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Sanguis Æquitas

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Real Name: Sanguis Æquitas 


Homeworld: Unknown

Adopted Homeworld: Ossus

Species: Humanoid


Physical Description


Age: 50

Age Apparent: 25

Height: 5'7

Weight: 157lbs

Hair: Dark Emerald 

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Sex: Male

Distinctive Features/Scars: Elongated Ears, Scarred Right Cheek

Personality/Traits: Serene and collected in a typical environment. Can be bold and brash, slightly of the arrogant nature in combat, preferencing the Force over the Lightsaber or in tandem. 




Clothing or Armor: Cerulean Blue Robes decorative of the summer snow of Ossus, Body Glove beneath, and a decorative Emerald Green Crystadurium Pauldron with connected Crystadurium Brevor that covers the scar beneath his right eye.

Weapon: Cross Guard Emerald Lightsaber

Common Inventory: N/A


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Knight

Faction Rank Equivalent:




Force Side: Light

Trained by:  Jedi Master Æowülf Bëndár

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: As a recently Knighted Jedi, Sanguis has fundamental and rudimentary knowledge in the basics of Control, Sense, and Alter with a focus in Enhance Attribute, Force Sense, and Crucitorn. Has began to understand the basics of Force Deflection, a gift given by his Former Master, and a racial affinity for Tapas.

Racial Skills: Sanguis has a inherent natural affinity in Tapas, able to draw upon the Force to keep his form warm even in the coldest of environments. 

Preferred Lightsaber Form: Former III Soresu


Pre-Faction Background: When Jedi Knight Æowülf Bëndár traveled to the planet of Syned, he was quite intrigued by rumors of an orphaned boy who never aged and had survived being locked outside on the frigid surface of the world. This would bring Æowülf to seek this child out, and upon discovering Sanguis, chose the boy as his Padawan.


Faction Background: Sanguis was formally inducted into the Jedi Order at Ossus at the apparent age of ten and across the next thirty years of his life, was trained under the man who found him and raised him. After the Battle of Nar Shadaa and upon recognition of his skill, Sanguis was raised to rank of Jedi Knight.


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