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Westar 75 Heavy Blaster pistol

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Manufacturer: Mand’solus

Model: Westar 75

Type: Heavy Blaster

Cost: 2,200 credits

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Medium

Weight: 3.5 kg

Range: 65 meters

Rounds: 35

Description: Heavier than any other heavy blaster pistol, making them near impossible for anyone without training to dual wield two of them. Many within House Solus spend time working to be able to hold two, but even then few have the gift or preference to utilize two. Their heaviness gives them greater range and stronger impact, but because of this they also lack ammo to keep up with a constant barrage of fire. They also don’t see as much action dual wielding unless the group knows it’s going to be a quick sting. Almost all of House Solus carries one as a quick hit when the range of their main weapon has shortened. 


Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore.


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