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Cassius Neros

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Real Name: Corran Neros


Homeworld: x Coruscan

Species: x Human


Physical Description

Age: x 15

Height: x 5'11

Weight: x 165

Hair: x Black

Eyes: x Green

Sex: x Male



Clothing or Armor: x Jedi Padawan Robes

Weapon: x N/A

Common Inventory: x N/A


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: x Force User

Archetype: x None yet

Alignment: x Neutral Good

Current Faction Affiliation: x Jedi Order

Current Faction Rank: x Padawan



Force Side: x N/A

Trained by: x N/A

Trained who: x N/A

Known Skills: x Youngling level knowledge of Jedi. 




Cassius was born on Coruscant to a Coruscant Shipyard Mechanic named Corran and a banker named Leesa. He has no memories of his parents as he was quickly scooped up by the Jedi who noticed his force sensitivity. Due to his family being from Coruscant he was flown to Felucia and raised at the Jedi Temple. Though trained from a very young age, Cassius did not show any particular aptitude in his training. He was never quite the worst student in every class but the best he could muster was middle of the pack. Never the smartest, fastest, strongest, or even most cunning he was always passed over for anything more than typical tasks. He watched as other Jedi were given more and more responsibility as he grew and yet he still remained the same. 


Despite this, he never let it get him down, and he always focused solely on what he wanted to accomplish which was to become a full fledged Jedi. It was, after all, the only thing he knew. His entire life had been built around the Jedi and the Force. Despite all of his shortcomings he made it his focus to not succumb to the anger and disappointment that came with being passed over. Even when his age group began to get Jedi Masters, even when the age group below him began to get masters, and then the age group below them. His abilities were never enough to warrant a Jedi Master but still, he never gave up, no matter what. 


For fifteen years he watched the Galaxy from the lenses of a Jedi trapped on a planet far away from it all. He watched as the Sith grappled the galaxy into their control and, unfortunately, he also watched as a moon was sent directly into Coruscant killing thousands. The news was only worsened when it was confirmed that both of his parents had been killed. Despite never knowing either of them, secretly, his goal had always been that he would return home a Jedi Knight and hopefully they would be able to see that letting him go had been worth it. Unfortunately, that would never come to pass, and for the first time in his life he felt his loyalty begin to waver. 


However, that did not last long, as with the circumstances for the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance being what they were he was finally going to be given his chance to prove himself. He was informed that he would be, after all those years, trained as a Jedi Padawan. The journey for Cassius, it seems, is only just beginning and through hard work and determination he would ensure that it was not a mistake to allow him to train as a Jedi.  


Ship Registration

Name: x

Class: x

Model: x

Manufacturer: x


Length: x

Armaments: x

Armor: x

Anti-Personnel Defenses: x

Modifications: x


Appearance: x

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