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Qessax Jal Todda

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Real Name:  Qessax Jal Todda
A.K.A:  Agent Qessax, Warhunter Qessax
Homeworld: Kalee
Species:  Kaleesh
Class: commander (Rank 2)


Physical Description



Age: 26
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 179 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Sex: Male



Clothing or Armor: Black Imperial Intelligence Uniform. Light Field Armor Chest Plate
Weapon: Traditional Lig Sword, Imperial Naval Officer’s Sidearm,  
Common Inventory: Bone Mask carried at Hip, Datapad. 

Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User
Archetype: Specialist
Alignment: Lawful Good
Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Rank: 2



Trained by: Imperial Navy and Nickoli Kolchak, Todda Tribe
Trained who: N/a
Known Skills:  Basic Marksmanship, Tactical and Naval Command, Fencing and basic swordsmanship, Intelligence Gathering


Qessax’s father, the Great Chief of the Todda tribe, has begun a unification effort to unite all of the tribes of Kalee under one banner. His goal is to help modernize the Kaleesh people, stepping away from being the occasionally enslaved warriors into a people to be feared and respected by the entire galaxy. 

In foresight, the chief pulled a radical political  move and declared war on a singular imperial officer. This was done to show some of the chiefs critical opposes that he was not afraid of people from off world and would not be easily swayed by their ways. He then, with Qessax in tow who was barely an adult, went to the imperial officer and purposefully lost a match with the officer. By ancient custom, the chief then handed his son over to the officer, to be done with as the officer saw fit. He did request that the officer would enlist his son in the same training that the officer went under. The officer, named Nikolai Kolchak, agreed.

This move was also a miliarial one. The chief hoped that in being enlisted into imperial academy, Qessax will learn more techniques of the wider galaxy, build relationships with the Alliance that could help bring industry to Kalee, and be made a war hero that the galaxy will respect as a representative of the Kaleesh people. 

Qessax was eager to accomplish the task his father had bestowed upon him. While at first he struggled in the Imperial Navy, having to learn that commanding basic soldiers was much different from leading a war party of warriors, Qessax had to adapt quickly. His biggest struggles came with balancing his Spiritual beliefs against the practices of command. He couldn’t pursue simple acts of rudeness with the full force he was accustomed to giving back home. However, he adapted.

 While only a captain, Qessax transferred into Alliance Intelligence, where his attention to details and his personal beliefs wouldn’t put his own men into danger. While a bit more bored with the more paper-pushing work, Qessax continues to work diligently and loyally in hopes that this service will provide use for his homeworld and his father, who had already united a majority of Kalee under one banner. 



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NPC squad

Name: Lor Qogoth
Race: Kaleesh
Role: Bodyguard/Spouse
Equipment:  Electrostaff, Two Lig Swords, Personal Shield Generator, 2 smoke grenades, 2 frag grenades, 2 ion grenades 
Personality: Helpful, Blunt, Cruel


Name: Bolda Qogoth
Race: Kaleesh
Role: Sniper/Spouse
Equipment: Modified Verpine Shatter Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Lig Sword
Personality: Appreciative, Opportunistic, abrupt 


Name: Pulg Mechus
Race: Kaleesh
Role: Rifleman//Marksman for Sniper
Equipment: Outland Rifle w/bayonet , Lig sword, 2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, binoculars, 
Personality: Bored, Outgoing, Superstitious


Name:  Jhen Sul
Race: Kaleesh
Role: Pilot/Rifleman
Equipment: Outland Rifle w/bayonet, 2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, Extra ammo, 
Personality: Competitive, self-indulgent, 


Name: Sgt Wren Khar
Race: Human
Role: Medic/Rifleman Technically 2nd in command
Equipment: Personal Shield Generator, Blaster Rifle, Bacta Patches, Vibroknife, Blaster Pistol. 
Personality: Straight-forward but quiet. 


Name: Secretary 
Race: R8-series astromech droid 
Role: Secretary/Mechanic
Equipment: R8 built-in equipment
Personality: Loyal, fanatically organized

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