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The Mandalorians: House Solus (Sub Faction)

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House Solus, with Clans Ardell, Larkin and Vuuku


House Solus was formed on Tatooine by Tro’solus, otherwise known as Tros Ardell, leader and head of Clan Ardell. 






Qat Chrystac


House Solus rose to power during the height of the Sith Empire. Under the distress of being disbanded for so long, Clan Vuuku pledged themselves to Tros as their personal Manda’lor during a small operation on Tatooine. Around this time, both clans adopted Kami Larkin as a Mandalorian and allowed for her to create her own Clan. Under one banner, the group moved to Qat Chrystac and was quickly moved to help the Sith Empire in sieges all throughout the Outer Rim.  During these initial sieges of the Outer Rim, these Mandalorians began as a small group but quickly attracted others to join them.


House Solus created a new way of being a Mandalorian that fit within the old ways. With combat mindset and the challenges of what awaited in battle, along with foundlings becoming a major part of their community, they found ways to make a name for themselves, as news of a new way of life and kinship spread to those who were seeking, and soon House Solus found itself growing in numbers. 


Rules and way of life for House Solus are simple, yet somewhat primitive in nature. To summarize: Your past no longer matters. Before becoming a Mando’ade is inconsequential. All that matters is what you will do now that you are Mando’ade. And as Mando’ade, we live as our ancestors; fighting to prove our prowess to the galaxy. Raise your head proud and walk the path towards Darasuum Kote.


Unique Weapons to House Solus:

Westar Carbine

Manufacturer: Mand’solus

Model: Westar Carbine

Type: Blaster rifle

Cost: 2,500 credits

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Large

Weight: 7.1 kg

Range: 374 meters

Rounds: 18

Description: Designed around quick entry to warzones, these are the preferred weapons of most Mandalorains going in first. While they don’t carry a lot of rounds compared to other blasters, they hit harder than a typical blaster and have a much greater range that make them useful for potentially quick short range sniper-like actions. 


Westar 75 Heavy Blaster pistol

Manufacturer: Mand’solus

Model: Westar 75

Type: Heavy Blaster

Cost: 2,200 credits

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Medium

Weight: 3.5 kg

Range: 65 meters

Rounds: 35

Description: Heavier than any other heavy blaster pistol, making them near impossible for anyone without training to dual wield two of them. Many within House Solus spend time working to be able to hold two, but even then few have the gift or preference to utilize two. Their heaviness gives them greater range and stronger impact, but because of this they also lack ammo to keep up with a constant barrage of fire. Because of this, they don’t see as much action dual wielding unless the group knows it’s going to be a quick sting. Almost all of House Solus carries one as a quick hit when the range of their main weapon has shortened. 


Westar Assault Rifle 

Manufacturer: Mand’solus

Model: Westar Assault

Type: Blaster rifle

Cost: 2,500 credits

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Large

Weight: 5.5 kg

Range: 150 meters

Rounds: 65

Description: Much more a rapid fire weapon than any other within House Solus. These are the preferred weapons of choice for many of the Mandalorians within the House, as they offer up a barrage feeling with them, allowing for them to be used in almost any situation. Many who encounter the Mandalorians of House Solus will see these as the weapons they face off against, due to their versatility and ability to keep a steady fire rate without having to reload. 



Strength is life: For the strong have the right to rule. 

Honor is life: For with no honor, one may as well be dead.

Loyalty is life: For without one’s clan one has no purpose.

Death is life: One should die as they have lived.


Leaders of House Solus must always be at the very least a second generation, and older generations are considered above lower generations. The rightful leader of the House will always wield the Beskad. By this alone can they be called Alor.


Each Clan within House Solus is known for producing certain types of traits to be proud of. A few traits for each clan are listed below. These traits 


Clan Vuuku

Weaponsmiths: Masterful hands can take the rarest of metals and use them to craft armors and weapons to be used within combat. Without them, the way of a Mandalorian is pointless. Many of Clan Vuuku can be seen utilizing a variety of different types of weapons and armor pieces that they hand crafted. (Specialist)


Super Commandos: The elite force of House Solus. Known for their skills on the battlefield, they go in outnumbered and outgunned into every situation. Just the way they like it. They tend to bring in with them a massive assortment of weapons designed to accomplish anything that may lay before them. (Militant)


Clan Larkin

Huntsman: Many of Clan Larkin take up skills similar to those of scouts and snipers, and as such, are generally used in that fashion. They’re quick, nimble and generally have less sturdy armor in favor of armor that would allow for them to get around quicker. Generally Clan Larkin are the ones with small blaster pistols, sniper rifles and jetpacks. (Officer) 


Paladins: The general force for House Solus. They are always at the front lines, jumping in and doing whatever damage they can through whatever means that they can. They want and thrive for the thrill of combat, and only death is a satisfactory end for them. When they arrive, it's kill or be killed. (Militant) 


Clan Ardell

Zealots: The Clan directly tied to defending House Solus, these Mandalorians are known for their zeal of the House. Typically they opt out of jetpacks in favor of small personal shield generators and rarely would they be seen with a weapon as small as a pistol. (Militant)


Pathfinders: They prefer and perfected ship boarding and taking over any ship they need to. They train to be at the forefront of invasion forces and are almost always deployed in times of blockades or a need is present to take down stronger ships from within. (Officer)


Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore.


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