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Trill Scout Squadron Character Sheet

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Real Name: Benjamin Wood

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

A.K.A: x

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Corellian 

Age: 32

Height: 601

Weight: 220

Hair: BRO

Eyes: BLU

Sex: M


Real Name: Ragnar Kran

Rank: Corporal

A.K.A: Rags

Homeworld: Kuat

Species: Kuati

Age: 26

Height: 511

Weight: 173

Hair: BRO

Eyes: BRO

Sex: M


Real Name: Christoph Sokol

Rank: Lance Corporal

A.K.A: x

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Coruscanti

Age: 25

Height: 600

Weight: 181

Hair: BLN

Eyes: BLU

Sex: M


Real Name:  Krilst’eve’nuruodo

Rank: Private First Class

A.K.A: Steve, The Kid

Homeworld: Csillia

Species: Chiss

Age: 14

Height: 505

Weight: 140

Hair: BLK

Eyes: RED

Sex: M




Clothing or Armor:

-Light Scout Trooper Armor

-Scout Trooper Helmet complete with HUD and orbital-scan based connections, reactionary enhanced optics 


-74-Z speeder bike conplete with localized comm jamming technology and forward-facing Ax-20 blaster cannon

-EE-4 carbine rifle

-duel EC-17 holdout blasters complete with tactical light

-2 sonic grenades

-1 smoke grenade

-1 shock grenade

-1 electrobaton


Common Inventory: x


Faction Information

Non-Force User

Archetype: Officer

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Current Faction Rank: 2



Trained by: Imperial Scout Trooper Corps 

Trained who: x

Known Skills: reconnaissance, wilderness survival, changa bushfighting, espionage tactics



All 4 men that compromise the Trill Scout Squadron have trained together for years, each having come from a relatively ‘normal’ childhood on their respective homeworlds. Each were recruited into the Imperial military and found to be exceptionally qualified for the Stormtrooper Corps where they were efentually each assigned to the Scout Trooper Corps as Advanced Recon Scouts. Together, they, with a single rotating open position for cross-training Stormtroopers, have developed a seamless combat awareness, leaning one one another; stronger as a unit than the sum of their individualities. As such, they are rarely found without one another, on duty or off.


Ship Registration

Variety of different Imperial assigned transports

Edited by Trill Scout Squadron


Benjamin Wood

Ragnar Kran
Christoph Sokol



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