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Lord Ōk Rägnär

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Real Name: Ōk Rägnär

A.K.A: Lord Ōk Rägnär, Darth Dictum

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Species: Miralukian 


Physical Description


Age: 35

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: Platinum 

Eyes: White

Sex: Male

Distinctive Features/Scars: Scarred and Disfigured where flesh was melted from jaw and most of the right side of his face due to Baptism of Blood, Numerous Training Scars and Scars from the boiling Blood that splashed across his form.

Personality/Traits: Raised up on Alpheridies and later inducted into the Sith as his Father's Legacy, Ōk has a carefree yet regal attitude, resulting in an untempered brashness and complete disregard for consequences. Believes himself to be a byproduct of the life he was given.




Clothing or Armor: Mask of the Undead[No Effects, standard mask from undead opponent], Robes of the Flesh[no effect, Robes of leathered flesh]

Weapon: Twin Sith Short Swords [that bleed Poison], Crystalis Stillblade[gifted by Inmortos: can't access Cyromancy advantages, only visual effects]

Common Inventory: Poison Cartridges, Holocron


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank: Sith Lord

Current Faction Class: Assassin




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: Darth Ragnus, Darth Sanguine

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Raised from a young age as a Sith first under his father and later Darth Sanguine, he is proficient in both lightsaber combat and use of the Force.


Force Powers


Basic Knowledge of Alter, Sense, and Control

Phantom Step

Shadow Lash

Shadow Step

Force Illusion 

Cloak of Lies

Lingering Doubts


Poison Forms


Lightsaber Forms


Form IV [Competent Proficiency]

Form VII [Preferred]

Jar'Kai [Competent Proficiency]



Force Sight [Hereditary]


Pre-Faction Background: Ōk, or Dictum as he is typically called, was born a bastard on Alpheridies. His father was Sith Lord and Master, Darth Ragnus aka Vōk Rägnär who only came back into his son's life after learning of the boy's potential in the Force. After his father's rogue mission and death on Tatooine, Ōk remained on Alpheridies until he was taken on as an Apprentice to Darth Sanguine. 


Faction Background: Originally, Ōk was trained as a youngling under his father Darth Ragnus until his disappearance and death on Tatooine. Partially Trained in the Force, Ōk finished his youth on Alpheridies until he left his homeworld in search of his Father under the guidance of Darth Sanguine whom also sought out the knowledge of his father's fate. After learning of his father's death, Ōk chose to finish his tutelage under Darth Sanguine until he slew the Sith Lord and took on the title of Darth Dictum. Now he returns to the Galaxy to take his father's place amongst the Galaxy and the Sith.


Edited by Lord Ōk Rägnär

Dictum.jpg.0f5717fd74fdc4ee9bfc91ffc3fa3457.jpgDarth Dictum


"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" - Edgar Allen Poe

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