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Dark Side tendrils

Krath Apothos

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One of the most advanced, difficult, and destructive forms of Sith magic, Dark Side tendrils are formed by a skilled sorcerer directly conjuring the malevolent energy of their power into the physical world.


The technique starts with the sorcerer's absolute concentration as a black mist covers the ground in the area 10 to 20 feet around the sorcerer. This mist is harmless, aside from creating a sense of unease in those touching it. The mist then swirls and thickens, over a dozen tendrils of inky fog sliding up out of the obscuring haze, each as tall as a man. These tendrils are composed of pure Dark Side energy. If the sorcerer can maintain his concentration, these tendrils move as extensions of his will, moving and attacking like actual limbs. When conjured by a Lord, they badly and painfully burn any flesh they touch, disintegrate cloth, and rapidly corrode most mundane armor. It is a Sith Master, however, that draws out this technique's true potential. At their command, the tendrils hold the same destructive power as a lightsaber. However, instead of melting and cutting, they completely annihilate all but the toughest matter like beskar or similar materials, leaving not even dust behind. There is no hiss of evaporation, no crackle of power, no glow of heat. Whatever the tendril passes through simply disappears, as the refined power of the Dark Side erases it from existence. Energy fields like shields are taxed and rapidly drained by direct contact. Lightsabers, blasters, and other energy based weapons briefly disrupt a tendril upon passing through, dissipating that tendril for a few seconds, but are weakened in turn. A lightsaber will flicker and cut less effectively for a second or two, and a blaster bolt that passes through will be weakened to the point of being nonlethal but still painful.


While the offensive capability of this technique is undeniable, the downside is in the difficulty in conjuring and controlling it. Even the greatest sorcerers must devote the whole of their concentration when using it, leaving them vulnerable and forcing them to abandon the technique once an enemy closes or forces them to defend themselves, allowing the tendrils to immediately dissipate. Even so, the mist from which they are formed remains for a brief while, and the sorcerer can take control of the spell again once they've gained some distance.

Edited by Krath Apothos
Edited to better clarify the technique's limitations
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