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Darth Calypso

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Darth Calypso







Real Name: Kelara Vesh

A.K.A: Lady Calypso

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Human (Coruscanti)


Physical Description


Age: 36 (physically)

Height: 5' 6"

Weight:145 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Black Gown

Weapon: Red Lightsaber

Common Inventory: Communicator, Rebreather


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Master

Class: Sorcerer




Force Side: Sith

Trained by: Darth Vilius

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Survival skills, Sith History, Sith Alchemy, Form 1 Lightsaber Combat (often used in conjunction with telekinesis)

Force Skills: 

Telekinesis, Force Sight, Force Blast, Bolt of Hatred, Force Lightning, Consume Essence



Kelara Vesh was born in the lower levels of Coruscant in 1072 BBY, back when the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Army of Light were preparing to fight the last Sith war the galaxy would see for a millenium. Homeless at the age of 8, she grew up scavenging the slum districts, one more skinny, ratty orphan among thousands like her. By the time she’d become a teenager, her life revolved around stealing, fighting, and running. Every now and then though, her latest hiding place would afford her a glimpse of the levels above and the people who lived there. Those brief peeks gave her curiosity, then hope, and eventually a deep-seated resentment.


When Kelara was 17, a series of back-to-back gang wars flared up and turned the sublevel she was living in into a warzone. It eventually got to the point that the Coruscant Security Force came down and drove out the residents en masse. Running away with the rest, Kelara ended up darting down a passage she hadn’t explored before. When she eventually admitted she was lost, she realized she’d broken the one immutable rule of the sublevels: never go too deep.


Before she could escape she was found by the cthon, the semi-sentient cannibal mutants living on Coruscant’s lowest levels. In a fit of anger, fear, and one incredibly lucky strike with a piece of rebar, she managed to brain and kill the cthon packleader, causing the rest to back off just long enough for her to bolt up a maintenance hatch and back towards the slums.


When she emerged from the tunnels, she found a strange man waiting for her. A Sith, hiding in plain sight and covertly moving through Coruscant’s underground to avoid the attention of the Jedi, had felt the flicker of the Dark Side from the girl's rage in the tunnels below. Deciding to make use of a potential tool, he took her as an apprentice on the condition that she guide him through the bowels of the city. He was powerful enough to do it himself, but he wouldn’t be able to blend in and he'd likely leave a bloody trail. Having a local guide to avoid the contentious areas would be more subtle. Plus, he figured if he trained her enough, he could toss her behind him as a decoy “Sith” if the Jedi ever caught his trail.


He introduced himself as Darth Vilius, and over the next four years he trained her in the ways of the Sith, as well as giving her the materials she needed to make up for her lack of basic education. She learned fast, devoting herself completely to the Code of the Sith and its promise of strength being rewarded with victory and freedom. Vilius was shocked to see how fast she progressed, her passion and aptitude driving her to advance in leaps and bounds. After only a few years, she started returning to the cthon tunnels to hone her skills fighting them.


Eventually Darth Vilius’ work on Coruscant came to be done, and he was unsure what to do with his apprentice. The Code she zealously believed in meant she'd try to kill him eventually, and her raw talent terrified him in ways he refused to openly admit. He decided to kill her, but when he went to end her, he found her room empty. Realizing she'd gone to the tunnels to train again and unwilling to wait, he stalked her through the slums and eventually into the tunnels where they’d first met. Without warning, the entrances all around him slammed shut, and the cthon poured from the ceiling and out of the water to surround the Sith in the hundreds. When Kelara emerged as well, he realized the truth. She had not been killing the cthon. She'd been coercing them. Through intimidation and strength she'd compelled them to serve her. Yet, she didn't order them to attack. To beat her master in anything but a straight fight that proved her power would be a hollow victory.


The fight commenced. Vilius was a skilled swordsman, and Kelara lacked even a training lightsaber. However, her strength in the Dark Side allowed her to take even the most basic lessons her master had taught her and use them to their fullest potential, telekinesis and lightning threatening to bring the tunnels down around them.  Even so, she nearly lost, her master's skill pushing her to her limits. In the end it was Darth Vilius' fear that decided the contest. Afraid of a cave in as his reckless apprentice attacked in a frenzy, he broke away and tried to run for safer ground, only for Kelara to crush him by telekinetically ripping half the ceiling down on top of him, nearly killing herself. Once she’d managed to pull his corpse from the rubble, she took his saber and fed what was left of him to the surviving cthon.


After that she took on her own Sith title, Darth Calypso, and continued her education. She saw the tombs of Korriban, the ancient Sith capital of Dromund Kaas, the temples of Yavin IV... But even though she left the planet many times, she always returned to Coruscant and to those tunnels. She dove deep into the Sith philosophy, growing to appreciate it more and more as she saw the stagnant, soft people of the galaxy and the complicated systems they kept in place to keep them from experiencing any true strife. Her powers grew as well, and while she appreciated the more complex arts of the sorcerer, she often found herself drawn to the more simplistic manifestations of the Force, wielding it as pure, destructive power through telekinesis, lightning, and blasts of Dark Side energy.


When the Brotherhood of Darkness revealed itself and waged war on the Republic, Darth Calypso rejected them. She was disgusted with their lie of “equality” and their attempts to give up what made them Sith in favor of the Jedi’s weakness of unity. She decided to instead give in to her own passion, and overturn Coruscant itself while the Jedi were distracted. Over time, she manipulated the cthon to serve as her foot soldiers, sending them out to expand her territory among the lower levels in preparation for her plot, often personally leading the charge if she thought the enemy was worth fighting.


Eventually, a Jedi teacher kept back from the war caught wind of her presence. A criminal displaced by Calypso’s conquests had managed to plead his case to the Knight while he was on assignment in the slums. Unwilling to risk leaving even a rumor of a Sith in the bowels of Coruscant, he investigated. Most of what he found were just urban legends, but unexpectedly he came face to face with Darth Calypso. The two fought, and the Jedi quickly realized he was outmatched. While he was a fine Jedi, the raw talent, hate, and dark joy of Calypso overwhelmed him as she telekinetically shook the very slums in her frenzied attack. She drove him back until he found himself trapped in a chemical warehouse. Realizing that he wasn’t going to be able to escape or inform the temple of the truth of the Sith under their feet, he turned and threw himself at her. Caught up in the emotion of the fight, Darth Calypso met him head on, pinning him to the ground with a shard of sheet metal through his chest. Mortally wounded, the Jedi sprung his trap. He used his lightsaber to rupture a large tank of pressurized subzero carbonite before telekinetically ripping out the already weakened supports under the warehouse and sending them both plummeting into Coruscant’s deepest underbelly. Calypso only had a moment to realize the trick the Jedi had sacrificed himself to play before the carbonite engulfed her, freezing her and sealing the warehouse.


By fate or luck, the ruins of the warehouse were found by the cthon. Perhaps out of some preternatural instinct, the semi-sentient creatures came to think of the place as sacred. They erected crude totems around it, and performed a facsimile of religious worship. Eventually this moved on to sacrifices, both of their own kind and anyone they could snatch from the levels above. These blood offerings were what kept Calypso alive in her hibernation. She subconsciously drew from the pain and deaths, a bare trickle of power just enough to sustain her.


Now, over 1000 years later, the destruction wrought by the Crusades have uncovered the cthon's crude temple.

Edited by Darth Calypso
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