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Nubia Star Drives, Inc.

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Nubia Star Drives, Inc.





NSDInc is a planetary based collective of artisans, manufacturers, and inventors dedicated to the free development and production of space-faring craft and equipment. They have become known for their adherence to the ideals of freedom of expression and quality over quantity. It is the former that has led them into conflict with many mega-corporations that have sought to exploit their designs. The latter ensures that their designs and productions are highly sought after the galaxy over. Teams of lawyers and highly-paid covert operatives work to ensure that none of their designs are pirated for blatant exploitation by other designers and mass-producers.



It is the craftsmen of NSDInc that have brought revolutionary advancements in hyperspace technology to the galaxy as a whole. This combined with their advancements in stealth field generators, and their signature chromium deflective armor have contributed to a freedom if movement that far surpasses that of the ordinary traveler. Each craft designed is a work of art unto itself. Even commissioned fleets of supposedly identical vessels are each handcrafted and as such possess unique indefinable traits that set every craft apart from its kin. Because of this, production is much slower than the usual mass stamp-production of Imperial warships or even the artistic flairs of Mon Cal made vessels. Every plate, screw, and wire is hand-formed and placed to ensure exact fit and construction.




NSDInc is unaffiliated with any system of government. While based on Nubia, they operate free from but within the bounds of Nubian law. Those who have tried to turn NSDInc into a government subsidized entity or have sought to bring them under their aura of influence have found themselves grasping at thin air. While NSDInc does maintain production yards and a small posh headquarters on Nubia, their proprietary information is protected via a variety of security measures and countermeasures. In a short time, the entirety of the main offices can be vacated, their systems purged and nothing but fine layers of chromium dust left to tell of their existence. Many of the chief designers, creators, inventors, and artisans affiliated with NSBInc work from small private facilities not just on Nubia but across the Core. They possess mere portions of the whole of projects they are working on and at a moment’s notice are able to vanish into the cool night air with nary a trace. Many would be barons and principalities have discovered the hard way that NSBInc is best left to their own devices. Those that have discovered this have reaped the benefits of such a relationship, having acquired some of the finest crafted vessels that money can buy.



Some products that NSDInc offers for retail in addition to customized work include the following:


-A-Type Stiletto starfighter

-D-Type Stealth Freighter

-Courier-class Yacht

-J-Type Star Skiff


-Freefall-Class Bomber

-J-Type 327 Nubian



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