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Multidisciplinary spells WIP

Krath Inmortos

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DEATHFROST: (Necromancy & Cryomancy) hallowed burial grounds, haunted by the dead contained within, they draw the heat from the summer sky creating an unnatural chill in the air. With the skill of a necromancer, one skilled in the manipulations of the absolute stillness of lifelessness, can recreate that sheer unnatural cold stillness all about them. It clouds the force with an ethereal dark stillness that strives to obscure and hinder the natural flow of the light side of the force, just as it frosts viewscreens and displays cracking or clouding them in an effort to make them opaque and unusable. In a battlefield’s chaos, it is an unnatural calm that claws at the minds of the unprepared; for Peace Is A Lie.


Deathfrost can also be harvested and kept within silvered vials. When consumed it can severely strain one’s connection to the light side of the force, inflicting massive amounts of pain as it feels like all of the goodness is frozen away within a victim’s body. When applied directly to vliewscreens and other transparent surfaces they immediately become opaque and spiderwebbed with fingers of ice.



THE FROZEN FLAME: (Cryomancy & Pyromancy)  Where a pyromancer can be defined by the unbridled emotions of the dark side, a cryomancer is defined by the absolute stillness of the void within their soul. Combined, the Sith Sorcerer’s emotions are viral and deep; completely contained if not controlled in an absolute display of willpower. Allowed to show in carefully controlled applications of power, the sorcerer emits flaming gouts of eerie blue-green flames that do not burn, but draw the very heat from whatever they touch, destroying everything in their path with icy tendrils of absolute destruction. These flames can be applied to any pyromancy spell, directed from the frozen hands of a skilled cryomancer, or erupted into being wherever suitable sustenance to feed the frigid flames within a 25 foot radius of the caster. These flames once born take on a still life of their own; silently sublimating whatever they touch, molecule by molecule.


*This spells mechanically serves to create cold blue-green flames with all the powers and destructions of fire, but with cold as a defining factor instead of heat.



FROSTFLAME BLADE: (Cryomancy & Pyromancy😞 Using the powers of the frozen flame, a Sith sorcerer can forge a Sith steel blade of unparalleled beaty. Even the most simple of weapons glisten with a deadly spark that speaks to their unnatural birth. Ever razor sharp, a frostflame blade can grapple with the superheated plasma of a lightsaber, disappating the weapon’s slicing heat instantaneously into the surrounding air as cool steam. This does not disable an opponent’s weapon, only served to make the weapon capable of being used against a saber-wielding foe. The weapon can only be broken by being completely submerged in a superheated bath or reforged by a smith trained in the arts of how it was forged.


Frostflamed Sith steel is difficult to manipulate, requiring a surgeon’s precision in the force. It can be used to craft fine blades, but is too difficult to maintain to during the smithing process make broad weapons such as axeheads, shields, or armor.



SACRIFICIAL FIRES: (Necromancy & Pyromancy) Sacrifices, profane and holy alike, are performed by Necromancers all the time. It takes a keen mind to recognize the power contained within the sacrificial arena. Most often, fire is involved. Drawing those flames off of the burnt sacrifices, a Krath seals them within a glowing orange bulbous flask. Unstoppering this flask, a practitioner can empty it onto a living being, the concentrated flames seeking a soul to release from it’s mortal bonds. Smashing the bottle in combat, causes an eruption of sacrificial flames that can burn flesh to ash trying to free any souls within their grasp. A user must be cautious, lest the fires find no target and seek to consume their caster. Sacrificial fires will burn intensely, but otherwise like normal flames against inanimate objects as they seek out life to consume.



THE LAST BREATH: (Cryomancy & Necromancy) At the moment of death, the deceased’s spirit leaves their body. With skill and a bit of luck, a Krath trained in death and stillness can solidify that ethereal escape as it passed from the body forming it either into a grotesquely beautiful figurine of the deceased’s soul or a spherical pearls of blue-hued soul. These pearls can be used to craft exquisite jewelry of unparalleled value. The statues used to adorn the displays of the wealthiest eclectic collectors.


When cracked, the soul is released in a death scream that can be unnerving to the unprepared, releasing all the pain and agony of death and being trapped on the mortal plane beyond one’s time. At the moment of it’s release the fractured soul moves like a burst of howling wind, buffeting the target. It might overturn the unsecured or unprepared, ripping at the target’s body and mind to stop their advance or do away with light cover or unsecured armor/protections.



FLAMING SHAMBLERS: (Necromancy & Pyromancy) It is a simple thing to reanimate the dead, to send them charging mindlessly into battle clawing and gnawing at whoever they can grasp. Single-minded in their focus they are undeterred by pain. It is equally easy to ignite these fallen warriors as they charge adding flaming chaos to their repertoire of bludgeons and claws. When they fall, the zombies burst into flames, unusable afterwards.


A caster can reanimate and ignite 1 flaming zombie for each level, rudimentarily directing them to attack their foe. The following round the zombies will ignite in gouts of flame.



ARMOR OF THE INNOCENTS: (Necromancy & Cryomancy😞 Sacrificing innocents, a master Krath smith can bind hundreds of extinguished lives into a cold steel forged piece of Sith armor be it a helmet, breastplate, gauntlets, etc. This heavy  armor is lightweight but able to withstand immense amounts of damage. The armor cannot be integrated with any level of technology as the spirits bound in the piece play havoc on any systems. In exchange, the armor can be used to lend an aura of fearful unnerving whispers about the immediate area of the user clawing at the minds of both the wearer and his foe. It is possible to craft an entire suit of this armor for a Sith Warrior; he being the only one powerful enough to wear it. Individualized pieces can be worn by anyone. The more armor worn the greater the area of effect and level of distraction afforded to the wearer. This ranges from direct contact, with soft terrifying whispers hissing terrifying nothings for a single piece of armor to several feet using a full suit; the whispers presenting like a never ending cacophony,  

cold and unrelenting.



MINDFIRE: (Necromancy & Pyromancy) Having learned the profane paths of death, and knowing how to traverse these planes, has gifted necromancers with an innate vision of how things are and what they can be. Mastering the power of the flame, a skilled necromancer can use the purging fires of destruction to eradicate the illusions of the Jedi and deceptions of those Sith who doubt their power. Burning away the deceptions of the mind, leaves the caster with a clarity of mind sharpened by the pain of the flames. The caster can use this power on himself or on another with a touch to the temple and a flash of burning fire.



PEACE OF THE DEAD: (Cryomancy & Necromancy) The devoted Krath knows that peace is a lie, that there is only passion, but that the two are not mutually exclusive. Rare amongst the Sith, the Krath who knows the power of stagnation, knows that he can encase the power of the dark side, the passions that so readily destroy his brethren, in a void made of death and destruction. This creates an unnatural deathly stillness, a peace that gnaws at the very edges of one’s soul. It is here, alone, that the caster feels most at ease. If left in it too long, the unorepared can be driven to madness. Screaming self-mutilation and blind attacks erupting from the weak minded and painful twitching desires for action playing at the minds of all who are touched; restlessness taking hold and urging action, any action. To be left still in this void of despair is unnatural. With great application, a sorcerer can encompass the area about him. Sitting in silent stillness, the Krath opens himself up to the void beneath the swirling vortexes of the force. The longer he sits, the greater his area of effect. The caster remains a beacon of shimmering darkness, a black hole that cannot be hidden. This is a battlefield effect that cannot target individuals but is an area of affect focused on the caster.


EXTINGUISH THE LIGHT: (Pyromancy & Cryomancy) Whereas a pyromancer can cast and guide uncontrolled flames, one also trained in cryomancy can with a gesture extinguish those flames, freezing them in ethereal stillness at the source. It is as if one flipped a switch and shut off the lights, transforming the crackling warmth and light of the fire into a cool stillness of shadow.


Alternatively, the cross-trained pyro-cryomancer can transform the gaseous flames into a solidified wall, their warmth turned to cool glass obscuring whatever is within and behind. The glass can be easily shattered into razored shards and flames broken away from their fuel source will quickly be extinguished when reverted to their natural flamed form. This wall is not meant to provide more than light cover and can easily be broken by a focused attempt of a foe. It does; however allow for the manipulation of sight lines and plays havoc on infrared, heat, and motion sensors with the sudden shifts in temperatures.



DISAPPEARANCE UNTO DEATH: (Necromancy & Cryomancy) With a few profane utterances, the powers of death and stagnation can be easily called upon as a cloaking robe. Settling it over one’s self the caster becomes invisible to all but the naked eye and the effect remains sustained in combat for 1 turn for each level of power held by the caster. 


This allows the sorcerer to hide from sensors and the like for a short period of time (1-3 rounds of battle based on level), akin to an assassin; however anything beyond this short time frame and the spell dissipates without sustained focus. 


Outside of combat, using a concentrated effort the caster can sustain the cloak indefinitely; however, the caster cannot engage in other profound displays of force use or agility while focusing on maintaining the blanketed cloak, lest he risks breaking the concentration of the spell by elements of acrobatics or incantations of the force.


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