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Mekuma Simka's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Mekuma Simka

A.K.A: Meku

Homeworld: Glee Anselm, Glee Anselm system, Jalor sector

Species: Nautolan


Physical Description

Age: 15

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: None; has multiple sensory tentacles emerging from his head instead, eight of them covered by a pair of brown bands each

Eyes: Large, beady black

Sex: Male

A Nautolan, Meku Simka is an amphibious humanoid of average height for his age, standing at 5'6" with bluish-violet skin. Fourteen tentacles the same shade as his skin emerge from his head, some covered by brown bands and allowed to fall onto his shoulders. A Padawan braid made of Silka beads hangs from the right side of his head. Possessing sharp, midnight-black eyes reflecting the galaxy around them, he has well-defined features common to his species. Of a cheerful mien, Simka's typical expression is a playful smirk, which adds to his overall exuberant persona. Despite this, however, Simka's deep black eyes reflect the look of an astute, dexterous and penetrating young Anselmian. Of a naturally thin and lean build thanks to his heritage, the boy is incredibly flexible and agile, and has a tendency to jump around.



Clothing or Armor: Meku typically prefers to dress in typical Jedi Padawan apparel; simple and comfortable long, flowing robes, of alternating cream and sea-grey shades. A cream overtunic with a grey trim over a cream-coloured undertunic, cream-coloured loose-fitting pants that reach down to his ankles, tucked into white calf-high boots. This is all held together at his waist by a chocolate-coloured belt with a plasteel silver buckle, to which his lightsabers are attached. Over this all is a grey Jedi cloak, the cowl often drawn to cover his tentacles.

Weapon: Training lightsaber (blue blade), a heavy blaster pistol. 

Common Inventory:

  1. Pocket Secretary
  2. Cee-Three, an R2-series Astromech (R2C3)


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User.

Alignment: Good.

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order.

Current Faction Rank: Jedi Hopeful.



Force Side: Light

Trained by: Unassigned

Trained who: None

Known Skills:

  1. Agile and flexible; a natural acrobat
  2. Possesses naturally great reflexes
  3. Exceptional piloting talent




"The Child..."
"My son."
"The Force is strong with him. Like his father."
—Karra Reduli and Similtar Simka


Mekuma was born on the tail end of the last galactic civil war and at the dawn of the Galactic Alliance, on a simple coral farm on Glee Anselm to Similtar Simka, and Miklara Reduli, both Nautolans. His father, Simka, had actually been a Jedi Master of great prowess, and also the master of Jedi Master Karra Rezuli, a Nautolan and the sister of his future wife. Similtar Simka had chosen to leave the Temple and move in with Lumiklara on Glee Anselm after their marriage, who was in fact a simple farm girl and from whose side of the family the coral farm came from. Preferring a life of patient labor on the water world of Glee Anselm, Similtar was the first to notice his son's Force-sensitivity, the second being the now Jedi Master Karra Rezuli, who was paying a visit to her old Master and her sister's homestead. With some reluctance, Similtar nonetheless handed the infant Mekuma to Master Reduli, and she took the boy back with her to the Felucia Jedi Temple.



"Close your eyes. Feel it. The Light. It has always been there, and so it shall remain. A part of you."—Karra Rezuli, to Mekuma Simka


Training in the ways of the Force, the initiate Simka would often meet Karra Rezuli during his studies, who took a natural interest in her nephew and her Master's son, and would give him pointers every now and then. Eventually, Master Rezuli would leave the Jedi Order and join the Imperial Knights, and Simka did not take too kindly to the loss of his aunt. He grew up in the Felucia Jedi Temple to be a sharp-witted boy, wise beyond his years. He would take quickly to the holocrons he studied. He was also a natural in a cockpit: at the age of eight, Simka wowed his crèche-mates and even his elders by achieving one of the highest flight simulator scores achieved since the formation of the Galactic Alliance, and he would continuously break his own record as he grew. His proficiency in the cockpit was a result of his intensely potent connection to the Force. 



Meku, as a youngling in the Felucia Temple Crèche

During his years at the Temple growing up, Simka was often visited by his father as well, especially in his later years after the Seige of Onderon and the Cataclysm of Coruscant, when even Jedi who were no longer associated with the Order were called on again to assist against the rising Sith Empire. However, Similtar Simka would lay down his life during the counterattack at Onderon, leaving Simka orphaned and his mother - still on Glee Anselm - widowed. Eventually, Simka would take his Hopeful Trails, passing them to the satisfaction of the Felucia Jedi Temple elders in the hopes of being apprenticed to a great Master and properly learning the ways of the Force.


Ship Registration

Name: Akcinor Five

Class: Stealth Starfighter

Model: TIE/vn space superiority fighter (TIE silencer)

Manufacturer: Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems


Length: 17.43 meters (57.190 ft)


  • Medium SJFS L-s9.6 laser cannons (4)
  • SJFS L-7.5 heavy laser cannons (2)
  • Missile launchers (2)
  • Arakyd ST7 concussion missiles
  • Mag-pulse warheads
  • Proton torpedoes

Armor: Armored cockpit canopy

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Deflector shield generator and projector

Modifications: Akcinor Five is a standard-issue TIE/vn space superiority fighter (TIE silencer) dating from the third decade ABY, with parts retrofitted for the second century ABY

Other systems: Advanced stealth field generator




Edited by Simka Suume

Mekuma Simka

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