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Some Sentinel/Assassin themed Force Powers


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The powers listed below are either made specifically for Sentinel/Assassin force users, or in the case of Rank 1 abilities, beings who have a leaning towards these classes


Force Bang (Rank 1): By focusing on the force and compressing it in a singular spot, the user creates a sudden and violent noise.  The noise, while small, is loud enough to usually briefly startle someone in battle, making it perfect as a distraction for a surprise attack or to get away. Usually the noise is similar to the bang of a slugthrower, though other noises can occur, such as a boom like thunder or a crack of a whip-like object.  

People at Rank 2 could utilize this power further to create more specific and subtle sounds like footsteps, growls, hisses, mumbling, etc.


Force Suppression (Rank 2): While a mind affecting force ability, this brief combative power is used by both sentinels and assassins. By attacking the target with some form of touch attack, the user briefly cuts off the target’s connection to the Force for a few moments. Unlike abilities such as Darkness Cleansing or Sever Force, this power is very brief, and is only useful in combat for a few rounds at most.  

Usually the attack is in some form that convinces the target they have been affected: Nerve strikes, black liquids seeping onto the target, a magical chant while palming the enemies body, or a burn mark placed on exposed skin can work. The key to this ability is that the target briefly believes they have been affected by some kind of Force Nullifying effect. 

People at Rank 3 could theoretically use this power at a distance, instead of having to physically touching the target. 


Force Corrupt (Rank 2, Assassin Only): By using the force on a target at close range (30 feet at most), the user briefly makes the target confused and attack anything nearby, whether that's the Sith Assassin or the target’s allies. Like force Suppression, the attack takes form in some way to convince the target they’ve been affected: A cloud of noxious but harmless gas, a sudden, brief, burst of blinding darkness, a screeching noise that forces the target to flinch, etc.  This effect usually only lasts about one round.


At rank 3, the user can force the target of a weak-minded individual to completely ignore the user, making him invisible to the target or even an ally in the target’s eyes. At rank 3, a user could cause the effect to last a few rounds more. 


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