or fear depends entirely on the business dealings of individuals and entire organizations. Von Kimmic is the poster child of the phrase “by whatever means necessary,” having conducted business dealings with anyone from the Sith to the Syndicates in order to ensure safe passage and unhindered access to resources and production facilities. On the flip side, those who stand in the way of the progress of Bespinians and Bespin itself are often removed entirely from the playing field; with entire corporations being bankrupted seemingly overnight, their leadership replaced with more sympathetic individuals. All the while, Von Kimmic’s hands have remained clean while he directs the comings and goings of Bespin’s premier law enforcement organization.





NAME: Melchi Zann-Trejii

POSITION/RANK: Cloud Car Squadron Leader/ Space Wing 3/Captain 

BIO: Captain Zann-Treji is best known for his selflessness during the Sith invasion of  Bespin, where he singlehandedly managed to recover a blizzard-creation prototype from beneath the watchful eyes of the invaders; running the final stretch to his waiting cloud car and Squadron and taking off into the pink/soaked sunset sky where they engaged in fierce ship-to-ship combat before vanishing into the swirling clouds deep within the planet. Captain Ann-Treji now commands a wing of space borne combat cloud cars as a part of the GAP Uniformed Naval Forces.






NAME: Terrinian Hando

POSITION/RANK: Crisis Mitigation Force-Chief Coordinator

BIO: “A force for good.” That is how those who have actually met Terrinian Hando or have worked with him describe him when asked. Rarely seen, but often heard and felt through the echoes of his actions. This man has the final deciding responsibility of when, where, and how to implement Bespin’s vast wealth in the pursuit of humanity. Rarely is he seen in the field. Even in the most dire of circumstances, he can be found at his desk working late into the Bespinian night coordinating the vast stretch of resources across the cosmos to the aid of those in need. It is this dedication that allowed the Wing Guard’s Rapid Response Team to be one of the first on scene to the devastation of Coruscant; with men and resources moving into action before the dust even settled. Not many have heard of Tarrinian Hando, but there are few more in the galaxy whose compassionate touch has been felt by so many.






NAME: Rynth Gallo Tryne

POSITION/RANK: Retired GAP Agent, formerly Reacquisition Agent Assigned to Sienar Fleet Systems, where she retired as Vice President of Developmental Astronavigation & Chairman of the Outer Rim Acquisitions Negotiation Council

BIO: Rynth spent years operating independently as an embedded undercover operative for the Wing Guard within the ranks of Sienar Fleet Systems. From there, she was officially tasked with ensuring that none of the technology or inventions of Bespinians were being taken and used without their consent and proper payment. Additionally, she was to subtlety direct the actions of the company to benefit the people of Bespin and the advancement of the planet. 
Rynth was good at her job and wuickly advanced through the company hierarchy warning money for the company, protecting and enhancing Bespin, and, of course, skimming a percentage off the top for herself the entire time. She continues to receive payouts to this day from a variety of shell corporations and offworld bank accounts, while living a life of luxury in the towering spires of Cloud City.






NAME: Eldenhar Ne’Kk’Tarrie

POSITION/RANK: Atmospheric Anomalies Division of the Meteorology Department, Lead Atmospheric Investigator

BIO: As Lead Atmospheric Investigator, Eldenhar has an extension scientific knowledge of weather in all of its facets. His quiet demeanor seems contrary to the excitement of his work as he leads teams into the most dangerous weather patterns across the galaxy, descending into ancient swirling vortexes, passing through Sith induced atmospheric phenomena, and even ascending into the unique weather patterns brought about by massive fires and volcanos. A hands on perfectionist with years of research under his direcrion have made Eldenhar an expert rivaled by none in the Outer Rim and few in the Core. It is rumored Eldenhar is one of the key designers of a prototype that is capable of calming even the greatest of storms via the dissipation of ion particles.




NAME: Naar Zhid

POSITION//RANK: Home Guard/Customs, Interceptor Pilot

BIO: Naar Zhid’s career with the Bespin Wing Guard follows several successful years as a bomber pilot with the Rebel Alliance, a career he fell into completely by chance after the longhaul freighter he had been crewing for several years fell under attack. Desiring more stability and a more permanent home base, Naar joined the Wing Guard where he quickly proved his skill and daring at the yoke of a versatile cloud car; a vehicle he has taken to personally modifying for even greater speed and maneuverability. He now spends his time as a nighttime customs interceptor pilot, identifying and pursuing would be smugglers and checkpoint jumpers deep into Bespin’s atmosphere.

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