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Czerka Corporation/Black Sun

Zalis Krales

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Czerka Corporation/Black Sun


One of the largest companies there is. Czerka is everywhere and a well known hub for both supplies, mercs, equipment, researchers, cruise lines, casino, entertainment, smuggling and even own control of the Bounty Hunter’s guild. They have hubs and shops everywhere and are well known throughout the entire galaxy. If you happen to find a planet that doesn’t have a Czerka office, it soon will. But what many don’t know is that it’s secretly controlled by Black Sun, as very few get close enough to find out. Many seeking jobs and credits find themselves employed by Czerka as a means to survive within the galaxy. Those who show a real spark end up getting recruited into Black Sun. 


Many who are NFU (Non-Force Users) that aren’t recruited into one of the many warring factions can easily find themselves employed through Czerka, as Czerka is by default the default starting line for those without a faction home. Below is what you will find that Czerka has to offer.


Faction Leader: The person responsible for helping you get started and motivated. Ask as many questions as you need to.


Classes and Ranks: These showcase for you what it means to fall into your profession and what it looks like to move up and advance to become a legendary character within your field. 


Assets: Namely Planets to help you understand some safe areas for your character to venture to within the main faction’s hub. You are not restricted to these planets, but these are the locations where general work will find you. 


Faction Leader

Zalis Krales


Ranks and Classes

Many are employed through Czerka, so there are many avenues in which one can easily rise to fame and glory within their own profession. Each and every class has their own framework for advancement and ways to gain status and prestige throughout the known galaxy. Below are some of the many professions that Czerka employs and utilizes to keep the galaxy stocked and running. (Not all Classes have a ranking system.)


Smuggler: The back bone of moving supplies across the galaxy. Utilizing ships, smugglers take contraband of different assortments from point A to B. As a smuggler becomes familiar with routes of procedures, they can become elusive in slipping in and out of systems without detection. Each smuggler starts off as an aspiring one, looking to make a name for themselves until they become legendary in the galaxy. The process to gain such prestige requires making runs throughout the galaxy. Each run consists of a few posts. 1 Planet entry. 3 Gaining/moving cargo. 1 Planet departure. (Specialist)


Aspiring Smuggler - Contracted out, all new recruits are looking to leave their mark and show off their skills. Until they can prove those skills, their craft and lives are on their own until they leave their mark. They gain a partner to help them pull off their runs. (Ranking up requires 10 runs or 5 successful runs.) 


Veteran Smuggler - They know the ropes and therefore know some of the other options needed to help them get in and out of systems quickly without being detected. Normally by this point they upgrade to have a crew (3 NPC’s) that help them pull things off, along with now adding a few special modifications to their ships, such as hidden cargo compartments that have the ability to jettison the load if they run into trouble. (Ranking up requires 15 more runs or 10 successful runs.)


Legendary Smuggler - Masterful at their craft. They have upgraded their crew (5 NPC’s) that help them pull off some of the hardest of tasks. They have upgraded their own ship to the point of having newer tech to avoid any patrols who would seek to take their cargo back. Such equipment ranges from sensor masks to enhanced deflector shields and undetectable cargo compartments.  


Tech Specialist: This is the field that feeds things into multiple things such as doctors, creators of droids, weapons and anything else that works with tech. They work in many fields that either help or destroy the galaxy around them. They are solely responsible for supplying the warring factions, independent factions  and everyone else with needs. Their goals are different depending on the fields that they choose. (Specialist)


Aspiring Tech - They are stationed on Ord Mantell creating different types of weapons to be used in combat, along with potions and posions to be tested out. They seek to improve the galaxy around them through new creations of weapons, stim packs, and shields and droids. Whether motivated by credits or through fame alone, most techs seek to have their equipment sold through Czerka. 


Famous Tech - Crafting equipment with a multitude of purposes. Sometimes these techs end up leaving Czerka and get employed by a single faction or get contracted out to help create the main base of whatever a faction needs. 


Legendary Tech - Their products are impeccable and sought after by everyone. If they have a prototype of something, big factions pay huge credits for it. They save some special tech for just themselves, as a way of protecting themselves and their gear. 


Mercenary: The backbone of many in the galaxy. They hold no true loyalty to any faction, and therefore fight for a fee. As long as the credits are good, they’re the perfect gun for hire, personal bodyguard, or whatever else one may need. (Militant)


Aspiring Mercenary - Grunt work at best. They are normally hired out a few times to protect a deal, a bodyguard or even an extra hand in a tough fight. They make sure that all parties and assets are protected. Success leads to their name getting out there. (Ranking up is not yet determined.)


Veteran Mercenary - Their names and squads are well known as is their skills. A single name gains a reputation, allowing for them to become feared amongst the lesser seasoned troops. Their gear gains more resistant materials to help them survive any engagement. 


Legendary Mercenary - They understand their role, and so does everyone else. Their armor and weapons are fierce and strong on the battlefield and they know how to use everything to their advantage. When a Legendary Mercenary gets on the battlefield, watch out for imminent death. 

Entertainer: They range from singers, bands, dancers, artists and casino/cantina owners. They seek to alleviate the galaxy by adding their own twists of artistic expressions. They primarily are a fun function and allow for enjoyment of life. They will not participate in combat and always stay as far away from it as possible.  (Specialist)


Bounty Hunter: The Bounty Hunters Guild is very much alive and active. They take on contracts from a multitude of clients and have their main HQ on Iridonia. While many clients put bounties out, the main drop off tends to not be at HQ. Instead, retrieval of a puck from The Helvault on Nespis VII for each bounty collected. All collections of funds do take place at the Guild House in Malidris, and they require proof of Bounties that are being collected dead. (No bodies) The rules for any bounty collection require a duel with the target to bring them in. Every hunter must begin by tracking down their targets. Successfully winning a duel is the only way to achieve a collection. (Militant)


Aspiring Bounty Hunter - Your name and gear is decent at best. Maybe basic blasters and a few grenades and choppy armor. You may end up taking a while to hunt your target down, but you’ll need to make the most of the opportunities that arise for you. (4 Collections required to rank up.)


Veteran Bounty Hunter - You’re getting the hang of this job. Everyone has a rhythm and you're starting to understand it enough to leverage it on the hunt. Better weapons and gear help you survive. You’ve learned the need for some long distance projectiles, what armors hold up best, and you know a bit better how to work the system to track your targets down. (6 more Collections are required to rank up.)


Legendary Bounty Hunter - Their name carries great weight, and with it a chance to survive dangerous encounters. They can sometimes force double payments for their reputation alone, and normally always bring in their asset as requested. They know the system and they know the galaxy. Because of this, they tend to get better jumps on their targets due to the massive amount of contacts acquired throughout their career. 




Titan (Space)* - A Star Liner commissioned under Zalis to act as HQ for the Black Sun, retailing to Clients and Allies as a Luxury Cruizer for the sole purpose of being a legitimate front to discuss business without notice. This is a must be spot for most entertainers who are seeking to make a name for themselves. 


Ord Mantell* - The HQ of the Black Sun and Czerka. Many who visit will find that Czerka holds a strong front office here, helping run casinos, bars and other market goods throughout the city. There is also a massive research facility present. Daily operations here are smugglers and techs who work on an assortment of projects from illegal weapons, fuel, armor pieces and general black market goods. There are also business owners who operate shops. The general city hub of Worlport is made up of about 20% of Black Sun and the rest are Czerka employees. Although by this point, the majority of the population relies heavily upon Czerka to bring in clientele for their primary funds. 


Taris* - The main offices of Czerka operate out of Taris. The main Czerka office on the planet helps employ one third of the population through warehouses and market hubs. The undercity is where the majority of the illegal activity takes place. Many employed by Czerka can find rest and solitude on the planet's surface. It’s also one of the many location hubs for HealthiDrive.


Iridonia* - The Spice hub for Black Sun, the Main location of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild all resides on the planet. Czerka runs many of the main spaceports here and collects massive docking fees as a result. The Spice on the surface is used heavily by Black Sun, but also by quite a few medical companies such as HealthiDrive, which is a company that Zalis also owns as a front for legit business, and Czerka also runs profits for. 


Dubrillion - Originally used as a HQ at one point for Black Sun, the majority of the planet has become somewhat calmer over the years. Although there has been some quiet activity as Zalis set up the facility left behind to begin construction on a few small starfighters in which new and illegal tech could be explored and then deployed to certain buyers. This planet is a hub for many smugglers to find refuge from local authorities searching for them. 


Tatooine - As lawless as a planet can come, Czerka thrives on this planet. Through a small outpost in Bestine and massive Czerka shops in both Mos Espa and Mos Esiley, operations here are small, yet very well known. Being so close to other points of interest to the rest of the galaxy, Tatooine is the resting point for many within the organization. 


(* Locations are well known spots of activity due to how heavily imbedded Czerka/Black Sun is within the society/culture)

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