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Tutaminis is the ability to use the Force to redirect, absorb, and dissipate energy. It's accessible by the disciplined Jedi and other Light Side wielders. The following abilities allow the user to directly manipulate energy in a very focused and intentional manner. A user can't use tutaminis to create a shield (that being limited to the Force constructs of a Jedi) or a blanket effect such as an aura around them (that being a more specialized use and requiring a completely different approach). A general rule for using this ability to counter a foe's Force-based attacks, such as Force Lightning, is that it requires approximately the same amount of power to stop an attack as it did to create it.


Deflect: A user of tutaminis can deflect blaster fire and similar energy discharges with their bare hands. Lightsabers are a more efficient form of protection for all but the most dedicated users of this ability, a lightsaber not requiring the user to directly pit their strength in the Force against an enemy every time they defend themselves. This ability is still useful as a substitute for those who prefer deep study of the Force and are less skilled in lightsaber combat, or those looking to round out their skillset. Consulars, with their deep study of the Force, can even redirect the course of an energy blast midair with a gesture, though a complete reversal is impossible, and is instead accomplished with the Absorb ability below. Jedi Masters have been known to use this ability to even block a lightsaber swing, though it is taxing when done in quick succession.


Absorb: A more advanced version of Deflect, Absorb allows a user to take hostile energy and safely dissipate it within themselves, while those of Knight rank or higher can release it back in the form it was absorbed in. This is one of the rare abilities that allows a Light Side user to "attack" with the Force, absorbing an enemy's offense and throwing it back, though this is more tiring than simply allowing the energy to disperse. To a light-sider, there is no difference between this ability and using a lightsaber to deflect a blaster bolt back at their opponent, and some Jedi see a particular wisdom in giving a Sith back their hateful energy. This ability can also be used to extinguish fires, handle live power cables safely, etc.

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