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[Personal Ship] This Machine Kills Fascists


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[Notes for moderator: This ship is intended to be merged with Sophia Moriarty's character sheet.]


Ship Registration

Name: This Machine Kills Fascists

Class: Light Freighter

Model: VCX–100 Light Freighter

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation


Length: 43.9 meters

Armaments: One dorsal mounted dual laser cannon turret, one chin-mounted dual laser cannon turret. Both are controlled from the cockpit with basic target-leading algorithms.

Armor: Unmodified, with minor weakpoints. Both “wingtips” have been battered by minor collisions.

Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A

Modifications: Several ventral-mounted magnetic cargo clamps. Six bulk cargo containers are being hauled, each equipped with a small repulsorlift array and a homing beacon. At the moment, the containers have been modified to serve as temporary habitats, equipped with low-power life support systems and a bed.

The onboard computer has been upgraded with additional data storage.

The external starfighter docking clamps have been replaced by yet another set of cargo clamps.




A garish tag featuring a leather-bound book titled “This Machine Kills Fascists” in gold lettering graces the ventral surface of the freighter just in front of the boarding ramp.

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