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Piotr Malczewski's Sheet

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Real Name: Piotr Malczewski

A.K.A: x

Homeworld: Carida

Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: 22

Height: 5'11

Weight: 159

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male



Clothing or Armor: Fine garb befitting a noble- blues and golds are very prominent.

Weapon: None

Common Inventory: Credit chip. communicator


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force user

Archetype: Paladin

Alignment: Light

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Current Faction Rank: Squire



Force Side: Light Side

Trained by: 

Trained who: 

Known Skills: 


Background: The first son of a prominent noble family on Carida, Piotr was always expected to carry forth his family's proud legacy as a defender of Carida. He promptly looked to drop any semblance of responsibility, instead looking to rely on his family's name and good graces to coast by. He was involved in many scandals and other incidents, and would have lost his nobility had it not been for the discovery of his sensitivity to the Force. His family gave him a choice- Join the Imperial Knights and rebuild his reputation, or be left nameless, penniless, and humiliated. This hasn't stopped his quick wit or his lack of restraint, but it has focused it away from the courts of Carida, much to the relief of the local counts and countesses. 


Ship Registration

Name: x

Class: x

Model: x

Manufacturer: x


Length: x

Armaments: x

Armor: x

Anti-Personnel Defenses: x

Modifications: x


Appearance: x

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