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Vangar Longfang

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Vangar’s Character Sheet





Real Name: Vangar 

A.K.A: Moff Longfang

Homeworld: Barab I

Species: Barabel


Age: 43

Height: 7’6”

Weight: 280 lbs

Skin: Gray

Eyes: Black

Sex: Male






-armored scales

-Aeien silk cloak in blue, distinctive silvered belt buckle - marks of the office of Baron Administrator of Cloud City

-Rocket boots/gloves

-powered armor of titanium complete with HUD regulating weapons systems, armor integrity and combined fuel levels of both the flamethrowers and rocket packs, targeting array, and UV and infrared sensor suites

-armorweave undersuit embedded with durasteel mail





-3” teeth


-Duel forearm-mounted flamethrowers

-Duel wrist-mounted grappling hooks

-1 monomolecular stiletto

-4 songsteel long knives

-12 helmet-mounted incendiary micro-rockets

-Sonic Projector (left palm)

-Accelerated Charged Particle Array (ACP) gun

-2 Relby K-23 blaster pistols




-Misc high value/rare gemstones

-Credit Chit




Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User:  Non-Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Faction Affiliation: Imperial Alliance

Rank: 3rd Rank, Legendary NFU

Title: Longfang, Guildmaster of the Bespin Trade Guilds, Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Moff of the Anoat Sector, Commander of the Imperial Warship Ancillary Justice, Chairman of the Galactic Alliance Board of Governors, Crown Regent of the Imperial Remnant (First True Galactic Empire) 

Class: Soldier





Force Side: None

Trained By: Imperial Remnant, Barabel Clans

Trained Who: 

Known Skills: 

-Barabel Martial Fighting Styles

-Knife Fighting

-Battlefield Combat

-Heavy Weapons Combat

-Naval Warfare

-Tribal Healing Techniques

-Gambling/Games of Chance

-Commerce & Industrial Management






Vangar was born, like the majority of Barabel on their homeworld of Barab I. He spent his youth there, learning, growing, hunting, prowling, until one day his entire clan, hired by some unnamed off world contractor swooped in and took them all to the floating city amongst the clouds, Cloud City, Bespin. It was a stark difference from the dark underworld of his youth; a vibrant city raised from the depths and into a shining new future.


Once there Vangar and his hatchmates were put to work as security, enforcement, and muscle for a variety of enterprises under the umbrella of Black Sun. Casinos, mining platforms, even public security, they did it all. It paid well and Vangar did his job as best as he could, ferreting out sabetours, corporate spies, and thieves. Even under the shadow of Black Sun, it was honest work. The time he was not working was spent prowing the unseen catacombs and tunnels beneath the city, learning the floating metropolis inside and out.



As he grew, so did Vangar’s responsibilities. Soon the Barabel’s responsibilities eclipsed mere security and he found himself not just protecting but overseeing an entire mining platform deep within the gaseous clouds of Bespin, far from the society he had grown accustomed to. From there, he advanced to overseeing all Tibanna processing within Cloud City and representing the Mining Guild to the City’s government. With the overthrow of the criminal regime and the implementation of Imperial rule, Vangar continued in his position, albeit with a few more regulations implemented from off planet by those who might not have any idea as to what they legislated. Safety measures in place of maximum output; taxes in place of blackmail, mostly, sometimes both; standardization; contracts, things changed almost overnight. Vangar adapted to it easily at the same time becoming the leader of his small tribal unit that still remained within the City, the Longfang.




With the vacancy of the City’s Baron Administrator, Vangsr found himself pushed into the role. It was a far cry from his origins of security, but was a core concept to what brought him into the role. Vangar’s experience mining and processing, seeing that his frews remained safe egen when there was no regulations, spoke to the people, elite and common. As Baron Administrator, he would see that all under his care were offered the protection and elevation of his office, worthy of any who called thencity in the clouds home.


Soon Vangar found himself representing both the Mining Guild and Cloud City to the Bespin Trade Guilds. There his management experience and no nonsense attitude quickly brought him into the position of Guildmaster across the world. Following shortly came a visit from Imperial representatives and an appointment as a sector governor of the entire Anoat Sector, the output and security of Bespin and Cloud City stood like a stark jewel glistening in the starlight of the Outer Rim.


With these new roles, Vangar found his time divided. Cloud City, Bespin, Gerrenthum and all throughout the sector, and even beyond. With the war against the Sith raging, Vangar came to rely more and more on his most trusted confidants as he oversaw a world, a sector, and paid their dues to the Alliance and Remnant in both supplies and manpower. When the call for all available reinforcements came, Vangar himself took command of the Imperial forces of the sector and proceeded to Na Shaddaa. The battle there would be intense and Vangar would see that the best of Bespin were accounted for.





PERSONAL CRAFT: N/A, Vangar utilizes a variety of Cloud City government and Mining Guild corporate craft






Edited by Vangar




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